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  1. Does any one Know of an effective filter system for these tanks. My unit came with a small fish aquarium filter and pump that attached to the side of the tank, It was completely useless but the concept was good. I think a better quality one would work, one with a very fine micron filter and the ability to keep up with the pump flow without water tipping over and around the filter reservoir as mine did.
  2. I did find that around 5% alcohol worked just as well as 20% when I ran short once. I also think the alcohol does evaporate out of the water therefore reducing the ratio in the fullness of time. And yes the tissue technique only gets the floating gunk but the gunk on the bottom does not matter so much because it stays there and doesn't get on the vinyl.
  3. Just for info, I have a similar unit that I got from the guy who invented this type of cleaning device. It works well, the cleaning mix is about 80% distilled water 20% pure lab alcohol and a couple of drops of Kodak koda flow, this works well. And I have found that to get more use out of this mix before replacing the fluid just float a couple of large Kleenex tissues on top of the fluid when all of the gunk from the records has floated to the top, then carefully slowly remove the tissues and all of the floating gunk will stick to the tissues.
  4. I purchased a pair of Magico v3,s here on steronet last month and am running them with a Devialet 250. With SAM engaged they do go down to 18hz with more detail in the bass. They are amazing. Because of the better bass that the Devialet brings to the V3,s, the Devialet has replaced a MBL pre amp and Plinius SB301 combo.
  5. Thanks Mike, Yes they don't understand the word hobby. If I didn't have audio as a hobby and spent the same monetary amount on a very large fishing boat that we would use for one, maybe two days of the year I would get no complaints from the opposition.
  6. Any one know of a good repair shop in Adelaide for big power amps. Cheers Bo
  7. Thanks for the info guys. Its probably hiding in plane site but still can't figure out how to post an advertisement in the for sale section, I can't find a button that says place add or anything like it.
  8. Hi, I have been into hi end audio for about the last 50 years. I am a recently retired expat now back in Australia with many years worth of overseas and Australian stereo equipment purchases and forgotten projects all about to be sold on StereoNET. Under strict orders from the leader of the opposition, there will be many years worth of horded hi end gear being offered for sale as I am able to dig out the buried cartons from the Kennard's storage, unpack it and take photo's. I wish I had taken photo's of everything before I packed it. I will be selling all at bargain prices, it all must go as they say. The first item for sale will be a pair of Evolution Acoustics MM micro One speakers as they are already in the house unpacked, I have all the crates and packing, but more on that later. Bear with me while try to figure out the selling process on StereoNET, it is all new to me. Regards from Adelaide, Phileaudio
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