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  1. In my view yes. When I had the MA-300 over at Liquid Audio I reinstalled my Bryston 4B3 and it sounded good, but not in the same league as the MA-300. The Bryston sound is easy to enjoy and a great amp but not as detailed in all areas as the MA-300. When the upgraded MA-300 was put back in my system the difference was even more striking. I've never heard my WP8's sing so effortlessly and such a deep holographic sound with wonderful controlled bass. I think its a case of you get what you pay for. Apparently only 40 of these machines were made and according to Magnus Audio only 4 came to Australia. I feel very privileged. Just hope I don't have to move it too often....its huge.
  2. Howdy folks Check out the link to Liquid Audio in Perth who did an awesome upgrade for my 10 year old MA-300. I recently bought the amp from a StereoNet member and have been very impressed with the amp. Since the upgrade the performance in all listening areas has has improved dramatically. The upgrade was to install the power-board from the big brother Magnus Audio MA-500. Please enjoy. https://liquidaudio.com.au/magnus-audio-ma-300-monster-power-amplifier-upgrade/
  3. Bryson and Wilson Watt Puppy 8’s Magnus Audio and WP8...wow
  4. Hi Jasi Canary Audio also make solid state amplifiers called Magnus Audio. I recently purchased the MA-300 from a fellow Stereonet member and I could not be happier. My (desktop) research and info from Hi Fi dealers in Aust is that Canary Audio make top rate gear. Cant vouch for their tubed amps but their sister company makes awesome amplifiers. Hope that helps. Cheers
  5. Got a Bryston 4B3 if you’re interested
  6. I’m interested. Will pm over next day or so
  7. Not Happy Jan Desperately wanted this tuner, but it never came came up so I got Magnum Dynalab 90T. Lesson...be patient. GLWTS Cheers
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