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  1. The Ruipro maxes out at 100m as that is longest we've supplied to date. and 709er we're pleased your pleased:)
  2. EZYHD

    Benq W2700

    Sure sent PM.
  3. EZYHD

    Benq W2700

    I need 10m to work with my Yamaha 2080.
  4. Very few HDMI cables are certified. The Ruipro does work and only up to 100m so far. Have reinstated the Ruipro discount for members here, use STEREONET in coupon.
  5. EZYHD

    Fetch Mighty HDMI

    If you want to split video and audio HDFury AVRKey does it.
  6. Yes HDMI 4k works or not and if over 10m the choice is HDMI Fibre Optic. And thanks for the huge support from members here.
  7. EZYHD

    4K HDMI extender

    So you want to use 2 x 4k Splitters, that may cause problems, use just one if you can like Lenkeng or Bluestream.
  8. EZYHD

    4K HDMI extender

    Well in that case a 1x4 4k splitter should suffice.
  9. EZYHD

    4K HDMI extender

    When using 4k and want 2k in another room will require a automatic downscaling 4k/2k splitter. For long HDMI 8m+ run and 4k for PJ use HDBaseT Cat6 extender or HDMI Fibre cable from splitter.
  10. EZYHD

    HDMI 4K Combo - No weak link?

    Pleased to hear the Ruipro is performing well, it isn't unusual:)
  11. EZYHD

    2019 projector releases ?

    Davo, me thinks mostly for those that have little idea about PJ's and what they can provide, but not having seen one of the new breeds its hard to judge and as you say will have a use in some situations.
  12. EZYHD

    2019 projector releases ?

    New short throw LG PJ release at CES here, should be interesting, not good for the long cable business).
  13. EZYHD


    HDMI Fibre cables are normally marked source and display on the plugs, some like Ruipro have a large sticker inside the display box saying so.
  14. EZYHD

    HDMI 4K Combo - No weak link?

    You'll find HDM Fibre cable is thin, as is the plug to install in a wall/ceiling. The item is a HDMI switcher not a splitter. These switchers amplify as well. It will be fine using short 28awg "high speed" cables