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  1. Audiofeline - great post but seriously, the photo really hacked me off because over 10 years ago I saw in Lidls ( a discount supermarket chain) there were TV stands with a shelf beneath for a VHS player. I saw the possibility to use 2 of them for a 4 shelf audio rack. I was so confident that I could use the bottom shelf to store about 70 LPs. This would not only give me a lot of mass but a mass that was made up of literally 70 or so pieces that would soak up vibrations easily. I constructed it with 6 feet equipped with welded Soundcare feet. It was only recently that I decided it
  2. A very useful thread and proves once again what a godsend the i/net is. This is not a problem of the audio industry but of the mentality of a lot of bipeds. Someone starts a retipping business or a restaurant. To start with the service is excellent, the food is good as is the service so the work/customers come pouring in. This makes the owner become blase and then the arrogance begins along with denial syndrome. Of course there are then the exceptions, people with integrity who set a standard and never drop it and it's only with threads like this that joe punter get's a clear ide
  3. Item: Price Range: Item Condition: New Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  4. Berkel, to start from the last reply - let Andy take a look before you do anything. A couple of posts have rec. headphones, don't rule this option out. In theory as you get older you are supposed to lose the highs and gain in the bass - in theory. 3 years ago I had a very professional hearing test and was'nt surprised to see the result. I cannot abide harsh treble and last year I bought at a good price a pair of Oppo PM 2 h/phones. All the reviews said the same thing, perfect they are not but so enjoyable and comfortable. I have had Senn 600/650 and 2 Beyers. The Beyers have a terrible
  5. Andy, they are distinct and at the time of production Kevin Edwards could configure whatever a customer wanted. Not trying to knock your work and it's not available now anyway, quality build and components and like yours NOT made in China. Looking forward to buying his unipivot once I have removed the plinth on my Kenwood deck.
  6. Andy take another look, there are 12 load settings from 120 pF - 1K and 6 gain MC 73dB / MM 40dB and for those with mono LPs it offers true mono reproduction
  7. In 2010 when it looked like the international Ponzi scheme was going to collapse and very few were buying anything let alone audio gear I bought at half price £600 a Talk Electronics MC 3 phono stage - look for the manual online. It can handle almost any cartridge, MM or MC and Mono. I doubt you could buy it s/hand now but I offer it as a benchmark for you to compare what it offers compared to what's on offer now. All adjustments are by dip switches, this makes experimenting with settings very easy. ATM I use an AT33EV and a NOS LOMM Pickering 7500S but want to try an AT 33SA (Shibata).
  8. Tin Man, I've got 2 Alps Blue, 50K and 100K and two mini PCBs especially for Alps Blue if posatage wasn't still crazy at the moment I would send them to you for free. The mini PCBs make shunting a doddle - check them out on Ebay.
  9. Couldn't have put it better myself and the same goes for books. As my old Zen master said "if they really wanted it, they would have gone out and bought it".
  10. Can't understand why - Live Rust doesn't get a mention, absolutely brilliant and that's with CD, same as Sleeps With Angels. I have to get both on vinyl.
  11. The French brought in legislation that requires all mail boxes to be of a certain size and better yet it has to be opened by keys both from the rear by the householder and from the front by La Poste or any of the private parcel delivery firms. This means that you don't have to be at home when they come. La Poste and the private companies all have a key to access the front of the mail box, there are serious penalties for the companies if this position of trust is abused. You can also have your parcels left at a designated 'point de relais' and pick them up at your leisure - a great
  12. You mean the concreting woman. I was there when he returned. He would have tried it on with my then girlfriend but I 'marked his card'. The concrete had set and there was no way he could move them even with help. I suggested he give a bung to the builder across the road to use his Kango to break them up he did - another £20. PS: the builder and the guy's woman got together and made a very happy couple.
  13. Your comment does not compute - first up were to be the speakers then the amp and then the vinyl, about 600 then. lots of collectable LPs that nowadays goes for really silly money.
  14. Men attack directly and physically, women think first and deeply and exact a non physical but brutal long lasting revenge - so it goes. Two tales, one personal and the other anecdotal. I met this young woman who convinced me that living together was a good idea, emotionally and economically. She found a flat, paid a deposit (without my seeing and agreeing) it seemed to me that she was taking control. OK I don't have a problem with strong women, very often they are the best to take control of many aspects of a relationship. Moving in day - I arrived with my stuff in a fr
  15. Tin man, thanks for posting that thread on audiosciencereview. Why did it take so long for someone to finally sort out the hum issue and what a simple fix. One of the first things to do is remove the pot, I didn't use another pot instead I feed in Chris Daley's Stereo Coffee. If you do use another pot why not use a standard Alps Blue but shunted with Z foil resistors - take a look at www.world-designs.co.uk FAQ page. I used Z foils in a few signal path positions. I also removed the preamp resistors and caps, it creates a bit more space. The Tx wiring is very short, so whoever does the m
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