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  1. Hi Simon, I originally had a pair of KEF Concertos that I bought new in 1973. A lot of money at the time. I had them for 20 odd years until I got the Centaur Majors. In 200? I purchased the Martin Logan CLX's but have always wanted full range Apogees. My brother has a pair of Accoustats that he has owned forever. I have also heard the Dunlavy (Sovereign I think) top of the range at Len Wallis audio, Wilson's and other cone speakers as well as Quad 2905's. I know it is really too early to make judgements but I am sure that these trounce all the ones mentioned above. They are amazingly revealing. More extended or more energy in the treble than the CLX's and better and more extended bass. I have never heard a day in the life by the Beatles so opened up with all the instruments and mixing tricks laid bare. So far I am amazed. Thanks, Tony.
  2. Ken, You didn't hijack the thread. Graz has a pair at his workshop but didn't realise the MRTW hinged. I was just listening to Sgt Peppers, you know the old cliché about hearing things that you had never heard before. Well it's not a cliché. Going back for Abbey Road. All the best to everyone and thanks for the comments, they are most appreciated. Sorry gotta go. Tony.
  3. @colinm1 is quite correct the original Apogee speaker which became known as 'The Apogee' was configured to have the bass ribbons in the main frame with the mid and treble ribbons on a separate 'wing' which was hinged. I was not aware that 'The Apogee' was set up like that. Is that the one they built first called the full range? Tony.
  4. Thanks Martykt, yes I love Jarrah too, everything in the room furniture wise is made of it. The speakers certainly sound fantastic.
  5. Thanks for all the comments. I will try and answer them all as best I can at this early stage. Andyr, I am going to be spending some time with them over the coming months, especially with the lockdown (somebody has to take a hit for the team). They are very revealing so I am going to spend some time on cartridge alignment as well. ColinM1, 'Did they make a larger one ? I had to put together one, it was grey and all metal construction, I think it had 3 separate panels could be wrong it’s been a while, the tweeter panel could swing on a hinge.' I am not aware of any Apogee like that. Perhaps an early model Magnepan the Tympani for example. Antipodean Brad, yes mate, once I had paid for the speakers, I only had some loose change left so have to slum it a bit. Fred Nork and Ralph, you should have gone to the Sunny Coast for a listen, but if any of you are ever in Mackay, you are more than welcome to drop around, even bring your own LP's or CD's. Ooogh, yes they do run hot, we don't get a winter here but it sure taxes the air conditioning in summer. Luckiestmanalive, you're correct, 400 watts, class A. SETfan, my Centaur Majors are in need of some TLC but I don't have the funds currently, maybe the turn of the next century I may have saved enough. I won't be running the Diva's with SET's. You are correct about Graz, the saviour of these magnificent speakers and a true gentleman. When you live in a country like Australia, it's easy to think that the best stuff comes from overseas. Then you discover wonderful Aussies like Graz, Mark Dohmann and Mike Lenehan and you realise that the best is actually made right here in Oz. Needlerunner, yes, please don't waste any time waiting for these to come up for sale second hand, these are my final pair of speakers. When I die my two daughters may wish to cash them out, but I am hoping that is at least 20 years away.
  6. Hello Oooogh, Graz assures me that these speakers are a nominal 4 ohms. I think he said minimum 2.7 ohms. The amps are not OTL, they are Ayon Audio Orthos XS. 250 watts per side in pure class A. Ten KT 150's per channel. No problem driving the Apogees but I don't try and lift the roof. The speakers come in five parts, bass panel, mrtw panel, two piece feet and crossover box. Weight approximately 250 kgs each.
  7. Way back in 1991, I heard my first pair of Apogees at a Hi Fi store in Melbourne. In 1992, my brother was stationed in the US and he purchased a pair of Apogee Centaur Majors for me. He bought them back with him, following his posting in 1994. At the time they were $12,000 in Australia but $3,000 US so this was the only way I could afford them at the time. I still have the Centaurs as the rear channel in the surround sound theater system. In 2011, I decided I would upgrade the Centaurs. I flew to NSW and spent time at Bill McLean's listening to Magnepan 3.6's and then to Audio Connection where I listened to Martin Logan CLX's. I settled on the CLX's and was extremely happy with the sound, but one day I noticed that the speakers were starting to fall apart, with the crossover box beginning to separate from the rest of the speaker. Martin Logan replaced these speakers under warranty and have addressed this issue in the new ones. While this was happening, a pair of Apogee Diva's came up for sale in Australia, so I purchased them sight unseen. Unfortunately they were not in a good state and I was forced to look at my options. I sent them to Graz for an assessment and the report back was far from encouraging. I has some aged Jarrah hardwood that I wanted to be used for the fronts but Graz convinced me that it was a bad idea as it would compromise the sound. He said that he could come up with a Diva design, that incorporated the Jarrah wood and would surpass that speaker in all areas of performance. This was the start of a three year journey, visits to his home where the build was taking shape, many emails, swearing's of secrecy, friendships made, illnesses and accidents to us both at different times, listening sessions, input into crossover values etc. etc. and the wait. I have to say that during this whole process, Graz has been the consummate professional, at no stage has he skimped on any parts costs and his build quality would put many car manufacturers to shame. His attention to detail and attitude to tolerances would have to be second to none and I have nothing but praise for the work and effort that he has put into these speakers. I have attached images so that you can see the finished product which is currently the only pair in the world. Unfortunately with the current pandemic, I am locked at home with these amazing speakers.
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