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  1. Hi BCdesign. I have a Rotel RA630 you might be interested in. Still in new condition. I would let it go for 500. Still about 20 odd months new warranty on it. Has phono and excellent DAC. https://www.rotel.com.au/products/ra-630-integrated-amplifier
  2. Thanks Grimmie. Whats dimensions of the box and weight of one of the heads ?
  3. Ill have two silver/chrome ones please of the NM variety. Need shipping to NSW. BTW what are these made of ?
  4. Item: Vincent PHO-8 Phono Preamp Price Range: market Item Condition: Near new or used Extra Info: Looking for one in black.
  5. Yep I got a quote from them also and it seemed as though he was just plucking figures out of the air ( got quotes for other items too to send with the Princesses ). Another member actually posted that the P and S in Hobart was outrageously expensive.
  6. You beat me to them. AAArrrghhhhh. Yes you did quite well ( pricewise ). I bet it cost a bomb to get the lovely ladies up to QLD.
  7. Kelossus - Did you score them from the Tassie auction ?
  8. No longer required. Thanks to everyone that replied. Great to know theres people out there willing to help . Scott
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