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  1. Item: FS: IsoTek Evo 3 Sequel Power Cable Aus C13 - 2 metre Location: Byron Bay Price: $360 inc. shipping (RRP: $529) each Item Condition: Hardly used Reason for selling: NLR - the C13 end is slightly too large and overlaps with my Moon 340i rear power switch. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, PayPal (buyer pays 3% fees), Bank Deposit Extra Info: in great condition. Comes with original packaging. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. I listened to the Vivid Ovals and Giyas at a hifi show, just brilliant sounding speakers, although very odd looking They would definitely not suit my older style queenslander. errrrrr...
  3. Welcome MF. I lived in Bali for 2.5 years in Canggu/Umalas area, an amazing experience for our family! Happy to be back in Australia now though.
  4. I'm absolutely loving Al Green, can anyone recommend similar artists or albums of this calibre? Thanks.
  5. 25th (!) Anniversary edition just arrived. Excellent listening..
  6. It's an APC and Living End kind of day.
  7. I had a similar one where a friend thought the tops of my floorstanders would make for a great place to put his cold beer down. "I thought hifi died in the 80s!"
  8. One way I have found to fight the addiction is to identify what gear I want through demos & listening sessions and then jot them down in a wish list document. Then I setup my email alerts and wait 12 months or so for a second hand gear to become available here or ebay, or tradein deals are announced with my regular stores. I find it calms me down to know what my upgrade paths are, and that I have to wait for the right moment. Sometimes I have moments of wanting to walk into a store and slap down my credit card on something new, but mostly I find the above approach keeps that at bay. Then I can just focus on listening to music and getting the most from my current system until my time comes to upgrade. PS Does anyone have a Nordost Red dawn 2m power cable they aren't using?
  9. Is it the mind2 board with roon bridge and MQA support? If so I’m keen.
  10. Gapless playback works fine for me on the iOS/MacOSX Plex clients.
  11. I can recommend Roon, it is my home streaming platform of choice for my setup. I run it from a dedicated Mac Mini which plugs into the DAC of my 340i but you can use cheaper hardware, if you have any existing NAS its worth checking the specs and seeing if its up to the job and you'll need a Roon Bridge for your Hifi. I have an old iPad mounted near my hifi with the Roon Web App on it which I use for playing songs as I loath having to find my mobile phone every time I need to play music. If you get a similar setup going you can avoid needing to use a PC. Keep in mind you will need to also pay for a TIDAL subscription unless you have a great collection of digital music already. I found the missus and kids don't like Roon+TIDAL and they defaulted back to using Spotify because of the playlists and bigger range of music. So during a recent cost saving drive I gave up the TIDAL subscription and now use Roon purely for my own digital collection - bit of a shame but so be it. $13,99 for Spotify, $23,99 for Tidal and $14 for Roon each month was a bit much. Once Roon makes it easier to stream music outside the home (like Plex does) it will be a far more universal solution for me. Otherwise there is the clunky need to use TIDAL when out and about, and Roon when at home. It just doesn't have WAF so Spotify wins again. I'm using a Plex out of the home to access my collection, and Roon in the home at the moment .
  12. I have noticed there is a lot of Australian bringing back stack loads of Japanese pressings as well and selling them in markets and vinyl fairs.
  13. I'm a lifetime member of Roon and Plex and finally got around to trying out Plex for music & TIDAL the last few days. The biggest benefit of Plex over Roon is that you can make your collection available remotely so I can listen to the music stored on my media server from my car, at work etc. I was originally driven by the idea of getting rid of TIDAL in favour of just buying FLAC digital music for my favourite albums each month instead of the $23.99 per month subscription. I'm still continuing with Spotify as my wife likes it and I still need it too for the wide selection. So I'm spending $40 a month on music subscriptions plus I have a Vinyl habit (2-3 per month). At the moment with using Roon - I need TIDAL still if I want lossless music in my car/while at work. So Im having to use two different mobile apps to access my music, this annoys me no end and makes me die for Spotify to release lossless streaming. I'd get rid of all this complexity in a heart beat. Anyway back to it. So after a few days fiddling with Plex, the interface is currently not as enjoyable to use at Roon. Sure it has the album art, the information about the artist and that tactileish interface but no where near refined as Roon. There isn't any capability to group speakers, No DSP, no MQA etc, also TIDAL users wouldnt be able to use an iPad/Mobile app to remote play Tidal music via the Plex Apps to their media server (where its connected to my Hifi) - thats not supported yet anyway. Looks like I'll have to live with this setup for a little while longer. Just curious has anyone done any A/B audio quality comparisons between Plex and Roon?
  14. Finally getting around to watching Suits ! Absolutely loving it. And it's a great feeling to know I have 7 seasons stacked up ready to watch. Great vinyl collection but its a shame about the Klipsch speakers.
  15. Dammit just bought a SR6012 ex demo for about the same price.
  16. Hey guys, Just an update on where I got to with the home cinema project. After plenty of research I ended up going the more traditional path of a media room instead of a home cinema. There were a few reasons but I realised I could get a 85" Sony X85F for about the same budget I was considering for a 100" screen and 4k projector. The room orientation and window just wasn't ideal for a projector based system. Plus the projector idea had low WAF. I have attached some pictures of the finished project. I went with the Qacoustics 3050i speaker set that WhatHifi rave about, they are fantastic sounding to my ears, especially for the budget. I use the Velodyne SPL1000 subby i bought second hand here instead of the Q acoustics one as its far better. I have also completed the cable runs for the in-ceiling ATMOS speakers so will purchase those in a couple of months, although I have to say my system is really enjoyable without it. The Sony is a great TV although in a dark room uneven backlighting is quite obvious to me when watching movies with the black bands top&bottom, even with the TV on lowest brightness setting. One day I may upgrade to an OLED/QLED once the price comes way down. The Apple TV has been a great buy as well, I prefer to use it over the inbuilt Android TV functionality. The 4K HDR content from the Itunes store is amazing - so for now I have not bothered with a Bluray player. The mother in law made up the thick blackout curtain which blocks out most light from the room and made a noticeable sound improvement for the centre channel. I will in future add acoustic panels on the side walls for the first reflection point. I've included some budget/cost information - hopefully it helps anyone looking into this. Time to watch a movie..
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