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  1. Going in to 78s when it was next to His Majesty’s was pretty formative for me. So much obscure vinyl, in a dusty dark room with creaky floorboards. Later locations were too bright and sunny. For vinyl now in Perth, you can’t go past Safari’s in Northbridge. Prices are always beyond fair.
  2. I haven’t previously heard of valve buffers. I will look in to it though.
  3. RickSL

    Who would have thought it......fake LPs

    Maybe these pirate Northern Soul LPs will have a bit of value in the future. People will still pay a bit for some of the pirated 45s if the tracks are rare enough,
  4. That’s pretty poor service. When I had a warped record arrive, they replaced it, no questions asked, and said to bin the warped copy.
  5. What happened? I’ve always had outstanding service from them.
  6. I find that just about any original press LPs on Verve sound fantastic. I have a Wes Montgomery album that blows me away every time.
  7. Yeah, I tried. Bought it anyway, as it was cheap. Trying to install it now and it’s a real hassle.
  8. Bummer. Guess the MT1 wasn’t a popular unit.
  9. Hi All. I currently have a NAD C375BEE and am considering purchasing the MT1 MDC unit for streaming audio. Has anyone had any experience with this combination and how does it sound?