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  1. Good pick up! I have this CD player and it does a superb job. Roller ng the stock tubes makes a subtle but clearly discernible improvement.
  2. Very sad to hear we've lost one of nature's true gentlemen. I met Tony on several occasions at John's place (@scuzzii) and (back when I would join him for a ciggie) got to enjoy a number of great chats. He was very knowledgeable but with tremendous humility, a rare combination indeed. He was always willing to help other SNA'ers - whether it be with advice or the loan of equipment. He was generous to a fault. RIP Tony, you will be missed by so many. Thank you to you Michael @SPR08Y for making his final journey a brighter road to travel. Your friendship and support for Tony over the
  3. Beautiful work, Taksil! Looks stunning and I’m sure it sounds wonderful!
  4. I only have one still sealed 310MC and not keen on selling and definitely not at the price suggested a few posts ago.😲 You may get a lightly used or unsealed ‘possibly’ NOS one for $650 - $750 but a still sealed, guaranteed NOS would be closer to $900+. If you pm Hlov, he has my former Pickering cart and was looking at selling (he’s using a 310MC I sold him).
  5. Outside of the 310MC, I enjoyed the Pickering TMZ-22E. Not as smooth or refined as the 310, but nice and dynamic. I preferred it to the Technics EPS-22 with boron cantilever that originally came with the Technics SL-7. Thakker sells it but not sure if they’ve reopened shipping to Australia.
  6. Wonderful turntable! Spent many an hour and countless bottles of red enjoying John’s ( @scuzzii) Kubrick and Brinkmann combination.👍
  7. Listening to it now with @scuzzii with an SPU Synergy and sounds even better than it looks,!!👍
  8. @rossb had one in black for sale recently. Not sure if it sold but might be worth checking with him.
  9. getting great value out of @cheekyboy’s mofi. Stunning sounding record!
  10. I have the AP 45 of CSTW and it is outstanding sonically. I would expect the one-step to be at least as good but not sure it could better it by much if at all. If the AP is still available at the original price around US$50 I’d highly recommend it. The Mofi at more than double might have more collectibility though.
  11. I’ve had a pair of the Nasotec tweezers for a while now. Generally they are pretty good but with some headshell leads that have very thin connectors they actually don't grip the connector with enough pressure. In that case it’s easier to just use either standard tweezers or handle gently with needle nose pliers.
  12. He’s tagging another forum member in case they might be interested in buying. If you type @ followed by user name it notifies that member about the thread.
  13. Stunning voice and just a beautiful album. Sonics are absolutely superb!👍
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