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  1. Further information: For sale is a used Consonance Isolde Turntable, fitted with T8 tonearms and Ortofon OM 5E cartridge. I have been its first owner for 1.5 years. Only got under 60 hours playing. Nothing is wrong with it, not scratch, no bump, just a little dusty as it was left without any dust cover. Included in the package is cable, power supply and, maybe, some replacement belt lying somewhere. It goes with the disc mat. Photos:
  2. Item: Passengers Original Soundtrack 1 in Vinyl by U2 Price Range: 90-150 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Pretty rare and hard to find. The one I found was like 400 to 450AUD shipped to Australia. If anyone has this copy in Vinyl and would willing to part with it, please hit me an PM. Thank you.
  3. I see, but if I changed thr tonearm to the one similar to Ortofon ta-110, the hum becomes less and not noticeable anymore. Very interesting issue.
  4. Thanks everyone, the issue has been fixed by changing to a different turntable. The one i have is with the seller now for repair aa I believe he has reproduced the issue. The one I got as a replacement is a bit newer with better shielded arm wire and power supply. Hopefully, the seller fixed the other turntable as im a bit fond of it. I suspect the serial connection from the power supply to the TT causes the problem. The arm wire doesnt shield correctly could also the problem too.
  5. Just an update, it seems if i put the tonearm near the motor, the noise is louder. Is it normal?
  6. @andyr good suggestion but no. I don’t run internet over powerline. I have a LAN socket there but it doesn’t connect to anything at all. The power socket only has 1 socket for the power strip to all my hifi components. When I touch the motor, noise becomes louder in some place so I think there is an issue with the power supply for the TT DC motor. I don’t know how to fix it aside from sending it back to seller for help. But he told me that he didn’t get the same issue as mine, so I really have no idea.
  7. 100% the issue is in the power supply has some bad shielding which make the tonearm wire pick up the noise here. The problem is I can't move the power supply away as whenever I connect the TT to the power supply, no matter how far it is it would cause noise. Will have a trip to the seller to give him a full idea and ask for some feedbacks. If I turn the volume down, it would be hard to notice but if I put the volume up, damn, that is annoying. Like someone riding a yatch around my house.
  8. This is a brand new tonearm, dead on arrival? Next to the powerstrip, there is my smart power socket controllable by wifi. Would that the main cause?
  9. Bah, grounding it to the box doesn't work. The noise is still there, maybe worse if I ground that way. The box is called Speed Controller for the TT. Hmmm.
  10. Yes, everything is plugged into the same power strip. The buzz/hum stops when I unhook the serial cable or the 12V power cable out of the black box. The hum/buzz is on when I hook the 12v power cable to the black box and the serial cable connected to the TT motor. The TT is ground on the phono stage. I will try to test it to see what going on. My seller suggested to me that I move the turntable away from everything as a test, but for a permanent setup it is a bit unrealistic under my circumstance.
  11. Thanks for suggestion. Could you please more specific? How can I ground my tonearms to the metal box? Currently, it is grounded to the phono stage and it is fine. Do I need to have another grounding cable to ground it to the metal box? Can I change the serial cable? I hear it is specially made for this kind of thing and a bit overwhelming.
  12. That box powers the turntable moving. I suspect the serial cable or the socket is the culprit here. Or the actual motor inside the turntable. The cartridge doesnt pick up noise from the box. Only when the serial cable connected to the TT to power the TT up, it picks up. Even if I leave the switch off, it still there.
  13. @Colin Rutter Thanks for today. I just did a litter test and it seems the tonearm is not entirely the issue. If I unhook the serial cable from the TT, the hum just gone. If I hook the serial cable in, it is back. This happens no matter where I put the power brick. You can see the image
  14. Alright, @Colin Rutter had kindly come over and had a look at my TT. It turned out there was a shielding issue/problem at the tonearm wire picking up noise from somewhere. I need to get the tonearm fixed or looked at
  15. Here is the noise, sound like 120hz for me. https://imgur.com/a/d6i4ndq If i touch the tonearm, there are some statics.
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