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  1. Stunning voice and just a beautiful album. Sonics are absolutely superb!👍
  2. Bit of a surprise seeing Otto Klemperer as conductor for King Crimson! Definitely a rarity.😜
  3. Just as a tip, always remove the platter before transporting a turntable. Shipping screws are a secondary requisite. Leaving the platter on during transport risks damage to the bearing.
  4. The Sony PS-8750 from the mid to late 70's has auto-return and is a seriously good turntable. Mine outperformed a Pioneer PL-50L II and a Victor QL-A75. Pretty rare and quite expensive these days though. http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-PS-8750.html https://liquidaudio.com.au/sony-ps-8750-turntable-repair-service-upgrade-review/
  5. The remastering is good and it’s well pressed and packaged but if my original Aussie copy was in better shape, I probably would have stuck with it. Cracking album, whichever version you have!👍
  6. one of my favourites of the 80’s. Original copy a bit noisy so invested in the reissued boxset from a few years ago.
  7. Your title says France and photos are definitely of the French Verve pressing.
  8. I’ve listened to a couple of these and they are outstanding. The McCartney Give My Regards to Broad Street is a stunner - the bass on Silly Love Songs is just phenomenal!
  9. Welcome Dan! Look forward to catching up at John’s tomorrow!
  10. I was the former owner of this cartridge. Anyone looking for a cart to counteract a forward sounding system or that avoids any hint of brightness, should jump on this. Beautiful sounding cart.
  11. Have a chat with Keith (cheekyboy on sna) about the Acoustical Systems Archon cartridge. It absolutely ticks all of your caveats boxes. https://www.wyndhamaudio.com.au/products/accoustical-systems-archon-lomc-phono-cartridge
  12. Nice work, Ross! Always good to hear of a vintage piece being able to mix it with, and even better, a modern high-end alternative. I ran a non silver-wired version on my LP12 with an AR P77 catridge for a few years and enjoyed the combination immensely. I ended up swapping it with a black Ittok which was probably a mistake. All part of the journey and I enjoyed my time with the Sondek/Ittok regardless. I must admit I hadn’t thought of the Alphason as a high-end arm rather than more of a mid-tier and certainly below the SME range toppers. Were they that expensive on release? Good to hear you don’t plan on rewiring as if you went to copper wiring it would become a standard version rather than the rarer and (I assumed) more expensive/collectible MCS version. Or are there additional differences with the MCS other then the wiring? Enjoy the new (old) arm!👍
  13. @Soundscape Dave, were you looking for one of these?
  14. Looks sensational - fabulous work! The Denon drive units are excellent so this is one hell of a package!
  15. Not heard the Vessel, sorry. The 20X2 is a very good cart and well worth getting a retip IMO. It would match well with a medium mass arm. Is it the high output or low?
  16. Love the look of that DIY Denon! Great work!👍 What is you have two of? Two Denon DIY decks or two MC20 cartridges?
  17. Excellent at that price (for a new cart) would be the Hana EL. Nice level of detail combined with body and I found it a substantial step up from the DL-110. https://klappav.com.au/products/el-mc-cartridge-synthetic-elliptical-stylus-low-output
  18. Not sure what sort of budget you’re looking at but two relatively affordable carts that really stand out for me when it comes to full bodied and lush sound are the ZYX Bloom R50 and the EAT Jo No.5.
  19. @Luc - this one you will love! Stunner of an album and one of the best sounding records I own. Shaolin Afronauts - Follow The Path
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