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  1. Not sure if this sold but you could always send a pm to check.
  2. I have Wim. Still have the Sota and Denon but the Garrard is now head and and shoulders above the others. Must have you down for a listen soon! Hope you and the family are doing well!
  3. Thanks for the heads-up on this one. Stunning concert and the vinyl is exceptional. Staggering scale and soundstage, not to mention incredible music.👍👍
  4. Very cool! I had no idea Systemdek built speakers. These would be quite a collectible and with a full set of spares, an excellent bargain.
  5. Maybe change the title to Denon rather than Ortofon. Great price!
  6. Those holes in the plinth are for the rod that props the dustcover open - might be able to be re-fashioned to fit spare headshells though.
  7. A couple of shots of the Oracle Delphi.
  8. The only person that picture flatters is the guy not in it!
  9. Congratulations Clive. Looks fantastic, mate! I guess this means @scuzzii and I will have to make an another trip to Evil Springs for tunes, wine and chicken! Damn shame this year’s show isn’t happening!
  10. Fantastic price! I’ve seen FR64S’ go for this price alone and your estimate of the cartridge values is conservative as the FR-7 in good nick fetches $1500 on its own!
  11. I actually have two, Andy. One in occasional use (in a <7g effective mass Denon arm) and one in NOS condition (maybe 10 sides of testing play time) in its original wooden box. The Grace is an excellent MM but not in the same league as the WOS. It might get to WOS level in its ruby cantilever guise but probably not. The WOS is up there with the best MMs I’ve listened to and that includes the Decca Super Gold, with which it shares some sonic traits in terms of handling of dynamics and rhythmic drive. A very different sound to my MCs but for some music styles like rock and electronica, it is the more exhilarating listen.
  12. Not too surprised re the Decca Super Gold - fabulous cartridge! Not many MCs could touch it for speed and dynamics. Unlikely to separate the stylus from the EPC-205 cartridge but shoot me a pm if you’re interested in the whole cartridge.
  13. This reminded me I have a still sealed EPC-205C IIS sitting in the cupboard where it’s been for many years. Even the included paperwork is still sealed in its little envelope! Never got round to trying it. Regular user of the EPC-310MC in a linear tracking SL-10 - awesome cart indeed. Mainly play with MCs these days though with occasional use of a Stanton CS-100 or Grace F9E.
  14. I do have a copy though haven’t spun it in many years. Should rectify that!
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