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  1. I once would have thought these speakers were pygmies and not even worth auditioning, presuming they lacked enough oomph to merit playing music through them as they don't even reach my navel when I'm barefoot. In spite of those sorts of prejudices, I'm very happy to be the owner of these speakers and being somewhat wiser with the passing of a few decades, smart enough to know that this room doesn't need speakers the size of mount olympus
  2. Hiya Wen, I picked up a set of Monitor Audio Silver 8i (a bit awkward to go and check the badges etc at the moment, I think that's them). For my room size - 4500 x 2500 x 2500 - and I'm facing into the 4500 wall, rather than facing along the length, these are the right sized speakers. I have a set of bookshelves for mixing purposes, these monitor audios are for putting on a record, reading the cover and appreciating, as opposed to critiquing a mix as I do with the bookshelves - I push the computer chair to the back wall and listen from there, I'm just biding my time to get the right couch that will go against that back wall. Won't be much leg room between the couch and computer chair Someone more savvy would have picked up better components and for cheaper. I am on a beer budget (hell, I brew my own beer because 1. I can and enjoy it and 2. I can't afford to buy it) and would dearly loved to have been that buyer that was more savvy, nonetheless, I am stoked with what I have, wish that I bought it with my first few pay cheques several decades ago. As I said before, I think that I will keep this Sansui amp serviced and take it to my grave, it has changed my listening experience profoundly and I love it. Besides, I just painted my studio room a crimson/rose red - it's black and was meant to be in this room. The Monitor Audio's also look pretty sharp in here with their black grill
  3. Good on you Gryffles, I appreciate the help. It's what you don't know that catches you out, in my instance, anything from changes in toast technology, let alone electronics since 1980, to surprising modern revelations that cat's can have gender reassignment (10k+ vet bill this xmas, coz the poor thing had something similar to kidney stones - gawd knows how much the bills will be for ongoing psychological treatments for having his willy chopped off without his consent).
  4. Things have changed since I was younger it would seem So, xover upgrades are no longer necessary after a period of time on newfangled stuff?
  5. In the 80s, I was earning $200 cash per week assembling various speakers, more on the commercial outdoor speakers line etc rather than anything fancy and shmancy. Was never exactly high earning - and too impetuous to save... So I've had generic blah sound systems all along and wanting better - though as a musician, when it comes to Bass guitars/amps etc I didn't scrimp, the line in the sand is there I guess. Anyway, 2018 and I bought a Sansui AU-317 and had it restored, modest in comparison to some of the systems on here... But after decades of crap listening (I'm a musician, there was a big part of my heart bleeding every time I'd turn on and get such crap sound), I'm finally getting up to the fundamental starting point that I should have started at so long ago. Picked up a set of 2nd hand Monitor Audios for $500 last week, and a splash on some some pretty chunky cables and I am in Audio Nirvana, this humble 2nd hand audio set is life changing given that I listen for several hours a day. Will never write one, but this Sui amp goes in my biography and will merit a thank you in all my acceptance speeches. Possibly a mention on my tombstone as well unless the whiff overrides my deathbed wishes.
  6. I've just picked up a set of monitor audio silver 8i's. I haven't heard these as new, they have some years on them. So, not having owned them from new, I have no reference point for what they could sound like. Even if I did, my memory is not that good So, are there any specific indicators for drying up capacitors etc? If it were a set of speakers from the 70s, I wouldn't blink, I'd just do a crossover upgrade. Also, yep, everything is subjective, I am happy with the sound that I am currently getting, not looking to do a xover upgrade or the sake of it - same as many of you, so what is your tipping point?
  7. Got the TT back and it's playing correctly. The arm/s moving the belt were bent, so that was fixed. Moving parts regreased etc. Apparently, in converting this unit from the Japanese to Australian power, the design means it's always drawing power, so was encouraged to plug this into the amps external power socket if it has one, so at least it's off if the amp is off. Thanks all for your help along the way.
  8. Thanks for the replies, interesting reading. I had a new belt ordered off of ebay and thought I'd just stretch the old belt a little and see the difference. Well, the difference is that it snapped and is now the cat's new favourite toy. But... With the new belt. I put it on and it's 32.(can't remember) rpm. If I toggle the 45/33 it goes to 44.(can't remember) and 36.(can't remember). Take the platter off, put it back on and it's consistently back at 32.(can't remember). So, amongst whatever the issues are, the belts have given different speeds, but also, the arm that moves the belt is a problem (platter first put on, vs speed after toggling between 33/45). I've dropped it off to Jorge, a tech in Ringwood, I'll update when I get the TT back - hopefully he can resolve it.
  9. Thanks all, food for thought. I grabbed a RPM app as suggested by EV Cali and the phone app is clocking 34.2 RPM. Hmm... In the scheme of things that would make a moderate rock song at 120bpm fast by 4bpm which doesn't matter. But the pitch is sharp - and my musician ears are having an issue with it. I can probably overcome it by not listening to albums that I've heard a gazillion times, if don't expect to hear something to be as X then it might not be an issue, plenty of records weren't recorded at concert pitch and I don't brandish a pitchfork when I hear recordings where A above middle C isn't at 440 hz. As for the belt, it seems newish, it doesn't feel loose in place, but I'll try a replacement. Oh for a screw that I could turn and alter speed
  10. I've just picked up a Hitachi ps-15. Beautfiul, works like a charm with a caveat... Turntable speed, it's playing fast. I've had a look at the manual and didn't see any mention of how to fine tune the speed, alas, 33rpm aint 33rpm and the pitch on tunes is up as a consequence - I'm a musician, when a known tune is out of pitch it's irritating. The belt is well and truly on the 33rpm, not overhanging on the 45rpm part of the spindle. There is no buildup of gunk, the belt and everything it touches is clean as a whistle. Can anyone enlighten me as to something I missed in the manual, or something they forgot to put in the manual... Or a hack if such a thing would exist. Even a "aint fixable" so I know to move on. Thanks Dan
  11. Thanks Zaphod, I'm certainly pleased with the Sui 317 now it's home and plugged in, it's more articulate than the dead Yahama receiver, which by comparison sounded like it had a couple of blankets thrown over the speakers.
  12. A bit heartbroken, the Marantz purchase fell through. Driving to Adelaide this week, will be picking up a Sansui AU-317. Same path for the DAC, but I'll need to rethink the speakers.
  13. On Hold... Doh! Too late. I've been in discussion on a Sansui AU-317, to go into a small/medium room, was holding off til I resolved it as it's an interstate purchase. Best of luck to their new owners, but get in touch if that sale doesn't come through.
  14. No worries, I appreciate that you were trying to give a hand. I can't determine the difference in specifications between the units, it is a bit on the goppledegook side to me. Is that SMSL SD79II comparable to the d10? Or should I stay away from it?
  15. So it looks like the d30 and d50 has the optical in, whereas the d10 is optical out. But price is a fair bit different - damn these budget constraints... The SMSL SD79II has a headphone amp, but it only engages when the cans are plugged in. So it does what I need, ie optical in and rca out. But do what I want, good sound, that's the $87 question. I'm hesitant because of the headphone circuit, and any impact to only wanting to go out to rca. https://www.amazon.com.au/SMSL-SD793II-PCM1793-DIR9001-amplifier/dp/B077YNMHR3
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