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  1. Pretty sure Magnat Audio are German, not Danish. The “other” Magnet Audio are Thai.
  2. I think it is very much a business decision - profits are made by moving stock - the profits don’t care where, who or what you sell as long as the selling price exceeds the total manufacturing / delivery costs.
  3. They do the job although I am not much for car audio - I was more surprised by the brand name than anything else - then again, Levinson did work for Samsung as well.....
  4. Notice in the hire car I am currently driving (Hyundai Kona) that the speakers are ‘Krell’ - not a brand I expected to see in a car like a Hyundai......
  5. Anyone got a pair of the VAF I93 actives with DEQX unit and are prepared to share their thoughts?
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