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  1. Fun fact: The term 'lucky country' comes from the book of the same name by Donald Horne. While it's been bastardised into some sort of term of endearment, it was originally coined to describe the country's fake prosperity. From Wiki 😉
  2. Could try Periapt. They make nice cables without the absurd cost, both SE and XLR terminations of varying lengths.
  3. This. It helps to cross check the ASIN codes with the US site, which generally has more accurate information (year, label etc.), and then compare that to Discogs. Another tip is that if the US site shows 'import' then it's likely a EU pressing, unfortunately, this can still be a bit of a stab in the dark though as AU might have imported from US. However, customer service is fantastic if you have any issues and returns are easy.
  4. I placed a pre-order for one this morning. Still kind of on the fence about it with the conversion cost and long wait, hoping I don't get buyers remorse, but whatever... All aboard the hype train! Seems like it will be an interesting reference amp from what I've read, and should contrast nicely with the Darkvoice in my main chain. In regards to your initial question, I guess it just depends what sound you're after. It's a neutral amp, any colouring will be done by the source and cans you're listening with. Considering the transparency and low output impedance of the 789, I think it's likely to pair well with the LCD's, but have read that some find the HD800S a bit too bright with it. So, you might want something on the warmer side for them, but ymmv. Also, the signal path isn't truly balanced in a few sections, so I doubt using just SE will be much different if you were thinking of getting one for going balanced.
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