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  1. Looking forward to hearing more.
  2. Bit of an update: Ended up rage quitting and buying a looong ethernet cable. To be fair, it now works beautifully..
  3. Thank you both. Just knowing others have had similar challenges helps the emotion subside haha. Yeah fair point about the s/h airport express. Probably the cheapest way to go. Will give it a try and report back.
  4. Dear all, I am hoping someone has ran into this issue before: when trying to use a wifi adaptor that is on the SOTM driver list, the adaptor itself does not receive power/is not recognised by eunhasu. Background: 1. Bought the sms 200 off these classifieds (much appreciated) 2. at first it did not want to play ball - wouldn't connect to the router via Ethernet. Turns out a flash was needed. 3. It then connected post flash via LAN to the router direct, however wouldn't play ball with a pi running as an Ethernet access point. 4. Ended up splashing for the Archer T4U wifi adaptor to try and get it sorted...but now that won't even power up* *if i plug the adaptor into my windows laptops, its power light flashes immediately and off it goes. However on the SOTM, it does NOT seem to receive any power. Even weirder, if i plug in a simple usb-sd card reader into that same usb port, it immediately receives power from the sms 200. Any ideas/tips/tricks to getting the sms 200 to powering/recognising the usb wifi adaptor would be much appreciated. Too many hours wasted on this thing already! Many thanks, Chris
  5. When I shipped mine from Mike's in Brisbane to me in Perth it was circa $350 insured. Surely melb to Syd would be way south of $200. Also, love mine. These are a steal at this price!
  6. It sold a few hours ago according to my bank account :)
  7. Hey mate. Sent a pm a few days ago. Let me know if it didn't come through?
  8. Hey Johnno, I'll grab it if still available please. Will pm soon.
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome . @Aperalim, I was running a NAD3020 and just picked up the PL Dialogue Integrated in the classifieds. Have yet to get it (and me) home, but by mid next week I should have everything in one place. I think next on the list is an acceptable phono stage to match with the PL (: Cheers, Chris
  10. PM’d with offer *edited after candyflip’s post below
  11. Hello, New to Hifi. Picked up a beautiful pair of MLT3’s from Mike a few months ago. Now looking to upgrade amplification to suit. Have really enjoyed diving deep into this forum for info over the past few months. Thanks to all who have shared. Cheers, Chris from Perth.
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