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  1. Yngvi

    FS: Avalon acoustics Indra speakers

    I'd have them in a heart beat and winter knows this
  2. Saves the "are these still available post" after 5 years
  3. Now $9,999 Getting pretty cheap now
  4. Yngvi

    New NS-1000m build

    They look amazing, congratulations
  5. Just super proud of you, you've come a long way.
  6. Much better trained @evil c 4
  7. @audiohifiaudio To the best of my knowledge it has been set to 230 volts. (no need to worry about white anting, thank you for your post) Yngvi
  8. Item: Kronzilla VA680 Power Amplifier Location: Northern Suburbs, Melbourne Price: $9,999 Good Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Comes with two new tubes and another used spare, this unit is 230 Volts So the back ground to this unit is, I purchased it used from Japan and asked Eunice (from KR Audio) if it could be converted to 230 Volts. She told me it could and the parts were shipped to Gary Cawsey who did all the work required to get it converted. I have boxes (not the original) so shipping is possible. Pictures: Two new unused tubes, purchased direct from the factory
  9. but a PM was sent ?????? (so annoying)
  10. @Luc Cheers big fella, I have updated the finish to show "piano gloss black" @Jventer They were a second set of speakers in my main system, I have decided go back to one set. I've reduced the price and photo's of the actual speakers will be up this weekend.
  11. Item: Peak Consult Grande Signature Speakers Location: Northern Suburbs, Melbourne Price: $9,900, offers welcome Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Too many speakers Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: A few chips on the base Color is Piano Gloss Black, Specs, (and Marketing blurb) Countless hours of measuring and Critical listening have gone into making the finest 3-way loudspeaker available. . An impedance curve and electrical phase character like an electrostatic speaker, the final blend of art and technology have made the Grande an uncompromising work of art. The multifaceted enclosure is handcrafted in our own facilities by Danish artisans in a 1.5 inch - 3.0 inch HDF sandwich material covered by 1inch solid wood. The design was made to optimise the off-axis response and to avoid diffraction. There are no parallel front, back, top or bottom panels to eliminate acoustical waves. The slant of the front panel corrects the phase and timing between tweeter, midrange and woofer. The Scan-Speak tweeter is a non-Ferro fluid 1 inch hand coated silk dome tweeter that includes a SD-2 motor and a magnet system that eliminate phase shift and optimise the linear directivity. The 6 inch Audiotechnology midrange is hand built and specially designed for optimal midrange behaviour in this enclosure. The driver features a cone that has been uniquely shaped for this moving system and a vented magnet system that includes Symmetric Drive to optimise the linear directivity. The 11inch Audiotechnology woofer is hand built and specially designed for the Grande. Using new technology in the moving system makes it the low loss driver. The huge magnet and ventilation system makes the driver reproduce very tight and extremely low frequencies - second to none. The speaker includes an acoustical odd order crossover in the tweeter/midrange section and a third order in the midrange/bas section. Every component has been chosen for its sonic and musical behaviour, with no consideration for cost. The crossover is hardwired with silver solder and sealed in the bottom of the speaker to avoid microfony and to shield it from electrical and magnetic radiation from rest of the system. Peak Consult have chosen to include the best cable available to High End Audio: The purest solid core silver cable from Stereovox. The InCognito Grande boasts an extremely linear frequency response, on-axis as well as of-axis. This makes it a very accurate loudspeaker in a real World environment, becoming InCognito in almost every room even due to the size. Design: Crossover Frequencies: Frequency Range: Sensitivity: Impedance: Dimensions (H x W x D): Weight: 3-way Ported 190 Hz / 2000 Hz 23 - 30.000 Hz -3dB 91 dB @ 1W/1m 7 ohm 114 x 40 x 45 cm - (45" x 15,5" x 18") 96 kg - (192 ib) The Grande is available in a number of finishes: Standard solid wood types: Rosewood, oak and beechwood. Special solid wood types: Wood stained in all colours, walnut or high gloss Piano Black or Silver metallic. Special solid wood types: Other special wood finishes can be done on special request. Pictures: Sorry for the stock photo, I'll post pictures of the actual speakers on the weekend (The speakers I have for sale are in gloss black)