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  1. Ho might be i9ntersted. MINIDSP only have DDRC-22D (not A) on their website. Search DDRC-22A does not result in access to product details or manual. Do you have a manual to post with the Advert? As analogue in and out does this sit between DAC XLR output and Amp or Preamp XLR inputs? Regards Hunter
  2. In the past week the bookshelf version with stands (stands are expensive) sold. Advertised $3.5K. Not sure they sold for. They are not efficient so need powerful amp(s) to drive them. Plus factor in the cost of jumper leads if using single amp i.e. not bi or as designed tri amped. I think you could advertise for $5k so sell fairly quickly or $7k if willing to wait and if don't sell drop the price. Agree would have loved these as a wedding present! Hope that helps seller or buyer. Hunter
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