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  1. What Me?

    SOLD: FS: Parasound A21 halo amp

    Interested if the.price is negotiable and I can collect in a couple of weeks.
  2. What Me?

    Show your motorcycle ride

    I'm lucky to have many to choose from
  3. My wife and I have a music room dilemma. We both listen to music in our room and also watch some TV and music concerts. The conundrum Is that we are looking for new seating in the room. We like having our own chairs and from time to time enjoy sitting together. Is there a couch or other that ticks the boxes and I'm curios to know what other use as seating for music and not HT?
  4. What Me?

    FS: Arcam airDAC

    PM sent
  5. What Me?

    Tidal Masters on Android App

    I'd say so as the icon at the bottom of the track info shows as such.
  6. Just got the new Tidal update for Android and you can now stream Master Quality via the app. Can't wait to get home and try it out. Yippee
  7. Are these still available?
  8. What Me?

    FS: New Year's Clear Out (Surplus Cables)

    Backup on item #7
  9. What Me?

    Bluesound Node 2i

    Thanks for the update barn_door as I have been conetmplati g updating my Yamaha WXC-50 for the Bluesound. Keep us updated as you play with it.
  10. What Me?

    Post Your 2-channel System

    My system has been added to and evolved for a fluid sound over the years, as I really don't like bright systems. CD Player: Esoteric DV60 Streamer: Yamaha WXC50 Pre: Balanced Audio Technogies VK20 Power Pak Power Amp: Halcro MC30 Turntable: Rega RP3 modified with Grooveworks Cartridge: 2M Bronze Phonostage Dynavector Speakers: Egglestonworks The Nine Power Conditioner: Shunyata Hydra 6 Cabling: Shunyata and Liquid Ceramics cables It's years in the making and we love it. The Halcro for its dynamic speed, punch and power. The BAT feeds raw power to the Halcro. The Hydra is just so dark and quiet. And the Egglestons are so real and powerful. Awesome addition of late. These are also so sexy
  11. My most significant purchase was the Shunyata Hydra. It was a game changer for my system and is now the foundation of everything I add or replace.
  12. What Me?

    Furutech Demagnetiser

    No pics. I just enjoy the difference and appreciate it. Not here to convince anyone or prove anything. Just sharing what I find.
  13. What Me?

    Tracks that make you go Wow

    Wouldn't says it's a demo track, Just highlighting how we can get used to very average sound quality and take tracks for granted and not have them on your radar for further Listening
  14. There are many times when we play or hear tracks on the car radio and think it's a decent track or know the song and then blow you away when played on your home Hi-Fi system. Tonight I have just streamed from Tidal the Wendy Mathews track, "The Day You Went Away" and it just blew me away. The amount of bass lines and the clarity of voice was so deep and I have to just keep playing it. I'm sure there are many tracks that have changed your understanding when played on Hi-Fi as opposed to the casual listen in the car.