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  1. Cracking amp that sounds every bit as good as it looks and can drive difficult loads with ease. Great price too!
  2. The 20011 mags might be interesting to see what hi-fi will look like in 18,000 years!👍
  3. I use Noppin for all my Japan purchases (about a dozen or so) and all have gone without a hitch. You have to set up a deposit in your Noppin account which then enables you to bid up to 3 x your deposit amount.
  4. This is the most effective brush I’ve experienced with a vet vac system: https://www.bunnings.com.au/shur-line-paint-edger-specialty-applicator_p1660577 Not audiophile approved but brilliant at the job and replacement pads readily and cheaply available.
  5. They’re bi-wire speakers. Either run a bi-wire cable, two sets of single wire cables or one single wire to either the bass or treble binding posts. If you select the last option, you will need to have short “jumper” wires between the bass and treble posts if there isn’t already a metal plate connecting them.
  6. Yes, I realise it is the same thing as parallel loading on the SUT outputs. I chose to load at the phono stage inputs as one of SUTs I rotate in the chain has fixed output cables rather than rca terminals. Correct, the cart is seeing 20 Ohms.
  7. I’ve got parallel load resistors at the phono stage input.
  8. I'm running my 9000 through a step-up into an MM input. Sounds much better with the loading at around 20 Ohms. Into the MC stage, it was good at around 100 Ohms and got a little too bright for me above that. Here's a calculator for parallel resistors: https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/tools/parallel-resistance-calculator/
  9. Need to be more than 200 behind.
  10. The builder is extremely responsive and helpful if you have questions as well. I was asking about the 290mm Jelco mounting distance (as they say it’s compatible with the Jelco mount) and the guy replied that they can also do the arm as a 290mm p2s (otherwise it’s 305).
  11. Having seen and heard this deck, I can vouch for its outstanding condition and the excellent sound it delivers!
  12. Fantastic journey, John and the system is sounding better than I've ever heard it and that's saying something in itself! Well done to you and to@cheekyboy for his excellent guidance. @Luc, couldn't agree more about that Hensa bloke!
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