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  1. Yeah DTV sure were some hot debates with little moderation, but the old school usually banded together when an idiot arrived. The new Samsung OLED 75" is settling in, but gee the super mini remote is ridiculous, have most of set up on Logitech Harmony 650 now.
  2. Well done, thanks for the excellent links.
  3. Panasonic TV's are hard to find now due to their exit from that market. We installed the Samsun QLED 70T a 75" on the wall late yesterday replacing the 65" Panny. Used same strong steel mount and direct viewing 1/3 from bottom of TV as required, added new Rupro HDMI Fibre Optic 4k/8k cables in wall plus a spare for some future proofing. Picture out of box awful, since tweaked it enough for less red and good skin colour, will play and adjust more on weekend. Must say at 3m it looks huge and just love the thin Bezel.
  4. I was a very active member on DTV forums for years and loved it for its comradery, I see many of the old members here and on WP these days.
  5. Finished up buying a Samsung 75" QLED - Q70T yesterday, local sellers like HN, JB plus Appliances Online* all waiting on more stock of this model, best price $2860 was latter* by a whopping $635 under the list price of $3495 (was 4k), including delivery and $250 cash card, so price was $2610 (after card credit). Went to GG who happened to have 2 in stock and after some deliberation price matched, being delivered this morning. Yesterday sold my 4 year old 65" Panny for $500.
  6. Infocus projectors sure does bring back memories from about 15 + years ago, my neighbour had shown me his new HT and I'd not seen a PJ in a house before, within hours I had one too. Next new house we built bought another and the room was full on see here.
  7. Is there a centre speaker that is not more that 13cm in height and 43cm wide?
  8. Yes correct it's about 5 years old just like bigger TV screen and easier access to other streeming program's.
  9. Not a lot of sport, car racing only. From what I see here the TCL has it under control. TCL have been around for about 40 years and their TVs are highly regarded in the USA.
  10. The TCL 75" P8M 4K UDH LEDTV model gets excellent reviews both here and the USA, BUY NOW
  11. Not purchased a TV in about 5 years, looking at the Samsung 75" RU7100 4K UHD Smart LED TV under $1500, seeking advise from users or other TV's of this size to consider, mainly watch FTA, Youtube, Netflix, Apple TV and use airplay from IPhone/iPad.
  12. Is the video still washed out after adjustment?.
  13. Have a look at the BenQ W1210ST model here.
  14. What screen are you using MattyW, price and from where?
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