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  1. Does the 103 play DVD ISO files with menus? I have all of my old DVD collection ripped and am looking for something that will work as a player for them with menu support (DVD not BD). If the 103 works, I'm interested.
  2. I'm in Watson, I'd like to buy it, bounce me a PM with pickup details
  3. truckit.net can work out quite cheap for heavy loads.
  4. If there was a way to get it to Canberra I'd offer more.
  5. Crazy looking Krix Tannoy hybrids https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tannoy-K-serries-K-3148-Super-Red-monitor-Gold-drivers-dual-concentric-speakers/283328440506
  6. Oh man I'd love one of these. Anyone driving from Melbourne to Canberra anytime soon?
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