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  1. Thanks (I think) Roman. I’m pretty sure the 1500 thru 1520 AE models play SACD? Are you referring to the original 1520 (sans AE)? I’m confused. as for the price point...yep, pretty sure I won’t get what I want for $1 but had to put a price on the ad and depends what’s out there, right? Open to offers for the right thing, which might be an 600NE, 800NE, 1500AE, 1510AE... but is definitely not a 1520 thanks!
  2. Further information: Hi everyone. I have been enjoying an old Denon PMA-1500AE lately and smashing through my record collection. I reckon it's time to dust off some of my CDs. With that in mind I'm interested in a suitable CD player to match the amp, so looking at DCD-1500AE or 1510AE...or anything similar. Would only be interested in a unit in BLACK to match the amp. Anyone got one of these collecting dust that they'd be open to selling? If so I'd love to hear from you. Cheers, Hugh Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any re
  3. Hiya David, any idea what it would cost to post to Adelaide? Any warranty left on it also? Thanks!
  4. These could be just what I'm looking for on behalf of a mate...appropriate for some easy listening stuff no doubt? Any bass response to speak of or pretty light and bright? Thanks!
  5. Hiya VinylChef. Is shipping to Adelaide an option? (Also subject to approval from the Boss).
  6. Posting this again with a price drop. Pioneer 50" Plasma for sale, model PDP-507XDA in great condition and still with plenty of life on the clock. You crew likely know what this is. Would be great for the kids or the shack or the shed...a bit behind the times for a primary tele but still looks awesome and has a digital tuner inbuilt. Selling due to upgrade. 1080i, dual HDMI inputs, component input etc. Good speaker, and comes with solid stand and remote. The stand has a few scuffs but not noticable unless up close. This tele is great for movies and sports in particular. Has a digital tuner inb
  7. Hi all, a golden oldie here - Pioneer 50" PDP-507XDA with bottom mount speaker and stand, plus Pioneer VSX-AX2AS with remotes. The Plasma is Japanese made of course. Still works wonderfully and no problems with the picture, but we've unexpectedly adopted an OLED so time to move this on. It has an inbuilt digital tuner and looks great with Netflix, consoles, FTA, Foxtel etc. but is capped at 1080i so can be left a bit wanting for Blu-Ray. It'd be awesome as a second tele or in the pool room. We would not have upgraded if the OLED hadn't been offered - plenty of life in the old girl yet.
  8. I'm interested but I also don't want to give the Donald any of my money...what to do?
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