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  1. I'll grab Simon and Garfunkel please. Prefer pick up from Carlton during the week.
  2. Thanks guys. I auditioned tge Sugden at Stereophonic - Awesome shop, highly recommend - and plan to purchase the amp from them, but they do not carry Spendors. I'm in touch with Andrew and we're trying to set up a demo here in Melbourne. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Hi All, Any idea where can I audition the D7 in Melbourne? Ideally someone who also carries the Sugden A21 as I am leaning that way. Cheers, Erez
  4. I just bought a brand new one for $290, so if in good condition, up to $140 would be fair I guess.
  5. I'll join the waiting line if the above doesn't work out
  6. Thanks All! I ended up going for a Cambridge Audio dacmagic 100 that was selling for $289. Couldn't justify spending the cash on anything more expensive (like the CXN) for the current set up. Need some more listening, but so far I am quite happy with the sound. I have definitely noticed, like Bruce said - Not all FLAC / MP3's are the same, I think the next step should be improving my digital music for anything that is not sounding right.
  7. Thanks Guys, I've ended up buying the MF B1 second hand. The set up is: Phone > Chromecast Audio > Cambridge Audio DAC Magic100 > MF B1 > BW 685s2 Quite happy with the sound so far
  8. Hi All, I noticed that these speakers are rated at 6Ω. I plan to hook them up to a vintage AM/FM receiver but most of what I see is rated at 8Ω.. For example, was looking into this one: https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/yamaha/cr-420.shtml And in the pictures it actually has a warning not to connect to anything less than 8ohm (Attached) I read a bit about impedance and I understand that this might cause the receiver to work harder. What are the chances of actual real damage to receiver or speakers with such a set up? Cheers Erez
  9. Thanks for the replies, and apologies for being dramatic - I just saw Robert Redford's movie with the same title the day before. Thanks for the recommendations, I will take the MF B1 to the shop to test the improvement with the Cambridge Audio CXN (And other options). The CA CXN reviews are outstanding, it's just really pricey! Will the most expensive component in the set by far...
  10. Thanks! It was indeed off. Once turned on I can see a significant improvement but it is still no where near the quality of analogue signal. I guess the neutral next step would be to try a DAC / Streamer.
  11. Getting mixed results from my (very) new setup of Music Fidelity B1 driving B&W 685S2. The Rega RP1 playing 'Money for nothing' gave me goosebumps. Playing some Miles Davis and I felt like he is on stage right there. Things deteriorated quickly when I tried playing music through my Phone > Chromecast > B1 (Chromecast doing the DAC) and everything is muffled and lacks life whatsoever. Didn't matter if the file was a MP3 or a Lossless. What do I do from here? Will the MF V90 DAC help? Do I need to chuck my entire digital music collection? Will dedicating the B1 to the turntable and setting up another system with a digital amp help the Chromecast/digital playing experience?
  12. How about Musical Fidelity B1? I came across this amp going for $300 I read online that the amp is nice, but some people wrote that pairing it with B&W is horrible and harsh. Is anyone running a MF + BW setup?
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