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  1. Can you set different left and right volumes as well? My RC-971 has the split volume knob so maybe that's not quite right. Otherwise the tone controls on it have also gotten a bit iffy but I lose an entire channel with it turned on rather than a difference in volume.
  2. MusicCast worked a lot better for me than Blusound. I have the wxc preamp and it sports Spotify connect over wifi so no need for the app or BT sound quality drop.
  3. Shouldn't be, it was streaming off Tidal through Greg's regular demo setup just like everything else that day.
  4. No, this was at pretty normal levels. We had Tool Aenima a lot louder after that and it was fine. Everything else about the demo was great before and after that and it was only the vocals in Pantera. The drumming and guitars were still fantastic, just Phil Anselmo's voice was all wrong. This was the Cyber 100 as well with 100wpc, not the smaller consonance he sells but it was on the Epitome towers which did trip out my Nad M32 when I hooked that up.
  5. I've only listened to a valve amp when demoing Osborn speakers and it absolutely butchered the singing in Pantera's 13 steps to nowhere. Crappy onboard pc sound, Rotel, Nad, Holton amps, factory earbuds into your phone and a Dragonfly DAC into some midfi headphones and nothing has been as horrible as the Consonance integrated, but only on that song and just the vocals.
  6. Does anybody have any thoughts on the VAF i93 actives? I'm considering them as an end game speaker however I haven't heard much high end sound but I like the fact it's all Australian made including the DEQX front end on it.
  7. I have the same Rotels and found they lack treble but were great for power. Perhaps have them run your bass and get that much better high end of the Arcam on the tweeter.
  8. I’ve got a Holton One Zero Zero with a Gieseler Fein II as the pre and it works fine. Not sure on the differences on the internals between mine and this amp though.
  9. Another vote for Aussie Broadband. They do a bit of maintenance at midnight but that rarely bothers me and it's a lot less common than it used to be. They also have reasonable 'pay a year upfront for bonus' offers. The last one was pay for a year, get a month free which is may only be an 8% discount but that's better than it sitting in the bank and up there with some super funds. I'm sure someone on here could give you the signup code and save you $50 as well.
  10. Osborn EOS reference elite are in your price range. I listened to the epitome range and the vocals and midrange blew my Xt8f’s out of the water and I believe they have the same drivers in the EOS.
  11. Yamaha gear in that price bracket seems pretty good. I have the wxc-50 preamp and didn’t mind that and the integrated wxa-50 measured well on audio science review. Emotiva have something in that price bracket as well for consideration but I’ve never heard them.
  12. Thanks for the detailed reply, unfortunately the media room looks like a no go now. The reason being is I’m trying to build with hempcrete which is a bit more expensive so I had to make the house a bit smaller. I still have to get body corp approval to use that though but I’m semi confident. If I have to go back to normal materials the media room is affordable again. Currently I’ve got 10x5m for the media/kitchen with a 2m wide hallway beside that. I’ll have a 5m wall separating them at the start so at least I’ve got a uniform U shape so first reflections are equal. The last five meters work out to being 7m wide and the hallway extending a few metres past the kitchen. With just the wife and I we are going to also soundproof the main bedroom a bit so that might mitigate the open media room. The walls will be thicker than standard and I’ll be using the lime binder keeping the walls breathable which from my limited understanding of the top search result means it will deal with the lower frequencies better than regular concrete. I’m hoping that will be the roof insulation as well as its thermal properties are meant to be amazing which will come in handy for closing up the house in the tropics to up the volume. I was going to try have an Ethernet cable with most power points but I’m not sure about the rca sockets in a wall.
  13. Is it one with the new bass drivers though? From October he had a new model bass driver I think. I'm only extrapolating from the fact that he said he can't get the bass units anymore for the Grand Monuments, people on here saying it was the bass and that sort of lines up with the website saying everything from the Eclipses up is a new model from October 2019.
  14. Honestly I thought that stuff like that was handled by the dac so as long as I got a digital signal out of the pc it was all good. I'll have a read but can you tell me now if I could watch Netflix on the pc->streamer ->Fein? I'm all for improved audio but I do need audio to get from the pc to the Fein.
  15. A continuation from my sale thread for Snoopy8. I’m going to go straight from my HTPC for this which will work fine with Spotify’s connect feature. I was worried about upgrading to flac streaming but I looked into Roon and that seems like a good idea. Lifetime licence is about $720 so about the same price as a CA 851N. There was also a thread on the audiophile subreddit on how Tidal's player actually does something to the sound quality whereas using Roon it didn't. The file quality is good but just the playback method. They did talk about exclusive mode so maybe is that, I’m not 100% sure though. Not sure what you would do without a pc, maybe getting the extra inputs on it but I was happy with USB only.
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