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  1. What tonearm is included and please clarify if any cartridge is included cheers
  2. Absolutely a classic album. I have a couple of his albums and this guy was in the zone when he played
  3. If it wasn’t NYE I’d read this awesome article right now. Will have to wait for a bleary eyed read tomorrow. Happy New Year Y’all cheers
  4. Thanks very much. The combo (speakers with amp) along with my Accuphase 2810 means I have some keepers. Very happy with the sound. Still have the Bryston 4B3. cheers
  5. Thanks for the tip and all the imput. Since starting this thread I’ve experimented with placement and I think it’s right.....for now. cheers all
  6. Sure, see pic. Don’t get me wrong the bass is terrific. Tight, extended and good slam. Still experimenting with positioning. And yes they are 10 inch Focal drivers.
  7. I’ve got one and it punches way above its weight. Very good price. GLWTS
  8. Roger that. my PMC’s were front ported, transmission line. I had them fairly close to the walk. They were quite forgiving re placement. Wilson’s being rear ported seemed to need more space to breathe.
  9. Thanks for the advice folks. ive had and loved PMC and Wilson, both ported but different. Now getting used to WAR Audio speakers (sealed enclosure). More bass slam, chest thumping stuff but still experimenting with placement. I think LogicPrObe may be right about the power. I’m using a Magnus Audio MA-300 amp. This gives an accurate and dynamic sound. Is there a rule of thumb that ported speakers do well further from the wall and sealed speakers closer to the wall or doesn’t matter too much re placement . I think I may be placing them like ported, too far out. cheers Arthur
  10. Howdy Folks Can anyone point me to any articles about the different characteristics between sealed and ported speakers? cheers
  11. Thanks Eric But I think my wife has seen just about enough new/exchanged Hi Fi in the house. If I win Tatts I will re-contact. Really appreciate the offer Cheers
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