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  1. The choices of 4, 15 and 40 Ohms refers to the approximate internal impedance of the cartridge rather than the load impedance. They would equate to loadings of 52, 209 and 470 Ohms respectively into a 47K phono stage load. For the Kiseki, you would select the 40 Ohm setting, so a 470 Ohm load. To load at 800 Ohms, he was either using the MM input with a different SUT (1:8 turns ratio for example) or with a higher input impedance on the MM (100K is an option) or the EAR 324 also enables adjustment of the 47K on the MC input (to 80K or 100K). Regardless, it would have bee
  2. Partially this. But also flippers buy in bulk and then list with significant mark up when original stocks are exhausted. Bloody annoying to be honest.
  3. Worth specifying if you want a 10A or 15A version as a 15A plug won't fit the standard domestic 10A plug socket.
  4. What a stonking bargain entry into valves! Used to own the A-88T and was always impressed with the sonics.
  5. With the Bluesound representing (relatively) new technology, upgrading to newer models with increased and improved functionality is fairly a natural progression I would think. And having heard an earlier iteration, it is very good at what it does. With speakers this would be less so unless moving to wireless technology.
  6. Unusually, in the opening paragraphs he says that he never particularly loved the original LS50's finding them "a little harsh and bright" (a view with which I can relate). At the time of their release, I can't recall ever reading a review that wasn't glowing about the original LS50's. It would have been interesting to read a review from this fellow about the originals - I wonder how blunt it would have been about the shortcomings he perceived. Very different when you're about to heap praise on the successor speaker as I would presume a large potential market would be current owners of the ori
  7. I can’t tell from the picture whether the issue is that it’s too big to fit or the female holes don’t align to the pins. I agree with Shane, unless it’s an optical illusion, that it doesn’t look like a standard phono cable DIN connector. I’ve tried multiple cables with the FR-64fx and have never had an issue with the din plug not fitting.
  8. Great news, Joe! Looking forward to being able to get down to Melbourne for a listen the next time a show can be held!
  9. If you’re happy to go second hand there are many great options, predominantly from Japan. From the Technics linear decks (SL-7, SL-10), to a multitude of Denons, Victors, Kenwoods, Sonys, Pioneers and Yamahas, semi-auto was almost a given. I currently have a fully auto Technics SL-10 and Sony PS-8750 and a semi-auto Denon DP-60. I’ve previously also owned Pioneer and Victor semi-autos. My principal learning has been that the inclusion or otherwise of auto functionality is largely irrelevant as a determiner of the quality of the deck. All of the ones I’ve owned have performed extrem
  10. Surprised one of the colour options isn’t ‘powder white’.
  11. Wow, that is a travesty for a turntable of this quality to be packed so poorly. If the original box has none of the original packaging, then it’s as good as any other box and all comes down to the seller learning how to pack a turntable and taking due care. Lesson 1 is never to ship with the platter in place. Even if it doesn’t come off and damage some other part (like a tonearm) it will almost certainly move during shipping and damage the critical bearing. I agree with others, seller should offer a full refund. When you send it back, pack it properly dismantled with parts individu
  12. I have the Sapphire III with a Graham Phantom II and Acoustical Systems Archon cartridge. Previously had a Linn Ittok with Transfiguration Axia S. Wonderful sounding turntable. Not at all thin or clinical in nature; more a big bodied, full presentation, in my system at least.
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