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  1. Seeing that unipivots and MCs are not a good mix is a shame. However I do have an NOS Pickering XLZ 7500S which would be a good match. This unipivot has a fixed headshell arrangement that would allow me to try an experiment I have wanted to do for a long time that I cannot do with my Kenwood arm, namely to rewire from cartridge tags to phono stage in one continuous length. I think this would yield real gains cutting out 3 connections if using a detachable headshell or 2 with a fixed headshell.
  2. Someone was talking about platter mats. The Kenwoods come with a very thick composite rubber mat, providing effective insulation from any possible ringing from the die cast aluminium platter. I wouldn't dream of wasting money on trying alternatives. On the old WAD forum there appeared a 'gang' of Garrard Idler fanatics who attacked anyone who didn't follow 'their way'. They couldn't handle the fact that the best of the Japanese D/Ds were simply 'plug and play' it incensed them. Fast forward to today and I think everyone of these brownshirt types have quietly sold on their Garrard
  3. I don't think you can begin talking about how best to stop vibration entering the T/T until you have dealt with what your equipment rig stands on. It's important to remember that structural vibration affects to a greater or lessor extent all equipment - it's the micro vibrations that will smear the sound. Tiled concrete floors - with powerful floor standing speakers if they are isolated effectively and that's not easy you will lose the 'effect' of the bass, some people like to feel this and why not. Suspended wooden floors will soak up and dissipate the bass. This effec
  4. Think about making your own speaker cables and i/connects. Take a look at TNT there are a few very good designs on there. I've used the UBYTE 2 for years, the basis of which is the co-ax CT-100 or the CT-125, available in Oz. I'm now about to try a much simpler design using my go-to over sized dielectric FEP tubing x 4 conductors inside an even bigger gauge FEP. tubing. I only use solid core conductors, choose your material either copper or silver.
  5. When it looked like the whole international Ponzi financial scheme was going to collapse in 2009 I bought at half price a new Talk Electronics/Edwards Audio MC3 phono stage. It never got much good press which I could'nt understand but it is so versatile and sounds so good I have never felt the need to try another. Just today I saw that this company is making T/Ts and that some come with an in house designed uni pivot arm. These arms can be purchased separately and you can choose 9", 10" and 12" versions. I always meant to try a uni pivot and as I will this year remove the plinth o
  6. There's a big thread on VE about old v new. The fact is that the best of the Japanese D/Ds many over 45 years ago were the pinnacle of T/T design. The Japanese engineers started from zero, asking the question - what should a T/T do - it should spin at a constant speed (some included speed variation control) without rumble or noise. They even thought about designing feet that included some basic insulation from vibration. On a forum that had a pro who provided a list of some of the best of the Japanese 'superdecks', I considered his argument and bought a Kenwood KD 990 (I now have 2). The be
  7. Absolutely agree about cats piss. It's far more effective than the notorious Roundup herbicide which is also expensive. If cats piss on a plant - it's dead. Years ago I bought an old sewing machine which was housed inside a lovely wooden box. I used it to stash various things for my sound system. My lovely lady felt sorry for a tom cat that was left out in the cold, he sprayed all over this lovely box - talk about an acid attack.
  8. I had just finished building a WAD KT88 amp and a WAD Pre 2 - PSU/Pre and phono stage when we moved to Northern Galicia in NW Spain. Rain all year round in fact more rain than in Ireland and Scotland combined and awful humidity, average 90%. We decamped to Andalucia behind the Snowy mountains/Sierra Nevada, living at an altitude of 900m. I used to laugh when I heard about heatwaves in Oz, because in the summer months, June and sometimes from May to end of September by 1500 hours the temperature was normally 40C, our last 7 weeks there the temp. hovered around 45C. MY KAT 88 got s
  9. Nice to see a humorous thread, nothing for the S/S v Valve fanatics to get their teeth into. However plants can cause problems where dogs are concerned, on another forum someone let a friend bring his dogs into his home - bad idea because he also had dogs. The friends dogs decided that they would leave a liquid calling card on some house plants and the man's dogs responded by pissing on both his speakers, which for best sound had the grilles removed - not a happy bunny. On a serious note, for anyone who has full length windows which present a hard reflective surface to sound waves
  10. Sorry to hear about your illness Tweaky. When I was living in the Netherlands and just before I decided to head back home I ran into a bunch of ASAS Nam vets one night and the stories they told me about the war and their opinion of American soldiers and how letting the South Vietnamese police 'refugees' into Oz led to the smack problem that you have today. The CIA were refused extra funds by the US congress and set up the Golden Triangle heroin route. I was living in Rotterdam the autumn/winter of 79 when the Grey Wolves/Turkish mafia realised they could make far more money impor
  11. I live on the other side of the world but the story is the same. I lived in Brighton, Sussex and in the 60s' there were 2 major acts of arson. The first was a lovely old hotel - The Bedford with a wonderful large atrium topped with a beautiful stained glass canopy. The owners were refused permission to knock it down. Lo and behold just 3 weeks later in the winter with few guests, they got out before it burned down, replaced with a 1960s ugly tower block. The second arson was Hove town hall, Hove is side by side with Brighton, like a continuation. The Tories (aka the Nasty pa
  12. Using a Moth RCM for years, very noisy but cleans in both directions and always finished with another cycle using just distilled water. Drying - using a wooden plate rack, never damaged an LP yet. However if I could justify the price then an ultrasonic RCM does seem the way to go. The Degritter has some great reviews but look at the price😵. It's interesting that this Estonian company uses a much higher cycle - 120kHz. Has anyone bought and used one, a review would be good.
  13. Spinnergeoff - interesting article, especially Colombia's insistence that an old battered deck was used to test a promo side. I have a 45 from Steele Pulse that has the best bass I have ever heard - you pays your money - -
  14. Many raise good rational arguments and among them are those who have big vinyl and big CD collections. I have around 1000 LPs. and about 120 CDs. An awful lot of LPs were bought at knockdown prices, a case of being in the right place and at the right time. I never missed being up bright and early from 87-97. on Saturday and Sundays. You had to be quick and ready to beat the pro buyers who could be aggressive, twice I had to say back off or your going to visit the nearest A&E. The craic was to scan the cars as they arrived and move fast. I thoroughly enjoyed the chase, it left me with a
  15. The only thing about downloads that no one has mentioned - what if your hard disc gets corrupted, you've lost everything, not so with vinyl or CDs.
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