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  1. Funny, i started with a loan to get my end game speakers in my 20s and still have them 25 years later. Spent money since on sources, pre-amps, power amps and cables but no desire to ever change the speakers. I guess it is the beauty of highly efficient JBL horns combined with Pioneer tweete and TAD woofers. I am just happy listening to musics i love through different valves and amps. No need for huge powerful expensive amps too.
  2. Not sure if it will suit you but the Dared lp-100 has all the settings on the front http://www.dared.com.au/lp-100
  3. I went from class A Pass Aleph to all tubes SunAudio and McChanson. Phono is also a tube amp. I don t think i would ever go back to SS. Maybe hybrid with another Pass Amp for the bass.
  4. Great review, i have 3 McChanson amps. Your topic made me dig for my old HD 580 and i plugged it into the 6FD7 i was not using anymore. Directly to the speaker outputs of the amp, it made me enjoying listening to music through headphones again and really enjoy tube amps compared to McCoy based designs i tried in the past Thanks!
  5. Or this, McChanson. I use it on 97 db speakers and git all the power i need. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1x-Eric-McChanson-12W-5998-parallel-Triode-pEar-Amp-Tube-Valve-integrated-NEW/113724932498?hash=item1a7a88c192:g:EKoAAOSwRgJXkCj7
  6. Turn phono pre, turn speedbox on, turn 3 amps on (bass, mis and high) For the car, ignition on and I just enjoy the mid engine noise of the MG F
  7. Interesting comments nevertheless, i have built only one and did not think much about cabling layout and grounding. I actually got few chocked and had ground problems in the past. I am not in a position to comment on the design but i first heard about this amp 25 years ago and could not resist to build one for myself. I think if i could make it work, with my very poor skills, then to me it is proof that it is a good enough design. And i have been enjoying it for 6 years now and it sings perfectly well with my system. I now use it only between 500 and 7000 Hz with 2 McChanson for the bass and twitter and they match pretty well. So I am keen to upgrade some components like the caps and maybe to revise the internal wiring. But i guess what matter the most and we all fell in love with are the Tamura irons
  8. Thank you for the tip, i am thinking of a bigger list now
  9. I had a look inside mine and i think I could do one small upgrade to the copper foil caps. Do you think Guru could send me the same 3 ones ? Cheers Maxime
  10. Hi, that s sound crazy to me but what a job and upgrade on the Sun Audio. I probably did a shitty job building mine and keeping all the original components. I am very curious how yours will sound. Did it come with the Sovtek 2A3 ? And are keeping them ! I do but i changed the original 6SN7 for the Sophia Electrics and it improved a lot Well it was my first move to the world of SE class A amp and i enjoy it every day since. I hope you will too.
  11. Got it in Brussels 2 weeks ago, not as good as i expected compared to all the DCD i own. What s your review ?
  12. Oh yes, a huge difference, i would recommend doing it every couple of years and not 20 as i did. So nice to see shinny copper too.
  13. Thanks for your reply, i am now fully tri-amping with an active xover. 3 similar SE class A tube amps. I am still breaking-in one new silver cable and will use the cardas and the other silver cable. I think they are of similar quality. And i ll try the few possible combinations
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