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  1. Yardbird

    SOLD: FS: Knosti Disco Antistat Bath

    PM with intent to buy local
  2. Yardbird

    SOLD: FS: Grado SR225e mint condition

    PM with intent to buy
  3. Yardbird

    FS: CAT ? speaker cable 48 strand monster

    PM with intent to buy coming.
  4. Yardbird

    Cambridge Audio Azur 540P (Black) - Faulty

    Hey @onairpic could I grab this please? PM Sent.
  5. I'll grab them tomorrow if that's ok.
  6. Yardbird

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    Sure, guess it forces you to listen to new music without the risk of buying as it's under the one subscription fee. That's cool. Wife reckons she told me about it ages ago, cause she follows Jay-Z and he's the owner of Tidal?
  7. Yardbird

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    @SteveLuck Yeah, it looks pretty awesome as a feature with access to these types of files. Sure smashes Spotify and the other subscriptions. Have you gone the upgraded one with the videos cause the base subscription is very ordinary.