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  1. maxsimonjp

    SUN Audio SV-2A3 SET Valve Amp - new build

    Interesting comments nevertheless, i have built only one and did not think much about cabling layout and grounding. I actually got few chocked and had ground problems in the past. I am not in a position to comment on the design but i first heard about this amp 25 years ago and could not resist to build one for myself. I think if i could make it work, with my very poor skills, then to me it is proof that it is a good enough design. And i have been enjoying it for 6 years now and it sings perfectly well with my system. I now use it only between 500 and 7000 Hz with 2 McChanson for the bass and twitter and they match pretty well. So I am keen to upgrade some components like the caps and maybe to revise the internal wiring. But i guess what matter the most and we all fell in love with are the Tamura irons
  2. maxsimonjp

    SUN Audio SV-2A3 SET Valve Amp - new build

    Thank you for the tip, i am thinking of a bigger list now
  3. maxsimonjp

    SUN Audio SV-2A3 SET Valve Amp - new build

    I had a look inside mine and i think I could do one small upgrade to the copper foil caps. Do you think Guru could send me the same 3 ones ? Cheers Maxime
  4. maxsimonjp

    SUN Audio SV-2A3 SET Valve Amp - new build

    Hi, that s sound crazy to me but what a job and upgrade on the Sun Audio. I probably did a shitty job building mine and keeping all the original components. I am very curious how yours will sound. Did it come with the Sovtek 2A3 ? And are keeping them ! I do but i changed the original 6SN7 for the Sophia Electrics and it improved a lot Well it was my first move to the world of SE class A amp and i enjoy it every day since. I hope you will too.
  5. maxsimonjp

    SOLD: Kimber hero xlr 1.5 meter

    I ll take them then, thanks, i ll pm
  6. Got it in Brussels 2 weeks ago, not as good as i expected compared to all the DCD i own. What s your review ?
  7. maxsimonjp

    Speaker cables for tri-amping

    Oh yes, a huge difference, i would recommend doing it every couple of years and not 20 as i did. So nice to see shinny copper too.
  8. maxsimonjp

    Speaker cables for tri-amping

    Thanks for your reply, i am now fully tri-amping with an active xover. 3 similar SE class A tube amps. I am still breaking-in one new silver cable and will use the cardas and the other silver cable. I think they are of similar quality. And i ll try the few possible combinations
  9. maxsimonjp

    Blown Tube ????

    I have checked this when i noticed one tube did not glow as much as the other on my phono. It appears it could happen but nothing to worry as long as the amp sounds normal.
  10. Well it is done, i got the active cross over this week and i am using the 3 amps. Matched the 500 and 7kHz cut over frequencies and now enjoying active tri-amping SQ. The 2 McChanson mini 2W are now singing at their full potential. Just one wonder with the crossover, is it a good choice to use a audiopro PA crossover or is there anything more audiophile like ? I might give mini-dsp a try or should i look into the diy world ? What do you guys use as active crossover ? Could not find a topic on SNA
  11. maxsimonjp

    Speaker cables for tri-amping

    I guess the question does not generate much enthusiasm... Anyway, i got my active crossover today, plugged it as a two way for the moment, waiting for the silver speaker cables to arrive soon. So i cut the oxydated ends of the SAEC copper and use it on the bass. The Cardas for the mid and high with the existing passive filter. Bi-amping is already amazing and works ok that way. I ll put the silver on the tweeter and if too sharp i ll switch it with the copper. Cheers Maxime
  12. maxsimonjp

    Why not JBL?

    Funny topic, my woofer is a TAD, the mid horn and driver JBL and the tweeter is a Pioneer. Very happy with the result. I could only afford a Toyota though.
  13. maxsimonjp

    Australian music recommendations on vinyl

    The new Paul Kelly, Nature
  14. Topic Starter Members 38 74 posts Location: ACT Country: Australia Report post Posted October 6 I bought the Cardas Clear light speaker cables from Scuzzi here on SNA and i am totally amazed with the improvements in my system. I suspect my SAEC 6N cables got some oxydation after 20 years of good services. I also own a pair of decent silver cables and my question is, when i will go tri-amping soon, how should i use these cables ? My thoughts are the SAEC on the bass, the Cardas on the mid and the silvers on the high. I am planning to cut the xover at 700Hz and 10 kHz, the mid being the most efficient component in my speakers, with a JBL horn at 117 db. I suppose the best will be all Cardas but i am not sure i can afford 2 more. Thank you