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  1. Always amazing what you can shoehorn into a car.... Donation made. Cheers.
  2. No, cm. The depth of the gap can often be significantly different in a 902-8A and 902-8B. That is how they are physically different drivers. One has a centring ring (B), the other doesn't (A). Hence one has more volume beneath the top plate (under the dia).
  3. My point is that the 902-8B does NOT become identical to and therefore automatically a 902-8A when you remove the loading cap. They are different drivers. There was sufficient variance in manufacture of the 902 series that even a pair of drivers with the same label can be mechanically different. If yours have 7/8' throats then you have an A and a early to mid manufacture B. Late Bs have a 1" throat. Yes the B came with a loading cap. The ones I have handled did not have them installed. Measure the depth of the gap in both. They may very well differ by 1-2cm. Anyone can google Altec 902-8A vs 902-8B and get the information I posted. You also have no pictures posted, if you're quoting SNA guidelines.
  4. The 902 A and 902 B are different drivers, not in the way you mention. They (can) have different sized throats, depending on year of manufacture. The 90x-xA often has a 7/8" throat, as do many 90x-xBs. Late Bs and the 909 series went back to 1". They also have different construction under the top plate, the A series has no centring ring and more room. This is visible with a torch shone into the gap. A 902-8B is the direct successor to the 902-8A. They both would have originally had a 34647 diaphragm, 8 ohm aluminium. A loading cap may have been fitted to a 908 or 909 series, or fitted to a 902 series to increase power handling. Info from both Great Plains and the Altec Users board, plus actual measurements on my 902-8A and 909-8As. As an aside, the tangerine was first introduced in the 802-8G/808-8B, in about 1976. These were replaced by the 902-xA series in the early 1980s.
  5. That coax is definitely the GPA 604-8h III horn and basket.
  6. Im glad it popped back up the list of topics, an interesting read that confirmed what I suspected.
  7. Crestron (like Extron which i use a lot of) generally can only be purchased via a pro based AV install company, think those that outfit universities and convention centres. Second hand there's quite a bit on flea-pay. For reference the Extron unit that would suit you is an SSP7.1.
  8. Yup a very informative and non tech speak post.
  9. Only when you need to move house to keep it all.....
  10. Greetings all. From browsing around seems like lots of good info and nice folk on here. I lean more towards the pro audio and cinema side of things, but do like it to sound good. I also have too much gear and it might be time to let some of be be better appreciated by others!
  11. From bitter experience in a similar situation (wall though) larger diameter conduit and a solid drawstring are definites.
  12. Agree. Not everyone has a few grand sitting around to throw at an item in a few hours. It takes a bit of thought and planning to stump up for a bigger ticket item. Unless you are Mr PowerBall.
  13. Quality matters more than perfectly matched. You could have three perfectly matched pieces of rubbish cable and it all would sound err bad. Your choice of gauge is good, much better than a lot that is out there.
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