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  1. Anyone had hands on with one of their pressings yet and can comment on the quality? I have some friends looking to do a small run for a new album, wasn't super impressed with Zenith last time.
  2. Wow, I can't believe how much these MOVs go for now. Definitely regret selling the spare copies I had at less than $50 haha. If you're hunting this one, just be careful as there was a batch of pressings with defects out there, distortion and skipping has been reported on a few tracks. Amazing album though, one of my absolute favourites. GLWS!
  3. Anyone here heard the Gold Planar GL2000 yet? Seems to be all the rage at the moment...
  4. Cheers all! Looks like I’ve got plenty of drool worthy gear to read up on. Funnily enough, I’ve been looking at the Denafrips and Holo Audio R2Rs for a while. Haven’t heard of the Taurus before, but certainly sounds like they would make a beautiful stack.
  5. Not too fussed really. I suppose having a good amp section is my priority. My Burson Play is ok but limited to USB input and OTL tubes don't play nice with the Clears. If I can find a good separate amp, then I'm happy to use a cheap spare Topping DAC in the meantime and upgrade at a later date. Sorry about that. I'm mainly after a decent amp, I have DACs I can use if need be. However, if it's a really nice AIO, that's fine too, which is why I was leaning towards the Questyle units. The A90 does look good, just thought there might be something a bi
  6. Awesome, thanks guys, appreciate it! I'll have a read of that review. Odyssey, I would've snagged your 12 in the classifieds already if I wasn't left with such bare pockets after Xmas haha. I'm in NE NSW, so would be a 16 hour round trip to try them at Minidisc unfortunately. Any other recommendations to consider in sub $2k range?
  7. Has anyone compared the Questyle CMA Twelve to the CMA 400i by any chance? Looking for a new amp to pair with my Clears and HD650. Considered the RME at first but I doubt I'd use all the DSP features, and I keep seeing comments on the Questyles having great synergy with these cans, particularly the Clears. I don't have any need for the wifi component and can live without the remote, but the dual DAC chips and better pot in the Twelve is tempting, especially after reading some people having issues with the pot on the 400i. A real shame they stopped doing analogue inputs that were on t
  8. While it's not the quietest of phono stages, it sounds excellent for the price and definitely a steal at 40% off. Mine tends to pick up a bit of interference if the amp and psu are too close to one another as well, but not sure if this is just something with my unit.
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