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  1. Don't know the how's and why's of why these work, but they do and now part of my ritual when playing discs to go on this before going into the player. Have had mine for years and not to be parted with while I play discs.
  2. Chrissie Hynde - Valve Bone Woe James Taylor - Warner Bros Album
  3. Just wondering if anyone has this unit and how it would compare to Bluesound Node to stream into an external DAC?
  4. Great DAC. The sound from this unit is killer and you will struggle to better for the money. Do I need another DAC? Wife will kill me.
  5. I hear you. I was a little worried so have set up a fan close by to add cooling on the hotter days. Fingers crossed.
  6. I have ordered multiple items now and there service and communication was very good. Goods arrived as described within the time-frame stated. Packaging was very good.
  7. I'm now a couple of hundreds in and it has continued to smooth out, but the changes of late diminishing so I'm confident the sound now is it. The bass is firm, lively and full, certainly not lacking. The mids are the strong point with this amp. Plenty of detail and clear. Blends well into the highs. The highs are fine and not edgy. This amp is not offensive and certainly not restrained. The layering is OK, not quite Halcro, but certainly musical. The staging is better and the side staging extends out past the speaker plane. My speakers need a lot of grunt to be driven well. I initially thought this amp would struggle as most valve amps have, even though this an solid state amp The downside is the heat. It gets very warm in my room. If you want an edgy loud amp this might not be for you. This is a Dire Straits, Fleetwood Mac amp and not a Metallica amp. Suits smooth flowing music. To me, at the price point, this is an audio bargain on many levels. I purchased it to try but it's now a keeper. I'm keen to try it would stand mount speakers. I would Highly Recommend it at double the price and more.
  8. Have just downloaded WinX DVD and appears to be working OK and allowing me to archive DRM discs. Now I just need to learn how to burn just certain chapters on a DVD. Quality seems to be the same as the DVD itself.
  9. I have a few concert DVD's on DVD and was wondering the best way to rip these to a HDD to maintain the music and picture quality? And in addition how to rip just certain chapters as some concerts have certain tracks I like? Is there any DVD rippers similar to a Bluesound Vault for CD?
  10. It was next on the list of To Do's. I have tried various Kimber over the years as well as Chord and others. I'm currently running Ceriius Technologies Liquid Ceramic cables that I really like as they are a dark background type cable. I really don't like how stiff they are though. What have you tried and like?
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