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  1. Hi Krumlov, Lots of options and lots to think about. If the budget allows and if it was me I would go for the latest model being the 2085. In the new 2018-19 Yamaha receivers every HDMI input allows you to change the HDCP mode. HDCP2.2 being the latest or the older HDCP 1.4 standard. With my old receiver I had to run fetch directly into the tv and then run a seperate fibre for audio going into the receiver as it didn't support it . With the yammy I now have it all now runs through my receiver and I just changed the input its plugged into so it works on HDCP1.4. As my plasma tv doesn't support 2.2. It all now works a treat. The other thing being is that the newer you go the longer you are more likely to hang onto it before needing to change it again. Video standards on AV receivers change a lot quicker nowadays and at least buying the latest model it future proofs you a little before some other thing comes along like 8K 😞 Hope this helps!!
  2. Michael, I agree with Max, whilst for some it may seem excessive if you were to sell it how much would you get for it in today's market? the The other issue is all new AV receivers for now are 4K and HDCP2.2 complaint so unfortunately this lessons the value if you were to sell it.The RXA-3080 is the comparable like for like at $2999. Absolutely no harm in playing with it as you already have it. As a guide you can buy a Yamaha entry level streamer/amp WXA50 designed for use in a second Zone for around $650. They are great value for what they do. But in my opinion your existing amp will have more power and should sound better in every way than the WXA-50. Using your existing amp with a seperate streamer whether it be the node or a cheaper variant should sound better than the WXA-50. A standalone streamer will always integrate with any amplifier and can always be used somewhere. As a guide a fellow SNA member sold his Yamaha RXA-840 which is only 4 years old and had a RRP $1799 and he was asking for around $400. Again just my thoughts but I would also hang on to it.
  3. Hopefullguy is right. Its important to stick to your budget And sorry mate as didnt read the advert correctly for the Rel regarding pickup which makes it a logistical problem. The Yammy is still a good sub for the price.And if you run both yours and this one it should make a huge difference as the New RXV-2085 should be able to calibrate both subs individually. Personally I have never run presence speakers before so not sure about this one but it obviously makes a difference. Perhaps first try the new amp and add the second sub like the Yammy and keep everything else the same for now and see what thats like first. Then do the next upgrade being the extra surround speakers if you feel it needs more. Anyways just my thoughts but as always no right and wrong just lots of options:-) Goodluck!!
  4. Mate the yammy is a good sub for the price. but if the budget allows the HT1205 is a much newer unit and is a sealed enclosure and is still a current model as has only been out for about 12 months. its also a 12" so naturally more get up and go. Either way both will be a big step up from the one you have and TBO if you are able to run the room with both that's what I would do. meaning the 100 you have and another.
  5. Mate no worries and only my opinion 🙂 Also not sure what the budget was on the Sub but there is a gent selling a REL HT1205 on here which I think may be worth looking at also. The HT range is Rel's version of there Theatre specific range and are great value for the price. I couldn't find the classified for the YST-SW800. Goodluck with it all. BTW I love yamaha receivers was lucky enough to upgrade to one after many years of having Integra. The new model is a massive improvement over the Integra. I also have the Yammy SW700 in our second room and whilst its not a refined and polished as newer models it still performs great and need to keep the bass down so it doesn't upset the neighbours. I love my bass and for me a descent Sub will potentially make or break the system.
  6. Hi Mate, the Klipsch look good. Not knowing what the original amp you had was I think you will find the RXV-2085 should improve the sound on its own. I do agree with some that have already said quality over quantity. just because the amp has 9 ch doesn't mean you have to use them all:-) Even if you keep everything the same and upgrade your sub that will make a huge difference. the YSTSW800 will be a noticeable step up from the 100 you have. Also the Yamaha has Musicast app which is really cool so perhaps consider running speakers outside or in another room and use the extra channels as your second zone and you app becomes the remote which is handy and cool to have.
  7. Hi Mate, Glad the replacement worked out great and that the retailer did the right thing for you. As you said the phono stage on the original was faulty so it would have needed to be replaced regardless. When the budget allows, buying better quailty speakers will improve things again for you but as you said that's the next stage. I have had the same speakers for 23 years and only finally replaced them the other day. Just glad it all worked out great for you in the end. And yes bonus that you were able to return the multimeter!! Happy listening!!
  8. Hi Mate, Thanks for the update as was wondering how you were going. As you know sound is very personnel. So glad and relieved:-)you worked out what was going on with the speakers as the Arcam is a great amp and value for money the 685 normally are a great sounding speaker for the price. Most bookshelves usually give you sufficient performance but depending on the individual can lack a bit of bass. If you managed to add a sub to the system that's great and a perfect way to improve that. Again my opinion only but depending on the quality of the sub I think the way you had it should work well as allowing the 685 to give full range including a little bit of bass should give you the full sound they are designed for and certainly wont hurt them and then you can tweak the sub to your taste depending on the music and bass levels you like. REL who are one of the sub experts,especially for 2 channel usually suggest the main speakers run at full range and the sub to then be added directly to amp outputs to give you a bit more control over the bass levels you like. But certainly play and experiment with it a bit more and over time I think you will get that perfect sweet spot for you.Really glad you are having some fun with it now and and think you should be happy for years to come with what you have. I know the B&W sound isn't for everyone but I think once you get use to that you will struggle to go back 🙂
  9. Sven from All brand Electronics is really good too. www.albrand.com.au He is a one man band and works from home and charges fairly for work carried out What needs to be repaired?
  10. Purely FYI this is how the standard connectors look on your 685S2
  11. Mate its an honest thing to do if you weren't to know and we learn every day including me:-) Really glad if this is all it was as it all makes sense now. You were super polite in saying your confused but without the jumpers they would sound poo either only bass or treble. Without jumpers the top connectors is your treble and the bottom is usually your midrange/bass and if you only hook these up you only get either one and not both. those jumpers look really good and is a nice bonus to have. The idea of those connections on the speakers is if you have a big enough amp or one that allows you to biwire it you can have more discrete power going to each one of those connectors. For now and hopefully a while keep it simple with those connectors going strait into you Arcam and they should sound 100% better Gooduck and Really hope you enjoy them Oky
  12. Wow, These jumpers look really good and pretty pricey!! If you got these with purchase you did well
  13. Hi Rodrico, Sorry to hear that on first impressions you are a tad confused with the sound they produce. They will be different to what you have been use to. And certainly play with speaker separation if possible and angles as this changes the staging overall. If when you are not using the jumpers are you using the standard connecting plates that join both the speaker connectors together? if not the jumpers are 100% needed as without them you will only get part of the speakers working. without jumpers or connectors that link the speakers together. Pictures shown by Russ and yours is correct and will mean both treble & mid range are linked correctly and will give the best sound possible. Perhaps for another day but your speakers are designed to be bi wired provided your amp allows it. If you get the chance google this part. Also not insulting your intelligence as I myself have made this mistake but please make sure that the positive and negative cables are correctly hooked up on both ends as if these are mixed up it will mean the speakers will be out of phase and will sound pretty average too. This means positive to positive and so forth and if both look the same e.g white in colour one usually has writing or is marked as your indicator but so long as it's the same on both ends you will be fine. Regarding punchiness of bass, I cant recall but some brands gave you port socks (foam inserts) to put in speaker ports to soften the punshiness of sound. But if you have bass and treble on your amp this is the simplest way to tweak it to suit. Just remember they will be different to what you have been use to but should be for the better 🙂 Oky
  14. RayRega, Besides the ones already mentioned being the Bose & Sony also look at the B&W PX wireless they are a little more so budget may not allow it but Believe they are up there for Audio and NC and have had some awesome reviews
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