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  1. Thanks 👍Probably should have added I’m in Sydney so local options gonna be a lot easier. Is there a type of speaker or spec I should avoid?
  2. Interested.. but I’d need to get them up to Sydney.. down in Melbourne soon but transit might be a problem without the cartons.
  3. Hey all, After the death of my previous amp I have recently purchased a JVC VN300 amp to play my ancient SL1210 turntable through. It’s currently powering some Gale Gold Monitors which sound pretty good (way better than playing MP3s through my Topping VX1). I plan to put the Topping Amp and Gale speakers to use elsewhere and need to get some speakers for use with the JVC amp. I’m not looking for audiophile quality here - just something that is durable, will sound decent and is well under $500 - new or secondhand. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Alternatively I could keep the Gale Monitors and get something more suited to the Topping amp which I plan to use with Spotify (or maybe start again?). Cheers, Ian
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