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  1. Purely FYI this is how the standard connectors look on your 685S2
  2. Mate its an honest thing to do if you weren't to know and we learn every day including me:-) Really glad if this is all it was as it all makes sense now. You were super polite in saying your confused but without the jumpers they would sound poo either only bass or treble. Without jumpers the top connectors is your treble and the bottom is usually your midrange/bass and if you only hook these up you only get either one and not both. those jumpers look really good and is a nice bonus to have. The idea of those connections on the speakers is if you have a big enough amp or one that allows you to biwire it you can have more discrete power going to each one of those connectors. For now and hopefully a while keep it simple with those connectors going strait into you Arcam and they should sound 100% better Gooduck and Really hope you enjoy them Oky
  3. Wow, These jumpers look really good and pretty pricey!! If you got these with purchase you did well
  4. Hi Rodrico, Sorry to hear that on first impressions you are a tad confused with the sound they produce. They will be different to what you have been use to. And certainly play with speaker separation if possible and angles as this changes the staging overall. If when you are not using the jumpers are you using the standard connecting plates that join both the speaker connectors together? if not the jumpers are 100% needed as without them you will only get part of the speakers working. without jumpers or connectors that link the speakers together. Pictures shown by Russ and yours is correct and will mean both treble & mid range are linked correctly and will give the best sound possible. Perhaps for another day but your speakers are designed to be bi wired provided your amp allows it. If you get the chance google this part. Also not insulting your intelligence as I myself have made this mistake but please make sure that the positive and negative cables are correctly hooked up on both ends as if these are mixed up it will mean the speakers will be out of phase and will sound pretty average too. This means positive to positive and so forth and if both look the same e.g white in colour one usually has writing or is marked as your indicator but so long as it's the same on both ends you will be fine. Regarding punchiness of bass, I cant recall but some brands gave you port socks (foam inserts) to put in speaker ports to soften the punshiness of sound. But if you have bass and treble on your amp this is the simplest way to tweak it to suit. Just remember they will be different to what you have been use to but should be for the better 🙂 Oky
  5. RayRega, Besides the ones already mentioned being the Bose & Sony also look at the B&W PX wireless they are a little more so budget may not allow it but Believe they are up there for Audio and NC and have had some awesome reviews
  6. Rodrigo, No problem. I believe you will be more than happy!! They are much newer and fresher compared to the Spendors you were thinking about. You will have them for many years to come. Your speakers will be happy as will your amp. They will match well together and more importantly hopefully your ears will love them too!! Please don't hate me if you don't like the sound 🙂 Ironically I don't own any but wished I did. I have plenty of friends that have them and love them. look forward to hearing your thoughts on the sound but believe you have a great combo now. And most importantly hopefully it didn't break the bank. Oky
  7. If you get a chance read the reviews both the new 606 and the older 685. B&W reviews always came back pretty good for the price. As I said sound is very personal. If the seller is in Sydney that's great for you but definitely audition them if you can as the sound may not be for you. I think there was a recent review on SNA on the new models. but the oldies were great as well. I am sure you will find the right ones for you just be patient through the process 🙂
  8. The Spendors are oldies but goodies. I think the Arcam will have plenty in reserve to drive them. The other option perhaps consider other good quality newer bookshelves. Personally for sound and value the New B&W 606 are great but cost around $1149 pr but with some haggling you should be able to get them at a better price. But know this perhaps is not an option at this stage for you. With the newer 600 series being available this also means the older series are being offered at great prices in the S/H market. The older siblings being B&W 685 S2 were great speakers for the price and still sounded awesome.They used the yellow Kevlar driver and they looked great too. I know there was someone the other day selling some on SNA for around $600 I know sound is very personal but I have always liked the sound from the B&W All the best!!
  9. Don't know a lot about the Cyrus but it looks pretty good and is the no frills version of the bunch. So I would assume in general audio performance this would be the best one of the three. In my opinion the RN602 will offer reasonable audio quality but with the modern touches so if you are after an Amp with spotify and streaming this would be my pick. Musicast is easy to use too. No DAB on Yamaha but you would get internet radio via the app. The Onkyo has DAB and HDMI inputs but these are all things you are paying for as an extra. The more they cram in a amp or receiver the more the compromise in audio would be. Overall your speakers will be fine and any of the 3 amps will drive them no problem. Just work out what features are important to you so you are then only paying for what you need and not having to compromise to much on sound quality. You will find a happy medium. Hope this helps and all the best with it!!
  10. Hi SkipEsquire, That's fantastic and great news!! That's the thing if you deal with a reputable retailer even if they sell on E-bay they will usually do the right thing. That's a great outcome. Albeit just means you have to wait for the replacement. Most brands have a 30 day DOA (dead on arrival) or wty replacement for situations like this. Having said that, normally the amps protection circuit is there for a reason and usually resets itself. As for the Phono input its possible that was faulty from factory. I have also seen it before where someones amp blows up for whatever reason and then the person buys a new amp and then when they hook up the existing speakers to the new amp it trips out. This usually means the speakers themselves may have an issue too. Not saying yours do but perhaps see if you can suss it out especially before attempting to re connect it to the replacement amp especially if you want to use the same speakers.In my opinion I think you are best to get rid of those speakers and buy some other ones given the issues you had. Based on the info you provided it will be better (budget permitting) to buy traditional 4 ohm or 8 ohm speakers. When trying to integrate speakers that belong to a midi system that run bi-wiring you naturally encounter some unknowns like you did yesterday as the speakers are usually matched to the the original system they came with. Amps run happiest with speakers rated between 4 & 8 ohms anything under it they don't like it. but higher is usually okay!! Just really glad the retailer did the right thing and you are back on track:-) All the best with the replacement
  11. Hi Skipesquire , OH NO!!! so sorry to hear that. As for Phono input not working could be the amp also but like you said need another T/T to try it out. If you can google the unit model number and see if there is a hard reset for it.
  12. Okay if that wiring diagram is correct and each output is 6 ohms Then Parallel should be fine. Good luck with it all!!
  13. Hi Mate, This is a tough one as it all depends on the way the Panasonic speakers are wired up internally. And as you mentioned the speakers were bi wired to the original amp and the NAD doesn't have speakers A or B which would have been perfect. The NAD can run min 4 ohms so if you were to parallel the wiring it would be roughly 3 ohms which is to low. You should be able to run both the cables together into the same output in series which should mean they will higher then the stated 8ohms but should be fine as it will mean it will work with a little less volume. Just dont crank it to much and please proceed with caution when trying this. The Nad you have should be pretty gutsy and will have plenty of power for the speakers you have even at the higher impedance. If it helps here is something I found that may help you. https://geoffthegreygeek.com/ufaqs/wire-two-6-ohms-speakers-hi-fi-amp/ Goodluck!!
  14. Thankyou candyflip great bunch thus far:-)
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