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  1. MakeshiftAtlas

    tag heuer calibre 11 monaco

    I might just end up selling mine on eBay at this rate lmao
  2. MakeshiftAtlas

    FS: Deleted

  3. MakeshiftAtlas

    SOLD: FS: Massdrop x Sennheiser HD6XX

    If anyone buys, look to swap the 6xx mesh with the 58x's. Both owners will come out with better looking headphones. Anyways, GLWS!
  4. MakeshiftAtlas

    SOLD: FS: Sennheiser HD600

    always thought they were the best looking from sennheiser's 6XX series GLWS!
  5. seen his headphones in-person. they're practically new
  6. MakeshiftAtlas

    FS: Rolex 116660 deepsea James Cameron

    What a beautiful timepiece. GLWS! Edit: if the Heart of the Ocean was ever given to a man, I'd imagine it'll look like that time piece.
  7. MakeshiftAtlas

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800

  8. MakeshiftAtlas

    FS: Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS Alarm

    Edit: Location now changed to Sydney/Newcastle
  9. MakeshiftAtlas

    EXPIRED: FS: hifiman he-350

    All good. Thought I'd let Stereo get first dibs. I've listed ads on Gumtree for the final day tomorrow. If they don't sell, will return in a few months and relist on more forums. Can't ask family to post items interstate. They are going through a hard time and I want less on their mind.
  10. MakeshiftAtlas

    EXPIRED: FS: stax srs-3100

    Tomorrow will be the last day before I pull my ads. With the exception of my Victorinox watch, these items will only be available for those in Brisbane. Pick-up only. I shall repost the ads later this year.
  11. MakeshiftAtlas

    EXPIRED: FS: stax srs-3100

    Hi, Nada is correct. Stax sells a bundled SR-L300 (headphone) and a SRM-252S (driver unit), which they call the SRS-3100 (headphone + driver unit).