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  1. Thanks for your reply, very informative. Too bad I'm new to diagnose electric faults, how do I check for 240Vac at the fuse? If it's not too difficult, I can borrow or invest a multimeter. BTW, it's probably not faulty lamp, I remember it'd make a click noise when powered on, I don't hear that anymore, so it shouldn't be just the lamp(led).
  2. that seller seems no longer carry thor powerboard, I can only find this person selling at $72, anyone bought from this guy before? genuine item?
  3. Thanks for the advice, no I won't touch the power supply myself, not a tech either. Guess it left to two option now, it's going to dump or selling as it is.
  4. I can only find one fuse near power input inside, got the fuse tested by jarcar staff, fuse is fine. Anything else I can test myself?
  5. My 4~5 years old NAD C 316BEE suddenly stopped working today, was working fine last night, it wouldn't power on this morning, not even led light. I know it's entry level amp, but I expect this to last longer, guess I should stay away from NAD?! I have no skill to repair myself, just wondering is it worth to get it serviced(Brisbane region)? how much would this cost? Any suggestion is welcomed :)
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