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  1. Getting old carts retipped with new cantilever etc. is a bit of an expensive exercise but would definitely like to get hold of a good used bronze/black if one came up, don't seem to be very common on the second hand market though...
  2. I'd like to try the Audio Technica AT150MLX or the 2M black but unfortunately finances are a bit tight ATM, so think I will try a Ortofon 2M Silver to get things up and running now and look to swap in a 2M bronze stylus when funds allow ( I've learnt that the 2M silver cart body has silver coils but uses the red stylus and therefore can be upgraded to near bronze/black specs with a stylus upgrade). This seems great value with a good upgrade path. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, its given me a bit to think about.
  3. How would your compare the performance/sound of the 2M black to the K2? I'm really interested in what the general sound of the Garrott K2 or K3 is like, If the K2 comes even a little close to the black it would be amazing value as it's almost 1/4 of the price.
  4. I,ve heard the 2M black tends to amplify any surface noise on less than perfect records so leaning towards either the Nag or the Garrott K3. I can't find much info on the general sound and performance of the Garrott K3 or even the K2 as this is priced well and is upgradeable to K3 specs in the future. The Nag has the boron cantilever which seems good value and a big upgrade on the 110 or 150 but is it a lot better than a K2?
  5. Hi all, Sadly I've broken my Denon DL160 cartridge (a stylus cleaning mishap) and am looking for recommendations from the knowledgeable SNA members on a replacement under $500. I like the sound of the Denon but I'm thinking I might try MM types like the Audio-Technica VM740ML, Nagaoka MP-200 and Garrott K3 as they have good reviews and seem easier to fix and upgrade. My TT is a Luxman PD284, phono stage a Schitt Mani and I listen to mainly rock, metal, blues and a bit of jazz on mainly old vinyl (but always clean). If anybody has experience with the above carts or any other types I should look into it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help.
  6. I purchased a Schiit Mani from another member 'Naggots', who was a great seller to deal with. I'll set up and test later today and advise how it goes.
  7. Hi all, Found myself here looking for a mm phono stage in the classifieds after selling my tube pre amp and mono's (with phono) My current set up is: Luxman PD284 TT with Denon DL101 high output mc cart Primare i21 Integrated CA Dacmagic Osborn Titan Osborn T12 Sub
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