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  1. Finally I got my Luxman L550AUX and its beautiful ... I am about set it up and I have a questions now : as I will be running 2 pairs of speakers ( LS50s and Harbeth P3ESR) from L550AUX , not sure how to connect my Rel sub to both ? I don't want to connect to only one pair of speaker , do you know if its ok to connect the Sub to both speakers ( from the speaker outputs of the Luxman) ? also what would happen if I run both speakers at the same time ( A & B together )? also I am not doing that just curious what would happen if I do that ?
  2. Thanks , received L-550AUX which is in mint condition but much better price as ex demo...also got Rega P6 so happy to hear they would join nicely ...one question, as I will be running to pair of speaker not sure how to connect my Rel sub ? I dont want to connect to only one pair of speaker , do you know if its ok to connect the Sub to both speakers ( from the speaker outputs of the Luxman) ?
  3. Thanks, I'm buying locally , I'm buying actually the ex demo l-550Axii with 3 years warranty...this is the safest and quickest I can get it
  4. What exactly do you mean by this? haven't paid for it yet if you have anything against my decision ?
  5. Finally I decided to get a L-550 AXII ( Ex- Demo) with 3 years warranty + pair of Harbeth P3ESR + Extrema AR404 4 Shelves Audio Racks ... so will run my LS50 and Harbeth P3ESR from L-550 AXII + Chord Dave + PC or my Astell & Kern SP2000... also I am getting them from Vic, but I called the local shop I auditioned in Sydney, I gave them the chance to give me same price I got from Vic or even a little higher but they couldn't so I will buy from Vic, I think I gave them the fair chance ... the fact is , still I could get the L-550 AXII from ebay and Japan + custom, GST tax + transformer
  6. How can I know they are authorised Luxman dealer ?
  7. I might be able to buy a demo unit...I am told that I will get the same 3 years warranty from purchase exactly as if I buy a new one... do you confirm this can be true ?
  8. I think I wont buy from Ebay, I am into buying the 550AXII or 590axii locally if I can find stock as it seems no one keep them
  9. very positive impression indeed . I will buy from him for sure , maybe not now but in near future https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hegel-H390-integrated-amplifier-with-DAC-Airpay-streamer/184626292490 I was given some discount as well... obviously the European Voltage is the same here
  10. This seller has 1478 feedbacks, 812 positive, only 11 negative , I am not defending anyone here but I thought to mention that to be fair...they also confirm that the unit will come in 110v so they have been honest on this as well,,,,I would buy from them if the Voltage was not an issue but not its different... now I have auditioned the luxman, and Hegel with kef - ls50 and I think I liked the Luxman better but Hegel was also very good but I really liked the appearance of Luxman and also being able to run 2 pair of speakers, It was a beauty , I really liked Nicholas was a real professional with
  11. Thanks for answering my questions, I don’t want to be in debt to anyone so please advise if I owe you any $ for it... I don’t need to but you can call Minidisc in Chatswood and ask how much Mason spent over last 6 months , as I said and you can tell I have been more into hesdphone gears and recently to speakers... but you can also ask lifestyle in Paramata how much I spent on my car audio and my recent purchase of ls50 and Rega...but unfortunately they don’t have Hegel nor Luxman...
  12. Thanks Kaynin To support what you said ...i have been into Minidisc store for testing headphones gears at least twice a month and always been dealt with hospitality and of course I have purchased thousands of dollars from them, or lifestyle Hifi which I auditioned many gears without buying them but when time comes I spend thousands to upgrade my car Audio also get amp and speaker ... I’m in sales and i always be happy someone ask a question or want to try something with the least intention or chance to buy as this is courtesy to customer first of all and second sales always will come if n
  13. Thanks , what would be some options to try and audition from ls50s?
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