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  1. Pedro Anders

    FS: Krix Speakers

    I would like the epicentrix.
  2. Pedro Anders

    FS: SVS PC12-NSD Subwoofer

    If there was a way to get it to Canberra I'd offer more.
  3. Crazy looking Krix Tannoy hybrids https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Tannoy-K-serries-K-3148-Super-Red-monitor-Gold-drivers-dual-concentric-speakers/283328440506
  4. Pedro Anders


  5. Oh man I'd love one of these. Anyone driving from Melbourne to Canberra anytime soon?
  6. Pedro Anders


    Does it decode Dolby Atmos?
  7. Can this do Atmos in 7.2.4 with an extra amp for the extra channels?
  8. Pedro Anders

    SOLD: 15" Martycube subwoofer

    Is this still available?
  9. Pedro Anders

    FS: Panasonic TH-50PZ850 Plasma

    Whereabouts in Canberra are you? I could pickup next week.
  10. Pedro Anders

    FS: Yamaha RX-V3085 (Brand New)

    If you will take $2000, I'll grab it.
  11. Pedro Anders

    List of 4K titles

    Thanks so much for this!
  12. Pedro Anders

    Oppo Plays 4k UHD ISO's!

    The latest non-official firmware also supports BD ISO files, with full menu support.
  13. I have some spares for these as well as really long VGA cables etc. that go with them that anyone can have to go with these free if they want. They throw a really great picture with deep blacks and do a good job on HD content, and there is also some windows software that lets you set these up via software rather than using the remote.