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  1. Funny, i started with a loan to get my end game speakers in my 20s and still have them 25 years later. Spent money since on sources, pre-amps, power amps and cables but no desire to ever change the speakers. I guess it is the beauty of highly efficient JBL horns combined with Pioneer tweete and TAD woofers. I am just happy listening to musics i love through different valves and amps. No need for huge powerful expensive amps too.
  2. Not sure if it will suit you but the Dared lp-100 has all the settings on the front http://www.dared.com.au/lp-100
  3. I went from class A Pass Aleph to all tubes SunAudio and McChanson. Phono is also a tube amp. I don t think i would ever go back to SS. Maybe hybrid with another Pass Amp for the bass.
  4. Great review, i have 3 McChanson amps. Your topic made me dig for my old HD 580 and i plugged it into the 6FD7 i was not using anymore. Directly to the speaker outputs of the amp, it made me enjoying listening to music through headphones again and really enjoy tube amps compared to McCoy based designs i tried in the past Thanks!
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