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  1. Jeez. You're probably right. And looking at the other listing's.... Car stereos. Hmmmm Such a shame to see one of the best nakamichi decks ever made looking so neglected. 😔
  2. Oh totally....it'll all need significant work id say. It's a dodgy looking listing. 😂
  3. Pretty cool decks in Sydney including revox CD, two high end Sony DATs and pretty much my dream nakamichi deck.. Missing heaps of buttons though! lol someone save it! Oh and a big yammy AV amp. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/canley-vale/stereo-systems/hi-end-vintage-amplifier-cd-dat-all-come-as-it/1241534094
  4. Safe to say it probably does need calibration actually...it looks dusty as all get out and only got used once by the owner then left. He seems a noob like me. lol
  5. I feel a bit sheepish really - sounds like I'm just not being realistic. I've looked a bit further and notice there's an Instek GOS-622G available locally for about $150 or an old DSE Q-1802 for about 200. Perhaps they're options?
  6. Thanks Roman, that's very generous. 🙂 I may take you up on that - at the moment I don't have my test tapes, new belts for the decks or anything so I'm not quite in a position to start - just gathering the necessary. lol I certainly don't want to put anyone to disadvantage - sounds like you need your spares as a backup for the work you do anyway. I've seen such a range of prices for scopes and I honestly don't really understand what sets them apart - its a steep learning curve. What do you think I should look for - are these cheap PC based scopes any use? Perhaps I need to reconsider my budget?
  7. Item: Dual Trace Oscilloscope Price Range: looking around $100 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: I know this is a bit out of the ordinary, but I'm looking for a very basic dual channel oscilloscope to align a couple of tape decks. 20Mhz is probably fine. Analog or digital doesn't really matter, although I imagine with my budget I'm more likely to find someone with an old CRT one laying about. I also would prefer one that's not too bulky - to that extent some of the digital models might be better but hey, can't be too picky. This is just a bit of a fun project, so I don't want to sink too much money into it. Please tell me if my budget is unrealistic for what I'm after - this is all out of my usual realm! Jaycar were running some out a few years ago but of course none of them are left and they only sell two models now. Located in Perth but happy to consider shipping if not to far and not too heavy.
  8. Thanks guys. 🙂 I'd really just like it to go to an SNA-er again. Wow, that's probably the ultimate of the Alphas @misternavi. Stunning looking amplifier, would sure love to hear the late model top flight suis one day. I did go looking in the motherland at one stage for the 100v goodness but you sure need to pay a lot more than this to play. Would indeed be interesting to compare.
  9. Cheers @thejt! Yes it's quite unusual to see the MC load adjustment as well. It's also ready for the future (or at least the future as it looked from 1989) with a Tape/DAT button. lol 😉
  10. Item: Sansui AU-X501 Integrated Amplifer Location: Perth Price: Sold Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Funding new purchases Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I was recommended this model by a number of the incredibly helpful (and wise) Sansui gurus on SNA. I paired it with some usher s520 speakers which can be a bit clinical and are fairly inefficient - fantastic match - but it was equally happy driving some bigger Sony APM 3-ways. I’ve really loved the amp – heaps of power that belies the rated 80 watts and a very detailed, lively sound. It still seems to have some of that Sansui warmth, but more modern and transparent than the 1970s gear. Very nice phono stage with MM/MC switch. As prices of the earlier Sansui amps have gone through the roof in the past few years, this model appears a bit of a sleeper - the smaller brother of the x701 and x901 which I think sold in Japan with the alpha prefix (Sansui nomenclature is not my strong suite though). I haven't even had the lid off this one, because it all seems to work fine. I think it’s basically untouched under the hood. There’s no crackling I can recall with any of the buttons or knobs but given the age it probably could do with a deoxit. I’ve not checked the bias nor any of the capacitors to see if they’re in spec – again probably worth doing at some point for what’s now I guess a vintage amp. The main filter caps are Elna for Audio which should hint at decent quality components. I’d conclude the condition is cosmetically pretty good for the age although certainly not mint – the black mirror painted aluminum face on these is hard to photograph as it just reflects everything, however the front is quite clean. I've tried to depict it as honestly as I can. Some of the black paint has worn in a thin line on the top edge that gets touched a lot – this seems like a common thing from other units I’ve seen on the web but I didn’t find it that noticeable and made no attempt to touch it up. The previous owner was kind enough to sand back and respray the lid with a satin black finish before handing it to me and I think he’s done quite a decent job. Finally this unit has some SNA provenance which I quite enjoy – I was browsing the site looking for other examples of the x501 and noticed that @Vortexjah had posted one for sale in 2013. Pretty sure I checked out his listing and the comments when I was considering buying mine. For some reason I was minded to cross-reference the serial number and bugger me if it isn’t the very same one! We worked out that it had gone from @Vortexjah in QLD to a guy in the NT, and then was purchased by a chap on a trip to the top end who brought back to Perth for a few years before he sold it to me about 18 months ago. It looks pretty much the same as it did 7 years ago! Be nice to keep it in the SNA community. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Gee, tough crowd as they say. This early 70s range of Sony amplifiers were extremely well built and this unit looks in lovely condition - surely a bargain here? I've heard the TA-1055 with less power than this one and it really surprised me. Were I in Sydney... Good luck with the sale and the move!
  12. Thanks for linking me guys. 🙂 I did fairly recently pick up a Sony ES tuner from another SNA member here - can confirm the sony tuners do sound great. If it was in champagne I'd be all over it!
  13. looks like you're in Melbourne @mbz which really helps I suspect. I've looked at this sort of a route for stuff from the motherland, but being in Perth kills the deal a lot of the time. Sailing it from Mie to Melbourne and then freighting it overland to WA is pretty crazy and lots or risk, plus as @Snapper() rightly points out there's heaps of costs to consider ...the shippers fees, plus domestic japanese shipping plus japanese tax (if they're a shop) plus Aussie import duty plus GST etc...every bastard wants a piece of ya (of course you know all this if you're already using Aleado). On the Japan Post thing, I've also read that they don't like shipping strong magnets but I can't confirm that. I hope you get your amp one way or another! 🙂
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