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  1. Yes we must have the HT WAF wherever we have a house. The good woman must have it all neat and tidy 100% of the time too.
  2. All the speakers were Earthquake from US and once on they filled the room, you see we just don't like boxes and they suited us fine, mind you it was about 2008 and that HT was the catalyst to commence EZYHD along with quite a few from DTV forums asking me to bring some back from OS trade show in HK) as HDMI cables in them days were not plentiful and a frightful price. The reason the guy bought the house (for a record amount at the time) was the HT. Few more pics...
  3. In one of our earlier homes we hid the motorised screen in bulkhead ceiling void.
  4. It looks to me its a clash between devices or one could be faulty, possibly a AVR EDID problem as said. As the HDMi cables both Ruipro and the high speed work without the AVR it isn't those causing the problem.
  5. My dad's Admiral TV stopped working some time ago...
  6. I received the notice but haven't owned an Epson PJ for more than a decade, my they do keep records!.
  7. Has a few bits of HT gear for sale as a part timer? on eBay here.
  8. From IceTV even better. Don't need all the bells and wishes think 4 tuners is over kill for me.
  9. Well done Matt, think we'll have to offer a Ruipro at a discounted price of course with each BenQ 4k PJ sold:)
  10. Any where in particular to buy the U4 at best price?
  11. This is excellent info my old BW lite just about gone, will look into this.
  12. Hope you have a good cable to show it off Matt:)
  13. Lenkeng or Blustream have 4k / 4k or 1080p HDMI Cat splitters or colorspace HDMI Cat Splitter HDBaseT 4k/1080p
  14. The Ruipro maxes out at 100m as that is longest we've supplied to date. and 709er we're pleased your pleased:)
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