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  1. Thanks Dave. We have some stunning subtropical timbers hear on the Blackall Range so I’ll keep a lookout.
  2. Hi Dave, I just picked up a quad 34/306 which sounds lovely and will replace the April music Stello system. I generally listen to vinyl and use Spotify for research. Thanks for your encouragement however the price of decent plywood seems high. I live in a timber area so any thoughts on solid timber?
  3. Thanks everyone for your input. As stated I am really just looking for a hi fi carpentry project that doesn’t look like a pair of boxes but sounds good. I am not especially fixed on a single full range design, however the Frugel-Horn XL did rise to the top of my research list. I welcome any advice be it negative or positive. Planet 10 is a great a great resource so maybe I should be directing my enquires there. Thanks again.
  4. Hello all. I have had these two gems sitting around for a while and am just seeking some advice. The tape deck works fine and I may consider selling it however the 730 is a different story. All the lights, sliders, bells and whistles, tuner ect. work fine however there is an intermittent fault causing loss of sound. When it’s good it’s very good, but. My question though is how much money can you put into a 1978 amp before it’s to much and is this one even a worthy contender. I might add that both units are cosmetically mint. Thanks.
  5. Looking for a project, have any members built or owned a pair of frugalhorn xl speakers?
  6. Tasmanian Blackwood. You may possibly find more info on the Maleny wood expo Facebook page.
  7. Great to see a young woodworker take out this years Wootha prize at the Maleny wood expo. He loves his vintage gear and had a nice collection of vinyl as well. The Wootha prize is hotly contested and worth a cool $10.000
  8. On a recent trip to Bunker records Toowoomba I purchased the Breeders new album, 180g clear orange but also in the free box was this gem. It surely is a crime that an album of 1960s lounge music can be so superior in so many ways. Any way Vincent Bell is one cool cat.
  9. Have any Silex owners out there added a spring to the idler carrier, if so why and what did you gain. Just curious thanks.
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