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  1. The BenQ W2700 does seem to tick many boxes...
  2. Why I purchased the Infocus was my neighbour bought one, I near fell over when I saw his huge 100" screen, went straight to my AV dealer and one was mine. Must say friends were blown away too, none I recall saw any rainbows. Next house we built went Epson PJ, the HT room was not too shabby, the motorised screen was hidden in ceiling void came down in front of TV, all speakers (5) were Earthquake and built in (wife dislikes boxes) Aussie floor sub., audio was bloody fantastic, probably not up to purist standards .
  3. Gee that Infocus was my first PJ a decade ago hell I was excited. Some good BenQ 4k PJ offers are on until end Dec.
  4. Wow that front is impressive, did the W2700 come free delivery and HDMI Fibre cable?.
  5. Some good deals at Benq with refurbs and warranty ATM.
  6. The BenQ W2700 is on special with many AV sellers until 31.12.2019 @ $2199, but remember "don't ask don't get"..
  7. Awesome prices for BenQ refurbed projectors along with warranty looks like a bloody good deal to me - here.
  8. I'm not sure how these new breed of short throw like this Optima P1s stacks up to current ceiling mounted PJ, it does seems specs are improving, but given the choice I would imagine many would prefer this front placement rather than a ceiling mount, I know my partner would. A few reviews here.
  9. Wherever you buy it make sure you can get your dish back. Maybe look at a HDMi over Cat6 extender as the cable is so thin can run it anywhere,
  10. I told him buy it but don't blame me if not up to scratch! at least he can get a short cable or two for...nix.
  11. and how do the specs standup to current 4k PJ's?.
  12. Have a friend building a new house has a 4.5L x 4mW room, he and wife have only seen 1080p PJ and liked it, however she is adamant no PJ on ceiling or coffee table, he sent me this, what you guys think?. (not good for long HDMI Fibre cable business!).
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