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  1. Do you still have the original tweeters kicking around by any chance @nosepeg?
  2. Nice ! those stands should tidy up with some carefully cut rubber sheeting in place of the disintegrated foam , but otherwise they look in great shape. Bit far for me otherwise I might risk domestic bliss and try and sneak a second pair into the house. 😂 GLWTS !
  3. My take on this it's good to have the latest software from a security or vulnerability point of view. There's always patches for stuff...
  4. Cool, I might check it out. I've actually moved to picore player and really liking it. Ui is a bit crap but other benefits.
  5. Fantastic work Suzy! The name David Tilbrook took me back to my youf - dad built a pair of large Philips equipped 3-ways from ETI in 1980 that were my first intro to hif as a very young child. Tilbrook was the designer there too. He seems to have been quite prolific in the 1980s. Looking at all those SMDs gave me chills but it looks like a very fun and rewarding project. Extremely thoroughly documented - you've probably covered this in other posts but have you attempted to sell these as kits or finished units? They look really well designed. Thanks for sharing this wi
  6. Hey Nic Nah, the foams from speakerfoams.com are fine. They're not cosmetically the same but they seem reasonable quality and its not like you really have much alternative. I've only used the 22ES foams. It seems all very sketchy I will confess...i recently ordered a pair and have not yet received them but my first pair eventually arrived ok. The only drawback is that they aren't die cut which is a real PITA. You'll need to very carefully cut the edges with a knife. I got a professional to do it on my 181ES because I didn't trust myself to do a neat job and poorly installed and tri
  7. As @mkaramazov says, the best tweeters are the original APM tweeters, but they're really quite hard to find because as with the pair you've bought they tend to burn the voice coils. I've had searches on ebay for years but they rarely come up, except open circuit. I'd think the best bet might be to buy a pair of burnt ones and try to re-coil them. Are your 66ES also replaced with non-originals? If so that's a real bummer because Romain of Sound Oddity fame has had voice coils manufactured for them - you can buy them on ebay or at least you could. Not cheap of course but I would thi
  8. Shame the lenco build didn't come to fruition but sometimes you just gotta move on! Buy with confidence here... @thejt is a stand up guy. GLWTS!
  9. Ooh, nice... This is on the list to listen for me too!
  10. I must admit I'm finding the whole Pi streamer experience a bit less enjoyable than before. Now I've moved to a subsonic/airsonic server arrangement I try and stream to the moode via UPNP and frankly it's very hit and miss with constant dropouts. I suspect the issue may be my network, or the protocol, or something else. Your dupes issue is curious ...can't really explain that one! Depending on how customised your installation is, I often just reinstall a fresh image when I have trouble.
  11. Not that specifically, but recently found library management a bit crap. Like not handling various artists albums properly, picking up only part of an album. Assumed id stuffed something up?
  12. Jeepers... '96! I never played the video games but do remember some of the tunes. I recall going to a Prodigy concert at Metropolis Freo in around '95 maybe? bugger...I'm old.
  13. Been spinning more vintage Detroit this last week thanks to this thread. It often seems that Kenny Larkin is a bit forgotten among the 2nd Wave Detroit techno producers. His debut album on Warp is a fave of mine though.
  14. Item: Sony pivoting tonearm headshell - SH-151 or SH-94 Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Has anyone got a headshell for one of these old Sony pivoting arm turntables kicking around spare? Either the metal SH-151 or the plastic SH-94 will do fine I think. Annoying that it's proprietary but supposedly they were attached to a lot of turntables back in the day including the following: PS-LX2, PS-350, PS-454, PS-FL1, PS-FL3, PS-FL5, PS-LX2, PS-LX22, PS-LX3, PS-LX4, PS-LX5, PS-T22, PS-T33, PS-X45, PS-X55, PS-X500 and PS-X600. I'm in
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