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  1. dimensions of each shelf ?
  2. Got my two today. Ordered 26/01. Took 20 days to arrive. I am country NSW so would take a couple more days than metro. Unlike most others mine came in full retail packaging as per Benjet's original post. Early deliveries seem to be coming loose. Anyway cant wait to try out.
  3. JCM - Uh huh and both Hall and Oates for me please.
  4. scobbi

    Speakers for my naim system

    Where were the elacs for $600 ? How are they going/sounding once home ? Is your friend still happy with them ?
  5. scobbi


    PM'd with intent to purchase.
  6. Received invoice for the 2 dac's from Parts Connexion ( Canada ). Shipping marked as USD 11.65 ( so about AUD 16.20 ) which is then changed to free shipping as per their promotion. So take away the actual cost of shipping and the TWO dacs I ordered come to USD 8.25 ( about AUD 11.50 ). No complaints here.
  7. BTW thanks for the info. Hopefully it delivers the goods. If not it aint gonna break the bank.
  8. Ahhhh. Just looked at credit card and came to AUD 27.93. So 14 dollars each. Absolute bargain if they are ok.
  9. Just grabbed a couple. For usd 19.90 delivered why not !!!!!! Will only use on laptop probably but am interested to see everyones replys as to how these things rate. I just bought my first little amp ( Fiio e10k ) to go with some new Hifiman 400i's ( just starting out in headphones ) so will wait to see how this bitstream compares. Im sure if the bitstream outruns the dragonfly it will outdo the e10k too. So Benjet how did the exchange rate go as I notice you checkout in USD's ?