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  1. I love the show can't wait for the next - wish there was a magic wand to make it on this weekend!! 🤩
  2. Very quite on this one, not sure what that means??
  3. Hi all, Merry Christmas!🎄 I'm very interested in these as my main stereo speakers. I have had several Polks including the A9's and the Lsim703 book shelf speaks and they are especially good with imaging and clarity. I also have an older pair of Focal's and I find the Lsim703 fidelty is just as good. The A9's are not as Anyway the new Legend series is out and I have only heard them in a store where the setup was not ideal. They sounded OK but the bass was a bit off. I found with the RtiaA9's I had oit took at least 20hrs of run in before they went from awful to swee
  4. Hi what kind of amplification would you recommend for these please? I hear they may be a bit power hungry? But they look great. Ray.
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