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  1. Cheers - not heard of him but I get up to Hamilton a few times a year and know some Vinyl fans there so will check out.
  2. Yes thought had run through my mind. The little Headfi meet in Auckland had a few flying up from way down South but back then very expensive airfares. Now there are very good cheap flights from the Provinces as well as main Centres. Thanks for comments - pity no one from NZ posted ... only been a day though so early days.
  3. If the mountain won't come to Muhammad ... worth a checkout.
  4. Sadly it's my impression too. A few years ago as part of a Headfi meet about 100 paying visitors turned up. It ran a 2nd year and I thought both were worthwhile from a select group only. Very basic limited promo - but fair workload for organiser and died. I honestly don't understand the apparent lack of motivation. Our Ebay equivalent Auction site indicates there's huge interest in gear and loads of people complain they can't get to see/hear stuff due to need to travel all over the place.
  5. Well … maybe … and would be about time. Putting up this thread for Kiwi enthusiasts who would like to make it happen. There has to be interest and support … otherwise there ain’t gonna be any lift off. So please comment if the prospect appeals. The net is keen and from what I’ve seen/heard in Melb – we don’t know what we are missing out on.
  6. Indeed - below 50 maintained and time for an ice refill when 60+. The music had an effect, sometimes dropping to low 40's and up to 50. I have passed comment to DiDiT that Oz temps can climb above 40deg on a hot one - just when people might slip indoors and pop the Stereo on for some relief with a cold one. And yes a bit of weight on top might also have provided some damping - this remains optional - even when the production model comes out. 🙃
  7. My thanks also to the Club - it was a pleasure talking with dedicated listeners. I.5hrs flew by (once Mark starts talking ...) and unfortunately not enough time afterwards to answer questions in depth whilst packing up. Hopefully more next time. One Club member asked what Orchestra was playing a classical number and Mark is digging into the SSD/HHD to find out. Also the 'comforte' (Tibetan Singing Bowls) member asked for a bit more info re 432 so here is a link on the subject some may find interesting ... maybe stretching imagination in some areas ? https://hometheaterhifi.com/editorial/432hz-argument-changing-concert-pitch-standard/
  8. There is the thorny issue of up-sampling i.e. getting more out of a recording for some. Something I'd not thought about in a Headphone study, is all our ears are very different (shapes/sizes) and our heads too. They affect how/what we hear and partly explain why people have different ideas about the same Headphones (apart from gear). Back to CD I should have also quoted Mr. 6 Moons and JD here re files v physical spinners. https://darko.audio/2018/09/kih-61-lets-get-physical/
  9. I like it - they are on the hunt for a new head-bobbing lead singer right now.
  10. Well without looking up (new) Discogs obviously sell a few. As Ebay was not interested in the NZ market (too small) some canny people here started up Trademe ... and sold out to Fairfax Au for $700m in 2006. Peanuts in my book and I agree totally with Ebay - not worth the effort ! You will find new ones on TM. I sold my last remaining Cassette deck only this year but have one in my car ... and a stock-pile of cassettes - mostly my own CD/LP recordings but bought ones too.
  11. CD dying Vinyl surging doesn’t seem to add up as far as Discogs report Y/E 2017 : You won't find the Audio world promoting Cassette - but check the % increase. A number of Reviewers are quite happy to mention they are very happy with either CD replay or 44.1 Rips or Stream – in fact some like Mr. 6 Moons – “For our thousands of RedBook Albums which make up six nines of our library, USB audio remains first and foremost about convenience”. Check this more affordable CD Transport out - its got my attention. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/jaysaudio/7.html
  12. Many thanks I will do some googling. There are some and perhaps no surprise ... Meridian 808V6 $24.7K here. Tidal btw is addictive and sound quality (just 44.1) is up there - so much so I did not bother direct A/B's as differences (if any) are probably so small would involve a lot of farting about. However I don't like having to cough up two subs ... and own nothing.
  13. Could you provide a link att23 thanks. I was unaware of some of these formats on CD. I only own one DTS CD (24 bit) disc but another that did not survive ...
  14. "Talk about cart before the horse with MQA". Par for new format course : The man behind Sony's CD development (Norio Ohga) summed it all up from day one "Even if we have the hardware - it's useless without the software".
  15. A subject of much debate and one I've been following for some time. It's pretty much impossible to identify identical recordings in different formats - making true comparisons impossible. As a non classical/non trad jazz type I've always been frustrated finding stuff I like with higher res recordings. My 1st explorations comparing (the few albums I could find) proved no diff to my discs. Turned out they were just up-sampled which you can do yourself. Wonder if that holds true below ? "An MQA CD is a Red Book CD and is 100% compatible with any existing CD player. The audio on the disc is MQA-encoded PCM, and will play back happily without a decoder. In this case, the sound quality is slightly better than a typical CD, because the audio is already de-blurred in the studio. However if the bitstream is passed to an MQA decoder, it is unfolded to 176kHz (in this case) and rendered to the DAC at 24-bit". https://www.stereophile.com/content/mqa-encoded-cds-yes
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