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  1. Yardbird

    Cambridge Audio Azur 540P (Black) - Faulty

    Hey @onairpic could I grab this please? PM Sent.
  2. I'll grab them tomorrow if that's ok.
  3. Yardbird

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    Sure, guess it forces you to listen to new music without the risk of buying as it's under the one subscription fee. That's cool. Wife reckons she told me about it ages ago, cause she follows Jay-Z and he's the owner of Tidal?
  4. Yardbird

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    @SteveLuck Yeah, it looks pretty awesome as a feature with access to these types of files. Sure smashes Spotify and the other subscriptions. Have you gone the upgraded one with the videos cause the base subscription is very ordinary.
  5. Yardbird

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    Thanks @Juzbear. I had a play around this morning and have found that my amp has a usb connection so I tried usb from a computer and pop, it worked. So I figure at some stage to go with a bluetooth setup regardless. But I am thinking of getting a touchscreen monitor that will be mounted so it becomes a digital dukebox. 🤣 I'll be able to put all my flac files on a server and catalogue to source the files for a playlist. I'll read up on Dragonfly cause it seems interesting and @Chigurh says +1. I haven't tried the other subscription for Tidal yet and on the base subscription the vids look ordinary at best as per @Andrews_melb. I know it's not the connection cause we are velocity. I'll scope out the upgraded subscription and I'd figure you'd need this to access the MQA ad the hi-fidelity sound files. On face value Tidal seems really good at this stage. I haven't done any type of critical listening atm so it'll be interesting to see. Thanks all for the advice thus far.
  6. Yardbird

    Hello Audio Freaks Old & New

    Cheers @djb
  7. Yardbird

    Hello Audio Freaks Old & New

    Haha, never thought of that. I'd imagine the wife would be pretty annoyed if the house burned down. I felt funny about running amps without listening. 50-100 hours ain't much listening even if it's not active of critical.
  8. Yardbird

    Hello Audio Freaks Old & New

    Yeah sure and thanks @Muon N'. I was thinking about the Mullards. I've done the bias on the Manley's recently so that was good to understand. As far as I can tell it'd still need to be a matched pair and as you mentioned, most opt for this anyway. I wasn't aware of 100 hours to burn in although I read that people leave their amps running for a few days. Couldn't find any forums on mods to Manley's. At least the model I've got. There was a little around the Stingray. So, most of this thinking is to understand what changes affect what sounds such as staging etc, so things around carts and stylus, but first has to be those bloody speakers. Do my head in and watching the classifieds here looks to be costly cause so many great things get offered. Only time before I start plunging. 📯🤣
  9. Yardbird

    Hello Audio Freaks Old & New

    Only the peeps with years of experience. Haha. The EL84 I can swap them out for different El84's for different sound profiles? Does that sound right? Been thinking about some mods that's why.
  10. Yardbird

    DAC for Streaming? Or something else?

    Cheers Andrews_melb. I was going to stream music videos as it's meant to be a service through Tidal. Re the bluetooth unit plugs, I recall at the shop they were using bluetooth. Do you know if the sound would change as the computer would be dedicated for music streaming only, so I figured that a plug or digital outlet into rca would be better for sound? Seems to go back to DAC? Hmm?
  11. Hello Stereonet, Just after some advice please. Apologies as I figured this might have been asked before. I wanted to set up a touch screen computer and stream TIDAL as High Fidelity sound and High Definition videos. I was wondering what should I be running this through? I have a Music Fidelity M6i integrated amp that I might be able to use if I can split the 3.5 to RCA? Or do I need to preamp, DAC, 3.5 jack, bluetooth or just a separate amp all together. I went to a shop last week and they were streaming through a Rega Brio R I think? Does this sound right? My intention is to run this through a computer direct to an amp? What would be the best approach to try to keep some integrity about the sound profiles and quality. I am not expecting greatness and have records and cd for more critical listening. Many thanks.
  12. Yardbird

    Hello Audio Freaks Old & New

    Ah, on the day I had a couple of mates who aren't into audio stuff more HT setups so didn't have the time to listen as much as I'd like to. Besides the environment is not really good for any type of critical listening. The ones I was most impressed by was Avantgarde Uno horns and Osborne Eos. The Osborn, I was impressed by the bass extension and was surprised by the detail and range and sounded forward to me. For a two-way monitor it sounded great to me. I think they are doing a demo at the Melbourne Audio Club in the next month or so. Great speakers. These be my goals ATM. But I'm sure I'll get around to listening to other before that purchase.
  13. Yardbird

    Hello Audio Freaks Old & New

    Cheers Barndoor and Irek. Working progresses re the collection. Cleaning and replacing inners and outers. Half the vinyl will go as it's Trad Jazz and that ain't my things. Just not sure how to go about moving it on as I don't want to get into grading as I figure it's subjective at best. The next purchase for the set up will be a set of speakers. Feel the Dali's are stopping the sound from coming alive. Feels restricted across mids and highs and bass is pretty overpowering for me. So, horns it'll be as it brings the highs forward and that suits me. Gonna aim for a nice set of floor-standing and heard a pair of Kliptch Reference 7 Mk II and thought that they sounded good. They were $3300 new so a good deal I figure but the mk III are now being made in China so the mk II are the last of the USA made. Also heard some impressive monitors at the hifi show that had great bass extension for the size and I was really surprised. So cheers anyways and look forward to gaining heaps of knowledge and insights from the membership within the forums.
  14. Hi Peeps, Just a shout out as I've joined a month ago and not said hello. Went to the Stereonet Australia Hifi show on Saturday and it was an awesome experience' so thanks for all those involved. In addition it show me that I have to keep upgrading HAHA, cause I ain't one of those peeps with an endless supply of money. On a brighter note (pun intended) picked up two of my favourite albums on lp - Miles David | Doo Bop and Donald Byrd | Black Bird. Had to also grab something for the wife as she has been feeling a little left out on the records section (now about 10 albums) so grabbed a Prince album. Long story short, just starting to sort my collection out which is mostly Jazz and has been in storage for 11-25+ years. Cleaning and sorting them is a tiresome, but get to listen to heaps and listening to stuff that I wouldn't have in the past. Finally got set up my system after being in storage for the last 6 years, but feeling a little poor after seeing some of the gear for sale here. However, no complaints from me. Goals: I'm gonna be looking to build some crossovers at some stage soon, but my noodle is bent cause it's way confusing for me atm. But, gonna look to try for some two or three way horns. Loving the horns. Also, gonna try my hand at making some speaker cables. Guess I'll be joining the Melbourne Hifi club in due course and going through plenty of forums gathering advice and tips. Upgrading speakers preamp, monoblocks and cart - all in time. First things to be replaced will be the speakers for some nice horns. Currently: Rega P7 | Rega Bias II cart | Dynaco Pas 3 modified phone stage preamp | Marley Mahi Monoblocks | Music Fidelity M6i Integrated Amp | Marantz Pearl Lite | Dali Concept 8 | Sennheiser HDR170 Well, just a shout out to the established members and to those newbies like me. Cheers, and in the words of Frank Zappa "Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny".