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  1. Cheers bud, didn't properly read and see it was while you were in Melbourne :S Will try and get there for a listen over the next couple of weeks. They've interested me since the KS as a novelty sort of thing - would love to try them out.
  2. Not trying to discredit anything - have never heard the Nuraphones - would be keen to give them a go. I'd love to find out how "universal" they are for fit etc I have a huge time finding IEM's/buds that fit/suit me - would that be an issue here? Anywhere in the Melbourne area to try them out? (I honestly thought they'd gone broke and folded)
  3. Hey all, I've been a long time lurker, recent member and very new poster, but just have one query and aren't sure where to post it. I do spend a lot of time browsing the classifieds and was wondering if it'd be worth a new section "Portable Audio, Headphones and Desktop Audio", similar to how it has its own discussion forum. We have one for "Home Theatre/Visual" - and I think that helps people find what they're looking for. Another one for the sort of items listed above would also help in the same way. Not quite sure of the right way to word it, but I think there's enough of a distinction between the "small form factor" and the "full room size audio" to be worth differentiating.
  4. Enjoy - no spoilers then
  5. That was me a couple of years ago - went in for a cast iron sauce pot, walked out with a Big Joe
  6. 20% off at BBQ's Galore at the moment I think Perfect time for those looking to grab one of the Joe's (or other Q)
  7. Big Joe everytime. Definitely wait for a 20% off sale though
  8. Have been giving them a go for about a week. Have only really spent a few hours using them so far though. Really only got them for gaming/media on the PC (have other cans for other uses) and the headtracking/virtualisation gives me the best VSS experience I've found so far. All other solutions have failed for me with regard to frontal cues (side and rears are fine - front becomes a muddy mess inside my head). Sennheiser GSX1000 has been the best before now - gets to about 30 degrees forward to either side before the sound messes up. Will try them with music etc at another date when I get the time, but am really happy so far for what I bought them for.
  9. In the middle of redoing the system a while ago. Really need to offload a few sets :S
  10. Had him round to do my ph and TV last week. Can recommend him
  11. Cheers - have passed it on to my dad - will remind him again in a month
  12. Cheers guys, am interested too. My father laments the day his tivo stopped being supported (doesn't want to look at other solutions) Will make him a happy camper if there's a way to get it back to a usable state
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