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  1. I'm a little late to this party it seems - just had a crack at grabbing one and it's about 13USD postage for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but I don't seem to get the free shipping. Not to worry. 🙂
  2. Double Dragon?! 😉 Since we're talking 1980s here that seems an appropriate reference. lol But absolutely agree with you - this is pretty much the high water mark for the compact cassette format. Alain is not exaggerating about this bloke Alex either...he is THE guy...seemingly one of the most knowledgeable and technically gifted tape whisperers and deck repairers on the planet. That A.N.T Audio has been through this should give any buyer confidence. I wish I had the funds for it to be me!
  3. Wow, serviced by Alex too! Beautiful deck. GLWTS 🙂
  4. If only I was in NSW! I think these are Technics SB x700 speakers in pretty good condition (or maybe 500s?) but it's a bit hard to tell. Flat diaphragm speakers in a similar tradition to sony APMs. These aren't the very top drawer Technics honeycomb speakers by any means but some seem to believe they sound pretty good. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/corlette/stereo-systems/stereo-equipment-speakers-amplifier-and-double-cassette-deck/1236860243
  5. Holy moly! Amazing that it worked...well done indeed! Targeted obviously - you must buy a fair bit with them? merry christmas! 🙂
  6. Very nice! Pi 4 only then? Looks like there's room for a hat or am I misreading that. I have pi 3+ only but maybe time for an upgrade! 😂
  7. What case is that @aussievintage? Looks much smarter than my nasty white and red one. I'm also running moode and just ordered an smsl m100 usb dac. Hope it runs as smooth as yours! 🙂
  8. Right, I'm off to google all that because I'm a bit out of my depth here I think! lol I am considering my first USB DAC actually - the SMSL M300 which I notice uses the same AK4497 DAC chip.
  9. wow @mwhouston! Are you running a HAT or a USB dac out of interest? To my great shame I'm using a pifi 2.0 Chinese clone. I had thought it sounded rather good and was reassured by the quality of the PCM5122 chip but have just read some more objective tests over at audiosciencereview and it's actually not that great, perhaps because it doesn't have an external clock... much of the audio science goes over my head to be honest. I'm not even sure where one would find DSD source material - intrigued that you're playing DSD128 and higher!
  10. thanks @keinesorge i have just installed it! Haven't checked the changelog to see what's new yet. I'm very impressed at how quickly the developer pumps out the updates. I always flip him a small donation.
  11. On 6.3 myself too. Been solid and sounds good. Spotify remains flaky however but gather thats not Tim's fault really?
  12. I do apologise for the lateness of this reply @Uncle Seth. In the end, the sony 181ES pair that I have turned out to be equipped with black anodised 22ES woofers. So I sourced a pair of foams from https://speakerfoams.com/. They did arrive, and were actually rather good quality, although not trimmed/die cut. I ended up getting a professional to do it for me as it seemed all a bit fiddly and difficult to align. What APMS are you looking to restore out of interest!? 🙂 Best of luck!
  13. Thanks team. For some reason my alerts didn't fire and so I missed all these awesome responses! I like the idea of the hydroponic fan for simplicity ... A long run of duct out the window or door should do it eh? Cheers for the tips... I'm off to research. 👍🙂
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