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  1. I ended up going with a Sonos Amp for $900 to pair with the Q350s and Kube 10". I ordered the Bluesound Powernode 2i from two places but both had it backordered with no ETA so ended up cancelling. In the end the fact I could walk down the road and buy a Sonos Amp from my local hi fi shop meant Sonos won over Bluesound. The sound is petty much the same as it was with my Denon AVR as the Denon had been running in 2 channel mode, though the 125W from the class d amp means it is louder than the 80W class a/b in the Denon, but it's too loud for my neighbours at about 70%. I suspect the room and spe
  2. Hi all, I started upgrading my audio almost 2 years ago with a $2k budget. My goal then was to get a decent pair of bookshelf speakers and an entry level AVR that would let me add speakers later on. I purchased a pair of KEF Q350s and a Denon X1400H receiver. 6 months later I added a KEF KUBE 10. Since then, I've come to realise I listen to a lot more music (streamed from Tidal, Amazon, or Spotify) and rarely use it for TV (except the occasional movie). For that reason, and my limited space, I have decided not to buy any more speakers for surround sound. I've foll
  3. Hi all - just wondering if anyone can offer some advice for an 18 month KEF KUBE 10 subwoofer that's started to rattle loudly, mostly from thundering sound effects in movies. It's like the front mesh cover is vibrating. I've read it could be a tear in the cone, but not sure if this would mean I could hear it all the time, under any type of sound/volume? I can't figure out how to open it up (if possible) to see if I can see any damage. Is this something that should be possible? Thanks.
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