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  1. One day only on last Saturday for Record Store Day (I didn't even know that was a thing!)
  2. Got these on Saturday with the RSD discount from JB.
  3. Hi, I'll take them, thanks. I'll send a PM. Cheers Rick
  4. Hi Orpheus, I'd like: Michelle Shocked, Short Sharp Shocked - good condition on visual inspection - $8 Jodi Mitchell - Dog eat Dog - good condition on visual inspection - $8 Night Ride Home - good condition on visual inspection - $8 TOm Waits - Rain Dogs - good condition- $10 And any Cowboy Junkies. I'll send a PM. Cheers Rick
  5. I follow the method suggested on the Soundsmith site. https://sound-smith.com/faq/how-do-i-adjust-anti-skating-my-cartridge This way you are not hoping or guessing about the anti-skate setting, you see it.
  6. New to the forum after spending a bit of time at DIYAudio where I've built up my mostly self-made system. Too many amps, a few sets of speakers, some preamps and a DAC made with the help of the friendly folks over there. Rick
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