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  1. Hey mate. Sent a pm a few days ago. Let me know if it didn't come through?
  2. Hey Johnno, I'll grab it if still available please. Will pm soon.
  3. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome . @Aperalim, I was running a NAD3020 and just picked up the PL Dialogue Integrated in the classifieds. Have yet to get it (and me) home, but by mid next week I should have everything in one place. I think next on the list is an acceptable phono stage to match with the PL (: Cheers, Chris
  4. PM’d with offer *edited after candyflip’s post below
  5. Hello, New to Hifi. Picked up a beautiful pair of MLT3’s from Mike a few months ago. Now looking to upgrade amplification to suit. Have really enjoyed diving deep into this forum for info over the past few months. Thanks to all who have shared. Cheers, Chris from Perth.
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