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  1. Item: Aurieges MM Tube Pre-Amplifier w/ Phono Location: Melbourne Price: $4,000 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Sipped the green cordial and moving up the shindo food chain Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Purchased from @chimchimster earlier this year. This is a 120 volt model. I will include a Tortech isloated 1010W USA Stepdown Transformer (Model SD110-1010W). https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/285423-fs-shindo-aurieges-mm-tube-pre-amplifier-w-phono/?tab=comments#comment-4323061 Photos: Aurieges MM Tube Pre-Amplifier w/ Phono
  2. You'll be the first person I'd want to serve
  3. Just a job in one. Curious to see what the day to day experience is like.
  4. Thank you for the responses and please keep your experiences coming. Is there a difference between working in a consumer hifi store and a "hi end" hifi store ?
  5. Good point. Its about making sales at the end of the day. No one will pay you a wage if you dont sell.
  6. Aside from knowing what it's likes working in a hifi store, I am just curious to hear peoples opinion on the way they have been treated whilst in a store as well.
  7. OK, a different approach. How was it rude ?
  8. Why were your experiences good ? How were you treated that makes you say it was positive ?
  9. How would you have liked to have been treated ?
  10. I have often wondered what it would be like working (sales) in a Hifi Store (or for a distributor) Any members here like to share their experiences, give advice etc ?
  11. @evil c go the horns clive 😉
  12. Its sounding very good straight out of the box. I really haven't stopped listening to it. As for Benjamin, he was great to deal with and I agree he has a scary amount of knowledge. He kept me informed at every step of the build and always explained to me what he was doing and why. I wish I met Ben earlier, I would have saved myself so much money time and angst. Its nice to have a bespoke amplifier built to my requirements.
  13. Just delivered a new tube amp built for me by Benjamin at https://nanoat.com/ (with a monster output of 4 watts per channel ) Dealing with Benjamin was a breath of fresh air. Finally someone who took the time to listen and recommended an amplifier that suited the speakers I have.
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