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  1. Me too. Tried to sell mine and just couldn't do it. I'd have too much regret I think. GLWTS.
  2. In great condition for age with refoamed drivers and original paper cones. Grills could be fixed and/or recovered. These speakers are something else to listen to which I describe as being as a spherical position. Excellent speakers to create a full and immersive experience form any listening position and are a very revealing speaker. The tweeters are really lightening fast as other owners have described and amazing bang for buck music and enjoyment. I would happily keep these but sadly I don't have the room and a mission to consolidate. I will regret selling but someone
  3. @luc strangly Mrs Mills is a keeper. I have them all to a guy who had an affiliation. ?
  4. @Luc figure most people would pass on anyway. Hoping someone else will find some joy.
  5. All spoken for pending pick up. Thanks everyone.
  6. @altecman PM me for details. I have last box with some Jazz and World.
  7. @altecman Let me see what's there. I think all 8 are gone atm. I'll come back to you today if that's ok?
  8. @Batty updated for about 8+ boxes. Let's share the love.
  9. All pending at this stage (except Candyflip's offer at bottom of thread). Item: 100* records x 8 boxes Price Range: $0.00 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Have about 8 boxes to give away to SNA members. Approx 100 of mixed bag with early Jazz , Pop and others in each box. Would like to share the love with a few members rather than one member grabbing all boxes. Not grading or creating lists. It's free and will have a few gems in there. Would be good if members wanted the records, a small donation to SNA would be appreciated. Pick up Point Cook VIC.
  10. Len, I'll grab one if still available pls.
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