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  1. Further information: Surplus to needs and I don't want to store them. Should be enjoyed. I was running these as an office system but found the boxes a little to big for the space. These speakers are a great example of British speakers on a budget. The previous owner had the foam surrounds, dust caps and speaker cones all replaced. All is in excellent condition and has been done recently and look as new. Grills and cabinets are in great condition and looks to be restored along the way at some point in time. Based on the service sticker on the back for 'Speakerbits' all work looks to be done back in 2016. Works completed would cost around the same as the asking price, so hassle free listening. 46 H, 24 W, 25 D.
  2. PPL have been debating IKEA bamboo chopping blocks. Might be worth a start there too? Also IsoAcoustics have been on sale lately.
  3. Very nice, shouldn't last long. GLWTS.
  4. I've put my hand up for both. I figure I'm hoping to get to try both of them based on the feedback of this post.
  5. I'll put my hand up for the other if the seller splits in this feed? @JolB
  6. @rossb thanks to a legend for helping me out. Can't wait to get them a run. Item: IsoAcoustics GAIA III Isolating Feet 32kg Price Range: By Negotiation Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Anyone thinking of selling or going to upgrade there lll, let me know. I'm after 8 or two sets and possibly carpet spikes to suit. I know they pop up from time to time, but always go to fast for me to respond. Too many Ninjas on this site that snipe things too fast.
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