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  1. Southerly

    Fan noise and mini desktops

    There are lots of silent mini PCs on the market - just take a look.
  2. Southerly

    Conditioner or something else

    exactly Andy, that's why a well built isolation Tx is a very good idea.
  3. Southerly

    Shure V15 type III cartridges on ebay

    In a while when I've got a lot of mods out of the way and sorted through so much gear I've aquired over the years I have a new V15 stylus in the pseudo wooden box to sell and I think the cartridge as well. The classic combo was an SME 3009 with V15 fitted. I bought for my wife a Technics SL120 with the 3009 fitted at the SME factory which was just a few miles from the guy I bought the combo from. They also fitted the V15 for him. Being rained off work one day I was surprised how easy it was to set up compared to a Rega 3 and their 250 arms. It's what convinced me of the superiority of a good D/D deck. As someone said crazy prices but that applies to classic vinyl as well.
  4. Southerly

    Conditioner or something else

    Do you use the cheapskate method in Oz the same as the UK - ring mains. In Europe everything is on spurs. Whatever a good investment would be an isolation transformer. I'm sure there must be a manufacturer in Oz as they are heavy things and shipping from elsewhere expensive. Thought about buying one for where I live in France, I had a terrible humming from the PSU for my phono stage for about 2 weeks - a free gift from a near neighbour.
  5. Southerly

    Chinese litz wire

    Dialectric is hugely important. A long time ago, towards the end of the 19th century Oliver Heaviside who amongst other things worked with electrical conduction proved that - electricity travels not only through a conductor but around it, which makes a nonsense of 99% of all i/connects. I only came across this seminal work because of a snidy comment made by an American professor on an audio forum to prove how clever he was. Checking out who Oliver Heaviside was and his work completely changed the direction of my experimental work on i/connects - It's an ill wind and all that. So Heaviside's work on conduction fits perfectly with a 'received wisdom' (normally b/s) in the audio world that the best dialectric is air. This mantra about twisted pairs and rejection of unwanted interference is 99% of the time irrelevant but it does make it easier for commercial companies to make i/connects and save the time and expense in production in using a sheathing material. Those companies that do, do so because it makes the product look 'better' ergo more saleable. I wish I could find a technical college or university dept. run by someone with an open mind to do tests on solid core v stranded / bare v enamelled or wrapped wire./ straight v twisted / standard wrapped v air core dialectric / polyethelene v Teflon v FEP dialectric. To measure signal flow and with listening tests . It's strange that the scientific androids always rail against listening tests, indeed they actually pronounce without listening and their standard mantra is that those who can hear a difference are 'true believers'😀 My take on multi-strand enamelled wire is that it contradicts what Heaviside found in verified tests a long time ago.
  6. Southerly

    The Definitive Stylus Cleaner thread.

    I couldn't be bothered to trawl through each page of this thread but really surprised the Op didn't mention the AT ultrasonic stylus cleaner. I also thought everyone knew that liquids were a no-no. I've used the AT for over 30 years. The most audio graphic example of it's effectiveness was on a friend's very basic set-up. Normally 10-15 seconds is more than enough but the amount of crap on the stylus of his cheap cartridge required something like 2 minutes. He put on an LP and he was knocked out with the difference in clarity. He spent the next few weeks banging on about it to everyone he knew. A change of battery every so often that's it. They can still come up on ebay. Maybe AT have put them back into production.
  7. robmid, I didn't need to be infected with another possible speaker project. Years ago I bought a pair of Grand Heils with the aim of making some OBs. the problem was always finding the right 15" or 18" woofer. They also came with the original EMT x/overs. I saw someone on diyA used sewage piping for enclosures - what a brilliant idea. Funnily enough where we moved from had major makeover with electrics and sewage works. I saw cut-offs which I thought would make excellent plant pots in a growhouse,now I see a completely different use. MY idea was to use curved aercrete building blocks to house the woofer with a frame to hold the Grand Heils (they perform better in free air). The blocks would have to be sited on pieces of ply, sonically they would make very good speaker material. These blocks can be treated with a Unibond wash to stabilise the surface and any kind of finish could be used. The Grand Heils like the 505 panels are mid/tweeter in one but the ER panels would be far easier to use. My one rational doubt is over the x/overs, I don't have the equipment or the knowledge to design either a passive or better an active x/over, even so I'm very tempted to jump in - I can already hear my wife cranking up her negative response.
  8. Southerly

    Turntable Basics Part 1 - The Turntable

    Just to substantiate what I said about the cost of vinyl - I think it was 99 I saw that there was a double tribute LP to Santana - Supernatural. Always having been a Santana fan from the beginning I had to have this. I can't remember now how much it cost, probably around £23 + postage - I looked it up on discogs and ebay. The vinyl is NM and I didn't bother putting it back in the plastic sleeve but the media would be rated Excellent - I like others had no idea how the price of a lot of vinyl was going to take off - try £300. A lot of the collectable 70s Rock/Jazz in VG+/NM is serious money and I do mean serious money. However there is some serious good singer/songwriter and Jazz Funk that is going cheap. Don McClean - American Pie - the real Fleetwood (Pete Green) the Boston Concerts - just before he got lost on a single acid trip in San Francisco. Jazz Funk - Grover Washington - Live at the Bijou - anything on the CTI label. You like Country Freak try Pure Prairie league/Ozark Mountain Daredevils.The only real musician in the Monkees - Micky Nesmith all his stuff is good. The beginning of Punk - try Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters. Staright ahead Texas RnR try Colonel Codie and the Lost Planet Airmen. But the Floyd/King Crimson/Stones the real deal is going to cost Just because an LP is 180g doesn't mean it is good, a lot is just hype and often recorded from CD - beware.
  9. Someone started a thread on diyaudio about how pleased they were with the S/C - this triggered off a Brownshirt attack on Chris Daley and on anyone who actually owned an S/C and liked it. So, no it wasn't a versus argument, had you looked at the thread you would have seen that and the abuse this engendered. As AndrewGM said the mods should have stopped this at once. The most important elements to keep a forum healthy are strict rules and unbiased mods, unbiased mods are the most important. I say this having seen what's happened over the last 20 years on forums of all kinds.
  10. Hi Rob, saw your post and and AndrewGM on diyaudio - glad that my post triggered Andrew's replies - he came in guns blazing, definitely not taking prisoners - nor should he. For all those not knowing what I'm referring to here should visit diyaudio and look for the thread - Chris Daleys Stereo Coffee Preamp. This is a great forum but there are a few - supply your own adjective to describe them who pollute/corrupt threads. They are fanatical 'True Believers' who accuse others of their own sickness. They condemn components/devices that they have no actual experience of and rain down insults on those who they consider are inferior/deluded or mentally deficient. One in particular known as DF96 - I would love to have a face-to-face with him in a nice quiet secluded place with nowhere for him to run. I doubt that I would have to get physical it would be a ruthless psychological dissection, hopefully he would never recover from the experience - he is a totally negative corrosive klootzak. Well done Rob for his input. As AndrewGM said - why don't the mods enter a thread as soon as this malevolent input occurs and stop it dead. A mod may well agree with these klootzaken but as a mod should remain impartial, that's the job of a mod. Like others I see threads with which I disagree, as long as it's about opinions, no one is being encouraged to do anything dangerous or silly, why would I want to interfere - I stay away, it's not a thread in which I can introduce anything of use but then there are klootzaks like DF96 - unfortunately they are unable to - get a life. Sometimes they are so corrosive they will literally destroy a forum. And now for something positive - Rob, my S/C has only 2 boards, the first small board is now redundant, other than that out 2 boards are the same. Chris has since made a new grounding arrangement on the o/put board, which I believe he will supply. I shall ask him to send the details when I return the redundant boards (I have 2). I'm also sending Chris a set of 0.5M i/connects for him to try. I ended up with this design after 4 years of research (nearly put me off music), your welcome to try them as well after him.
  11. Southerly

    Optonica RP-3500 turntable - eBay purchase

    With all D/Ds with a lot of age you need to take a look at all the components on the PCB, the caps especially. I didn't on my first Kenwood KD990 and a transistor died on me. It's a good idea to change all PSU caps. all components on a D/D will be commercial not expensive audio specials, so cost will be very reasonable. Next check the resistors. Any I/Cs should be fine, another good reason to fit new caps as if they go you could have real difficulty in replacing. One of the best things about the Jap superdecks was the bearing assemblies. I say assemblies because that is what they are, there is nothing agricultural ie. ball and cup with them. On the Kenwood KD series decks it is an alloy steel billet sitting on a huge nut, sheathed in a sleeve which if the tolerances were any tighter it would seize up. The billet is rifled so that the Slick 50 synthetic oil film covered not only the base but the column of the billet - probably why the deck runs silently. Anyway check out the bearing and find out what oil or grease is used, VE is a good place for info. Check the arm also for any play in the bearings. If it has no electronic functions then if you wish to replace it, it will be easy. I don't believe that any decks made today approach the quality of the best Japanese D/D of the 70/80s but arms is another story as are cartridges. Your deck will justify a good MC, I run an AT 33EV and I'm sure that using a much lighter h/shell, lowering the effective arm mass will make it sound even better. Really do some in depth research on what is possible with the existing arm as well as researching alternatives. overhaul your deck and forget about ever needing a another one - enjoy.
  12. I can understand why in Oz many use Amazon, especially those who live far from a big city. I live in France and the nearest big city Toulouse, is over an hour away by car and I'm not impressed by what's on offer. Once you've costed in the price to get there and that France outside of Paris is not a good place to buy vinyl your left with the i/net. I used to live in Brighton, Sussex and buying new or s/hand I was spoiled for choice. Car boot sales at the end of the 80's and into the 90's meant early rising every Saturday and Sunday. You had to move fast to get ahead of the dealers, 'scanning' and moving at a rate of knots. No one has mentioned the extortionate percentage that Amazon charge to sell your vinyl. Discogs is reasonable, if i have no alternative that is where I shall unload a lot of vinyl, I've got over 1000 LPs and only want to keep about 400. I've made some good buys on discogs and one bad buy from Italy. What really hacks me off is my own country. Many sellers in the UK rip you off with postage, in fact I think they make more on postage than on selling records. Some European countries have very high postal charges so there's nothing sellers can do, as always Germany is a good country to buy from. I used to buy a lot of stuff (including Lp's) from the USA but $21-23 per LP means that now it is a no-no. There is one exception - Collectors Choice - they only deal in new/mint LP's and the shipping charge to the EU is about $6 - very well packed as well - check them out on discogs and see what they charge to send to Oz.
  13. Southerly

    Turntable Basics Part 1 - The Turntable

    Good decks don't come cheap, nor do good cartridges, nor a good phono stage. I run a Kenwood KD 990. I consider it a bargain as it comes with an excellent gimbal arm, it's a beautifully designed total package. I bought it before the Japanese superdecks took off in price €400 - now they are double that. My cartridge an AT 33EV I got via a special price from a new York store and shipped by a friend in Florida so no EU import taxes, $300 when the exchange rate was £1=$1.70. I could have been a mug and bought at the cheapest price in Europe at the time £549. My phono stage was a special no longer made by Kevin Edwards of Talk Electronics - an MC3, I bought it new half price when it looked like the international Ponzi scheme was going to crash in 2008 @ £600 - so the whole vinyl thing could easily have cost me over £2.5K. I know I have bought smart with all those components - the top AT cartridges easily compete with other snobbish brands that are 2-3 times more. If you buy a new deck today to compete (maybe) with the quality of the Jap superdecks of yesterday you can easily kiss off €10K. The Kenwood KD series had something that really should be included in any good deck - automatic end of side arm lift and motor turn off., a function I wouldn't want to be without. But what really hammers your bank account is the actual vinyl. I bought a lot at car boot sales end of the 80s and into the 90s in the UK - think of it like a Klondyke. Also I bought audiophile vinyl new at the beginning of the 90s', the prices for that vinyl now are crazy. New vinyl now, apart from the genuine audiophile stuff is a joke - it's all digital and often inferior to CD. With some LPs worth hundreds and a good proportion worth from £20-50 the only way that a newbie should get involved is by way of inheritance from a grandpa who was really careful with his LPs and probably had a great system he looked after.
  14. Southerly

    Turntable Basics Part 1 - The Turntable

    The OP did a reasonable job at explaining the 3 types of tts or 'decks'. I feel that it is also very important to point out that to get into vinyl seriously is going to involve serious bank account haemorrhaging. This 'smack' high and it can be a glorious high simply doesn't come cheap. I don't want to put anyone off but it is important to warn the novice of the cost of addiction. Even a basic vinyl system when set up properly will have you jumping. The OP should have said that irrespective of deck - the platform it sit's on is hugely important. But first you have to identify the type of environment the system will operate in. The room - what is the type of floor - if it's a suspended wooden floor then you have to think about using a wall shelf - then again - what is the wall made of - is a door on the other side of the wall and will it be slammed shut? Is it a reinforced concrete floor you have to deal with? Two ways to deal with vibration - decoupling and mass. Any vibration that can travel up from a floor or through a wall shelf will interfere with signal reproduction. It doesn't have to be massive vibration to marr the sound. I used to live in an old house that had suspended wooden floors, so I bought a target wall shelf, which was fine until someone came in next door and slammed the street door shut, not good for the stylus or LP. A reinforced concrete floor is easier to deal with - a heavy (mass) system platform and heavy slate/stone slabs and shock absorbing feet on a deck work wonders. Seriously whatever deck you want to use will give far better results if you first get the vibration sorted, be it belt drive/idler drive or direct drive.
  15. An old thread but can't see a need to start a new one. I have the latest iteration on the S/C. I say the latest but Chris has added an extra earth with back-to-back diodes on the LDR board. There are now only two. Apart from two silly mistakes, namely forgetting to screw down J40 (left channel) and not insulating the face side of the Bourne pot it worked flawlessly. The LDR board came with a 47K resistor soldered on the underside to one leg of a LM317 and the other to the cathode of J40. Chris reckoned it would be better to use a 220K which is what I did. With this value resistor the S/C goes loud (but not noisy) very quickly. I have a couple of my favourite signal path resistors - Z foils/100K I shall try one in place of the 220K. Chris does'nt reckon this will do anything for the sound - let's see. For signal wiring into and out | use what I designed after years of trialling for i/connects - 4 x high purity solid core 26AWG inside FEP oversized (air core) dialectric. At the moment I have only used it via a Kenwood KD990/AT 33EV/ Talk Audio MC3 into a partly modded Dark Voice 336. Bass is outstanding - deep,detailed, I've never heard so much bass from my system. There is no congestion and voices are 'immediate' - Lightnin Hopkins is playing and singing right beside me. Played the remastered Herija, Joni's voice was more personal and intimate,Jaco's bass was the ballast for most of the LP. Queen's Live Killer - I wuz there at the gig. A friend who had an earlier iteration said he found it fatiguing. Well I was using a Beyer DT990 and up until the S/C found it to be a great h/phone except for the top end. After my session tonight I had no fatigue at all. I'm sure there is more to come as I have yet to change the o/put caps in the Dark Voice or to change the h/shell to a lighter one in the Kenwood arm which should yield an even better performance from the 33EV. My Heybrook Sextet Mk 1Vs are being recapped so then I can hear what the S/C will do for them paired with a Parasound Zamp. The Stereo Coffee sounds bloody marvellous and the better the gear you use upstream the better it's going to sound. It's not at all sterile, far from it, it's transparent just like Z foils and K73-16 caps, I use both of these and together they bring music to life. An outstanding bargain - imagine a stunning volume control and preamp in one for $250 -😀