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  1. I have MA Bronze's for my combined home theatre and music setup. Bronze 2's and centre up front (with baby cage for toddler protection) and 1's for surrounds. My first set proper setup and I love it to bits. Hope to upgrade to Silver's at some point in the future.
  2. Thanks for digging up that info. Perhaps it is worth a try after all. There is still a week left on the Ebay sale so plenty of time to decide. If I do get one I'll be sure to report back with the results.
  3. Unfortunately my router and wireless AP are nestled behind the entertainment unit, less than a metre from the receiver. If the adaptor is susceptible to interference then that probably won't help.
  4. I honestly doubt I'd notice 13ms delay, but any interference would drive me nuts. Thanks for posting. Sounds like a cable may be the only practical option after all.
  5. Yeah my gut feel is that they're probably a gimmick and more trouble than they're worth. If it was a bit cheaper I'd just buy it and chuck it if it wasn't up to scratch, but at $100+ it's a tad to expensive without being sure it'll work.
  6. I was curious to know if anyone has any experience with wireless subwoofer kits? In particular I'm looking at this one on Ebay with 20% off at the moment. I'm hoping to add a PB-1000 to my setup (assuming a 2nd hand one turns up) but rather than sell my existing subwoofer I'd like to try running two. There isn't space at the front of the room for the second sub so I thought I'd try behind the seating position. With two young children about I'd prefer not to run a cable if I can get away with it.
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