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  1. I ended up going with a Sonos Amp for $900 to pair with the Q350s and Kube 10". I ordered the Bluesound Powernode 2i from two places but both had it backordered with no ETA so ended up cancelling. In the end the fact I could walk down the road and buy a Sonos Amp from my local hi fi shop meant Sonos won over Bluesound. The sound is petty much the same as it was with my Denon AVR as the Denon had been running in 2 channel mode, though the 125W from the class d amp means it is louder than the 80W class a/b in the Denon, but it's too loud for my neighbours at about 70%. I suspect the room and spe
  2. I have Kef Q350s on ISO acoustic stands too, and a Kef Kube10 subwoofer. I was looking at getting a centre speaker to boost vocals in movies; the Q650 is massive though, so was leaning towards the Q250. However, I was also aware my small living room was slowly being filled with speakers. And since I mostly use the speakers to play music the centre speaker was never going to get a lot of use. So I opted to replace my Denon 7.1 AVR with a Sonos Amp and leverage it's 'fake centre speaker', vocal boost, and night mode processing. The Denon did have night mode and with the EQ I was abl
  3. I'm in the same situation as the OP and agree the above are worth looking at. I'd also add the following (which provide benefits and disadvantages from my perspective, YMMV): Sonos Amp Vena II Play Or any Amp with a Bluesound Node 2i
  4. Yeah, it confuses me too. I always thought everything was the same while digital, until it hit a DAC, but have read people say they could tell the difference in streaming devices with the same DAC, amp, speakers etc. Anway, I was looking at the CXA61 but have since decided I want something that can stream directly through wifi rather than rely on the bluetooth. So have taken that budget and trying to decide whether it's best to get a cheaper amp (Audiolab 6000A) and streamer (Bluesound Node2) or just get a Sonos amp for less than half the cost. With the Sonos option I c
  5. That'd be my guess too. From reviews I've read that the higher end amps with decent DACs sound quite good when streaming over bluetooth.
  6. I spent the weekend reading a lot of reviews and visiting a shop to listen to a selection of amps, and now I think I'm more confused. I'm prioritising the following, though not sure about some, and have a few questions: a built-in DAC for optical in (or HDMI) for TV audio - think this is the best/simplest way to connect the TV to it and I shouldn't notice a difference between optical and HDMI? wifi streaming for Spotify and Tidal (MQA a bonus) - this is what the system will be used mostly for so thinking this is pretty important. If it doesn't have wifi but has a USB
  7. Thanks again, just had another thought. Does Airplay/Chromecast limit the quality of the stream at all? I have read that streams like the Bluesound, or even more expensive ones, have better audio due to not having to compress the signal?
  8. Makes sense. I have the same speakers as you but without anything to drive them at the moment. Is plugging the Macbook Pro straight into the optical in on the CXA60 better than casting to the chromecast?
  9. I thought I wanted an AV receiver for about $1k a few years ago. The Sony DN1080 was my first choice but it was just out of my budget. I ended up buying a Denon X1400H (earlier version of the X1600H) after quite a bit of research. It was a really flexible AVR with lots of features (Heos, Spotify Connect, 4k HDR pass through, etc). However, I sold it last week for about 60% what I paid for it. I realised all I was really asking it to do was act as a 2.1 streaming amp for music, and occasionally for movie soundtracks. I decided I'd be better off with a dedicated 2 channel amp to get
  10. Yes - sounds like I'm in exactly the same situation as you were. I ruled out the Sonos Amp as want a headphone output, and have also read so much about the questionable sound quality, though their software gets good reviews. I have been bouncing between Tidal played through HEOS and Spotify played through Spotify Connect (on my old Denon AVR). I assumed this was the best way to listen, versus Bluetooth or even Airplay? It's an interesting perspective though, do I need a built in streamer or can I just get a cheaper external streamer or just rely on Airplay..
  11. Never knew you could run the speaker wire via a subwoofer, good to know! Yup, sounds like I've now got two options at either end of my budget. Thanks for all the useful help and education!
  12. Thanks Andrew - yeah this is really highlighting my inexperience here. That would be a pretty annoying set up. Super useful info, means I need an amp without subwoofer output ideally then. Thanks again.
  13. I went with their all-rounder cable and got a jacket and some heat shrink tubing to cover it in. Ended up with a cheaper solution that looks more expensive
  14. Looks like about $1300 - same as the Brio. Both look like appropriate solutions, and better than the amps I was looking at. Thanks for all the advice to date. Looks like it's either the Powernode 2i for $1400 as a simple all-in-one solution, or a Node 2i with a Brio or Cyrus for $2200 as a noticeable 'step up' with more flexibility. I'm thinking of going with the cheaper option for now. Then, as I learn more about audio product, can assess whether it's worth getting something better/more expensive.
  15. Thanks all. Yes the Brio looks good and nice and compact. The Brio doesn't have a sub output but if I connect a Node to it I guess I can run TV audio into the Node via optical, the analogue out to the Brio for the two speakers and the sub out from the Node, correct? I'd just need to power on both along with the TV, instead of with the powernode I can just use one remote? So still not as convenient as the Powernode all in one solution, but better sound and more flexibility to scale? I guess what I'm taking away from the feedback is that one of those entry level amps isn't going to m
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