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  1. Interesting thread, reminds me of what happened to my laptop speakers.... the same laptop i am typing this on now. so i was using the laptop to create a sinwave, to help diagnose an amp i was fixing. then the headphone jack came out, boom, my laptop speakers got fried. Now i can't turn the volume up more than 30% without it heavily distorting. Cheers
  2. Don't get me wrong, the DM302s are good speakers, I myself have a set of DM303s and they are great sounding speakers, but they are no where near as detailed as my B&W 685. Even my DM602s that i had are much better than the 303s. Stay away from "no name", and you be fine. are you comfortable buying used gear? because you will end up with a much better system, and the best part is, used gear doesn't depreciate nearly as fast as new gear, if at all. The 302s will be much better than the Voll speakers, if you were to buy a set of volls, they would be worthless immediately after purchase, which is saying something. the 302s are probably worth somewhere around $200 as they sit, maybe abit more.
  3. Line Voltage fluctuates anyway during the day. The nominal voltage throughout most of australia now is 230v, but it fluctuates throughout the day, can easily dip to below 220V during peak time (depending where you live), and can easily exceed 240v during off peak times (again, depending where you live). this is a good read http://electricalconnection.com.au/when-voltage-varies/ cheers
  4. hmmm.... If i was you, I would sell everything you've got and buy a nice set of used speakers and a complementary amp to go with it. The thing is, right now you've got quite a large collection of mediocre equipment, you shouldn't have an issue getting $500 out of it all, just throw it all up on ebay. Then find a $300~ish set of speakers, and a $200~ish amp, and you'll be set. Just have a single great system, because you'll find yourself listing on the best one anyway, and your better off having 1 great system and the other just doing its job.
  5. eh, I wouldn't worry about it to much. Invest your time and energy into things that matter. Happy Australia Day, Cheers
  6. Great buy, someone is trying to flog a broken one of these on ebay for $380
  7. Hi all, there are some great pro tips on this thread. This mainly applies to folks on a tight budget like myself, but we can all certainly learn something. Contrary to what you'll hear on the internet, both on reviews and advertisements, you honestly don't need to spend alot of money to achieve truly great sound. For example, i put together a system for my mother, i found a pair of Epicure 11s on ebay for $50 and a rotel RX-203 amp, from around the same era, for $90. That system in our living room, being fed with a chrome cast most of the time, sounds absolutely fantastic. That leads me on to my next point, yes watts are important, i am not going to argue that, i have a 200W rotel power amp for my desktop bookshelf setup, it sounds wicked good. But what is more important is the sound that each watt puts out, i have heard absolute garbage 100w+ amps, and i have heard incredible 20w amps, like the rotel in the living room. Don't be fooled into shelling out money for more watts, it is all about the sound. When buying a stereo amp, or home theater amp. have a peep at the power supply. a quality home theatre receiver and stereo amp should be mostly transformer, and filter caps inside. If you see an amp rated at say 200w per channel, and it has a dinky little linear transformer in the corner, run, run far away. The weight distribution of my 200w rotel power amp is about 5% PCB and components, 45% toroidal transformer, 20% filter caps, and the rest is heat sinks, i haven't weight it, but i am taking an educated guess based on my experience servicing it. Last thing, Learn to fix your own gear, you will learn a load about electronics and what actually makes stuff work. You'll be able to sniff snake oil a mile away, even after gaining just the tiniest bit of electrical knowledge. Cheers, Jack
  8. Item: B&W ASW600 Subwoofer Location: Brisbane - Northside Price: 350 Item Condition: Functionally Perfect, Pretty Good Cosmetically Reason for selling: Need the money for more projects Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Fully Functioning, Any Questions, Please Ask Cheers, Jack Photos:
  9. Item: NAD C320BEE Location: Brisbane - Northside Price: 300 Item Condition: Better than new Reason for selling: To Many Amps + not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Great sounding unit, nice warm tone with smooth highs It is a known issue with these amps that the OEM JH capacitors go bad before there time in these amps. I have meticulously replaced every single capacitor to ensure a good unit. The amp has been thoroughly tested for over a month on my computer HiFi setup, multiple hours per day, and it hasn't missed a beat, flawless. It will be good for at least 30 more years. Along with replacing the caps, i also replaced the crusty OEM trim pots, to ensure perfect idle current and offset. I've also got the original manual, and original receipt. any questions, please ask Thanks, Jack Photos:
  10. Hi folks, I thought id just ad to the discussion. side note, I have the pair of DM601 S3 for sale. Short answer, yes, it will sound great. Long answer... Yes it will sound great. The thing is, everyone's rooms and ears are different. Over time everyone develops their own ear, and preferences. Online reviews will only get you so far, and to be frank, that is enough to get your foot in the door with great gear. I started of my HiFi journey only about 18 months ago, and over that time my ear has significantly developed and i have found my taste, what i like in a stereo and what i dislike. I find it very interesting reading forum posts where people say so and so etc, and i completely disagree, or agree. I read a post recently and the guy basically said, "Everyone believes he or she has the golden set of ears" , yet we all have different opinions on audio, think about that... My personal recommendation would be to start wheeling a dealing used gear, when you see something with great reviews come up for a good price, buy it, compare it to what you have, if you like it, keep it and vice versa. The thing i absolutely love about used gear, is that you will very rarely loose money [if you buy good stuff for the right price, that isnt too new]. by doing this you will very quickly build up an incredible system that you love. I personally have not heard any Klipsch speakers, so i cant comment in that department. But i know that B&W speakers get talked about because they are apparently really bright, I haven't found this to be the case at all, and i love a warm sound. So what i am saying is, don't take what people say online as scripture. Infact, to my ears, the B&W DM601S3 are a warm side of neutral tone, but others disagree, whatever.... What i have found with all speakers though, is they all require great, matched amplification to sound there best... just trial and error. The only thing i will actually recommend is, if you are going to run floor standers(actually any speaker for that matter), get a great amp with plenty of power and a big power supply. I have a mate who has a pair of el cheapo $60 floorstanders he found on gumtree, got them home, hooked them up to a crappy under powered amp, and surprise surprise, it sounded awful, like horrific un-listenable. then i found a wicked deal on a 15year old marantz SR8500 and told him to buy it straight away. now that setup is incredible for the amount of money he paid for it. that is my 2 cents, cheers
  11. Great collection, 'Howlin' Wind' caught my eye. my uncle was the sax player, I found another one of your posts on this forum about that record, it is great to know people are still enjoying their music!
  12. If you were to stick with the cupboard, you will NEED a sealed sub. it just wont work having a ported sub in a cupboard.
  13. sorry josh, but you really need to move the cupboard on. Nothing will ever be right whilst you've got your setup the way it is. Funnily enough, bookshelves really need to be on stands, not on bookshelves. All sorts of weird and wonderful issues arise with bookshelf speakers on bookshelfs. It is kind of mind boggling that you would consider dropping over a grand on a sub to put it in a living room cabinet. I mean, by all means try it, if you are lucky, you might get away with it. but on the flipside, that position may very well be located right on a destructive node, and it will seam that no matter how loud you turn up the volume on the sub, it wont sound like it is there at all. Just my thoughts, Cheers, Jack
  14. Price Drop $350 A Pair of DM601S1 recently sold on ebay for $325
  15. Item: B&W Bowers & Wilkins DM601 S3 Location: Brisbane Price: $350 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Not being used anymore, upgraded Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Great speakers, I have certainly enjoyed them. Time to go to the next person who will love them. Photos:
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