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  1. Hi all, There are some speakers I'm considering buying from the US, but they don't ship international. I know there are shippers like MyUS, but they often have size/weight restrictions. Does anyone know of one of those that can supply a US shipping address and can accommodate some large floorstanders? Thanks!
  2. Further information: Up for sale is my Marantz NR1605 slimline 7.1 AVR with Audyssey MultEQ. Unfortunately like with my Kef LS50's and Rel subwoofer I'd love to keep it, but with a baby due in July our priorities have had to change. https://www.marantz.com/en-us/product/av-receivers/nr1605 Marantz NR1605 7.1 Channel Receiver, the elegant slim-line NR1605 AV Receiver, packed with a punch delivering ear-cracking, seven-channel surround sound from 90 Watts/Ch and decoded Dolby True HD and DTS-HD audio. Enjoy your digital media form wherever they are stored with NR160
  3. Further information: Up for sale is a pair of the Kef LS50's in rare and striking blue on white, with stands. These beauties paired wonderfully with my Rel T/5i subwoofer I'm also selling (also in white). I would love to keep these but with a baby due in July our priorities have had to change. Product Information Enhance the audio experience and enjoy theatre-like sound at home with the KEF LS50 Bookshelf Speakers. This 2.0 System model features a frequency response ranging from 79 Hz to 28000 Hz and an impedance level of 8 ohms. In addition, the product offers a sens
  4. Further information: Up for sale is my beloved Rel T/5i subwoofer which was matched beautifully with my Kef LS50's. The Rel's were only recently purchased but with a baby due in July our priorities have had to change. -- REL T5i - Stunningly simple Simplify, then add lightness: Simplicity is its own reward and the T5i reduces the classic cubic sub to its bare essence. A single, high-quality AlloyFibre composite driver and down firing orientation produces maximum coupling with the floor and eliminates the need for a grille. The T5i is the purest expression of RE
  5. Thanks everyone, it’s now a shootoff between focal aria 948’s and revel f208’s.
  6. March Audio P452 is a great amplifier. I’ve got one fed by a minidsp SHD and couldn’t be happier.
  7. Item: Revel F208 or Focal Aria 948 Price Range: To $7k for Revel, to $4k Focal Item Condition: Used, But if you’re a dealer with sharp pricing for new let’s talk Extra Info: I wish my wife would let me splurge on Be tweeters
  8. Hi anyone, Does anyone know of a dealer in NSW (Newcastle-Sydney-Wollongong) that has Kef R7 and Revel F36/F206/F208 in stock to listen to as an A/B test? Seems like the Kef's are common enough but the Revel's are pretty hard to come by. Thanks!
  9. Does anyone have feedback on March Audio equipment over the last year?
  10. Hi everyone, I currently have a Raspberry Pi with an Allo Boss DAC that is used as a Roon (Tidal) streamer to my Onkyo integrated amplifier and onto my LS50's. I'm soon going to be upgrading the Onkyo to either a Rega Elex-R or Elicit-R and in preparation want to address an issue I have with my streamer. And that is, whilst Roon and Tidal are great, I'm thinking of cancelling their services and simply using YouTube Music (part of the YouTube Premium package). So I'm wondering how I can stream music to the Raspberry Pi DAC, then out to my amplifier.
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