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  1. conno

    FS: Marantz CR502DAB (cd receiver)

    pm,s not coming or going the struggle is real?
  2. conno

    FS: Marantz CR502DAB (cd receiver)

    just wondering if u could post to 2796
  3. conno

    FS: Marantz CR502DAB (cd receiver)

    intent to purchase
  4. conno

    FS: Marantz CR502DAB (cd receiver)

    just sent through again . does,nt seem to be sending .
  5. conno

    SOLD: FS: Sold

    what model is this?
  6. interested in the perfect one pm sent
  7. did u want to pm your contact details to me . i am having problems at this end
  8. conno

    SOLD: North Creek Borealis D28 kit

    are these sold?
  9. i would be keen to listen to your speakers if possible, i have some equipment also listed
  10. could u run these with a tv? how would u control volume
  11. conno

    FS: duntech pcl-15

    great speakers . i have a set but in the light oak finish
  12. hey guys look very very close at these speakers and the specs. three hf drivers. this really is a superb system and really sounds great [ in my opinion] i need to move these on [she who should be obeyed] free delivery east coast. i,m retired