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  1. I felt so welcome - and privileged to be at the meeting as a guest. I will certainly be encouraging Hunter Audio Enthusiasts to attend Sydney Audio Club meetings - for the love of music at the "High End". This time I happened to be in Sydney for a concert at the Sydney Opera House the night before, so stayed over to attend once I "joined the dots". For the record too ... I was so enjoying and engrossed by the meeting I actually didn't take any notes (pen and paper or typed in) despite what Tom wrote above - that would have been a distraction, and I am a terrible note taker! Thanks again for having me!! David G (Hunter Audio Enthusiasts)
  2. Newcastle NSW Australia. A bit passionate about music of many genres. I am fortunate to have a loving wife who lets me indulge trying for the impossible of being totally fooled that it's really there in front of me at home in the listening space. Live concerts as much as I can too. Pleased to be on-board. DG
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