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  1. Further information: One Google Chromecast Ultra in as new condition (no box). Bought brand new from The Good Guys late 2019. Have since bought a smart TV so don't need the streaming capabilities of the Chromecast. Shipping to anywhere in AUS is included in price. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. Long time lurker first time poster 😊 I'm currently running a pair of KEF Q100s from a Sonos Amp connected to my TV. It's being used for 70% music through Spotify Connect and 30% TV/movies. I love the clarity and soundstage of the speakers, but I find them horribly fatiguing to listen to, at least in comparison to my dad's smaller Linn bookshelves. From reading online others have had similar experiences with both the KEFs and the Sonos Amp. I've EQed down the treble but I think there's something in the upper mids that are causing the fatiguing effect. My question is, wou
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