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  1. Further information: For sale is a pair of Monitor Audio Silver 6 tower speakers in Rosenut wood veneer finish. These speakers have served me well and were my first true high quality speaker. The first time I ever heard a pair I understood what high quality sound could be, and I vowed that I had to have a pair one day. The silvers are a detailed and bright speaker and throw a huge sound stage when set up properly in your room. They can also throw their weight around with bass but it is controlled and tight. Cabinets are front and rear ported and they come with foa
  2. Little one was likely jealous they couldn't jam out as well! Ours seems to prefer 76-78 Brown eyed women, or a 77 Help-Slipknot-Franklin's. But honestly ours didn't start sleeping soundly till I set up a sleep playlist of Sufjan Stevens and the Acorn. Goes all night long, and he is out cold. Nice little portable rig, will make someone happy.
  3. Good thing I just received my Ares II, or I would have been tempted by this. Been pretty impressed so far. Congrats to the new owner. Pontus must be a nice step up.
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