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  1. My colleague (and close friend and mentor) is a diehard F1 fan, the sport I watch when I find watching paint dry just a little too stimulating and insomnia is overwhelming me. We argue often over the various excitement levels between MOTO GP and F1 - he maintains that F1 is superior in all respects to MOTO GP - I maintain he is a serial moron.......... The last 2 MOTO GP races have been brilliant, the last 2 F1 races.................I rest my case.
  2. It has been a very pleasant surprise - thoroughly enjoying rediscovering music and enjoying even more new music I come across - have downloaded about 20 hi res albums. when the NBN is suffering from suspected death, the Vault comes to the rescue!! Pigpen.
  3. I thought that was the latest album by Michael Stuble.........
  4. Just watched a Greyhound again after reading for the nth time, John Terraine’s excellent Business in Great Waters. I like how Hank’s character on confirming the sinking of the U-boat responds to his crew member who had deemed the lost submariners as “krauts” by declaring them as “souls lost” for the report to the hierarchy of a successful kill. Will watch it again but with considerably more volume and nil family members at home - I like a good explosion to be both heard and felt!!
  5. I have a pair of Vollas (now in storage) and can vouch for the fact they punch above their weight - the parent company makes the cabinets for some very high priced well known brands.
  6. I agree - 2020 hindsight on behalf of others has so often prevented (rescued) me from many a mistake of my own making - “there but for the grace of God go I” springs to mind.
  7. Never really thought of Goldmund using Velcro to secure their speaker grills.
  8. I didn’t even realise there was a banner...........maybe optical issues......... Last year (2019) my eyesight was assessed as 2020 meaning I could see into the future.......
  9. Just watched it, a pretty good movie where 99% of the film is from the perspective of being onboard the ship GREYHOUND. A bit of effort put into the teamwork aspect of command. No Das Boot but thoroughly enjoyable - worth a second and third viewing at least.
  10. Piece of equipment: Magico M9 Change: The price so as not to resemble the last 9 digits of my mobile number. Reason For improvement: so I can afford it..........
  11. The cable is either made by McIntosh and available for sale/sold by them or its not - if not then it is a fake.
  12. McIntosh do not have any power cables listed on their website..... https://www.mcintoshlabs.com/products/cables
  13. One of the most underestimated war movies is Above Us the Waves - it is based on a true event - Operation Source, the attack on the Tirpitz by X-Craft (midget submarines). The X5 was commanded by an Australian with the craft itself informally known as Platypus - it was lost in the fjord and has never been found. X6 and X7 made the attack and resulted in numerous military awards including 2 Victoria Cross’. An excellent movie.
  14. My decline started on 2 fronts - having a daughter and being away from home for long periods, therefore no listening opportunities and when I was home, time with daughter and wife. I have over the years lost both a degree of my hearing and a very large interest in HiFi - I had previously been a five star, fur lined, gold plated, ocean going addict........ Fortunately, I very recently ventured into the previously forbidden and little understood territory of “streaming” (truly the work of the devil I used to think.....the “let’s drink blood and hump goats” sort of forbidden). Made a few purchases (planning a few more) and find my daughter (now 19) and I discussing music more often - she even got me into Etta James!! In the current world, there is an element of comfort returning to music / hifi, enhanced by doing so with my new found mentor - my daughter.
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