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  1. I doubt you can add modules. The MC20 & MC30 models are rated with higher output than the 50 & 70 models. It's a shame as I only need 2 channels and took the MC30 as a just in case due to the ratings being identical. Will never use the 3rd channel.
  2. I run the BAT VK pre with my MC30 into Egglestonworks.
  3. I've had an MC30 since they were released. It still sounds amazing and I keep thinking about replacing it but struggle to find better for even double the money I paid. And I paid a lot more than this asking price. The price is way cheap and undervalued Matching with the right pre-amp is the key I feel.
  4. I've just spent the entire day removing all my gear from the old pathetic rack I had and replaced it with a Gecko 3 shelf unit I scored for $50 On Gumtree. I've now placed acoustic mat under the components and playing with tweaks. Take a look. Now running the the Isotek system enhancer CD.
  5. I have just started trailing the Roon software and love the presentation but loathe the system not able to operate unless the PC is left on. I enjoy having to touch a PC at night and the phone is the most obtrusive I like to get. Not sure if Room is worth the money if I don't utilise all its functionality. What's your thoughts?
  6. Optical from TV and both the coax. Don't have USB setup yet
  7. Sounds reasonable if the DAC is worth upgrading. That would be one of my first questions Or is my money best spent elsewhere? Keen to tweak it if it's worthwhile.
  8. Hi All, I'm looking at whether my DAC would be suitable for tweaks and if there is knowledge of someone that can perform the tweaks/upgrades in Sydney/Newcastle? Is this worthwhile or am I best buying a new unit? It's a Block DAC100
  9. I have just been playing with this unit after purchasing from Peter at Grooveworks. I paid for it after many dealings with Peter and all awesome with the condition that if it didn't work for me I could return it. I don't really choose to want to know how it actually creates the pulse or how the science works, I just purchase with my ears as the selector. Wasn't sure if it made difference in the first seconds of music, but after settli g down and playing some tracks I'm hooked. Now I know I'm open for attack on the merits of such, but don't care. This unit definitely changes the sound with an ease of rhythm and smoothness that I just didn't appreciate it would. Do yourself a favour and audition before commenting negatively, or just accept it until you do try it
  10. Interested if the.price is negotiable and I can collect in a couple of weeks.
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