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  1. Item: BREITLING SUPEROCEAN A17360 WATCH Location: Newcastle Price: $1,450 shipped Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: no longer required. I fell in love with vintage. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (Friends and Family), Direct Deposit, COD Only Before I discuss the item's condition, I want to thank @Kensell21 for selling me this beautiful watch. The original thread can be accessed here. How wrong I was to ignore @craka 's warnings. Like high-res audio, there is no endgame timepiece. Only rabbit holes and bottomless pits. An itch that put my audio journey on the sidelines - cat's out of the bag @Tarzan. Today, I am a vintage watch collector. Anyways, let's get to discussing this Breitling piece. In modern times, Breitling has been associated with big watches. A trend I am glad to see going the opposite direction with the arrival of George Kerns. But did you know Breitling made a modern diver that was moderately-sized? Enter the superocean series, specifically my Breitling A17360. Hoo hah! This model was released in 2003 up until 2007, where Breitling would change the second hand from a square dot to an arrow pointer. Let me tell you this. It is one of the most underrated diver watches you can find for value. Let's quickly go through the standard features: steel construction, 42 hr power reserve, sapphire crystal, screw-lock down crown, 20mm lug width, 42mm case diameter, 15mm case thickness and 99.7g of pure diving awesomeness. And yes Batman, the dial does come in black. Now onto the goodies. First, it has 1500m of water resistance. Even my GoldenEye Bond Quartz isn't rated to go that deep. Second, it uses the Breitling 17 movement aka a modified ETA2824-2. Some may argue that in-house is better but hey ETA is a workhorse movement and you don't have to spend extra $$$ for servicing. Huh, everything just becomes more expensive with the tag (pardon the pun) in-house. I'm with Biver on why the heck you "should charge $1000 more because it's your own movement". Third, it has a GMT function on the dial. This is a feature not often discussed on the compuglobalhypermeganet and a detail often missed by owners. Note the GMT feature costs extra with higher-end models like the Seamaster 300. The watch has seen occasional use since my purchase. Condition is similar to @Kensell21's previous photos. Hoping to pass on similar cost savings to a fellow forum goer. I have included shipping in the price. The watch comes with the original cardboard container, the original plastic watch box, manual, warranty booklet, certificate that it meets swiss chronometer standards, and the original rubber strap. I have it on a Bond Phenomenato, which will not be included in the sale.
  2. I might just end up selling mine on eBay at this rate lmao
  3. If anyone buys, look to swap the 6xx mesh with the 58x's. Both owners will come out with better looking headphones. Anyways, GLWS!
  4. always thought they were the best looking from sennheiser's 6XX series GLWS!
  5. What a beautiful timepiece. GLWS! Edit: if the Heart of the Ocean was ever given to a man, I'd imagine it'll look like that time piece.
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