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  1. I really can see no benefit to either party in dealing with this matter publicly on the forum. I am not sure that using the forum for this purpose ultimately benefits any of us - are we all going to publish names whenever we are disgruntled in an effort to gain advantage? I do have an opinion on this but I cannot see any point in public debate of an issue which should be sorted privately between the two individual parties, or in a small claims court.
  2. Thanks for all the work, Michael. You must have given up much of your holiday for our community.
  3. I think we may be talking about different auctions.
  4. That clears that up a bit then, thanks. I was under the impression that they were new.
  5. Oracle is right. They were indeed 40.1s, absolutely mint, as new and went for 8k.
  6. I have owned both an SA100 and currently own an SA250. In both cases I have preferred the sound in class AB rather than class A mode.
  7. 13th Floor Elevators an Bach Cello Suites on their way to me. Yippee.
  8. PM sent. Happy to take advantage of a fellow member's lapse of reason. P.S. Didn't notice you want to keep the jazz, Maxgate, so some of my wish list may not be available. On the other hand you may be now starting to feel feverish, shaking, a high temperature and getting delirious - in which case I may have a chance.....
  9. Pretty pointless having a discussion if you don't mention the names. Just try to keep it objective and stick to the facts. Forums such as this are some of the few places consumers can have a decent voice and perhaps influence some change for the better. No doubt if things went too far the moderators would step in.
  10. Frankly I find the response from blether/Tony Chandler as the NZ distributor somewhat heavy handed, disappointing and a little threatening. This is an open forum and Tias is entitled to express his frustration just as Tony Chandler is to reply. In this case the issue seems to be very much the way in which the shop dealt with him. Mr Chandler, he should not have to contact the distributor as you suggest - it is up to your appointed dealers to work with the customer in a manner that is appropriate and mutually satisfactory. I do not think that Tias was over the top in his response nor does he deserve to be bullied online. Posts such as this are valuable to us all and no doubt many will bear it in mind when it comes to our own future purchases.
  11. I will be in Christchurch for the weekend in three weeks, staying at a motel in Colombo Street (Colombo in the City). I have not been down there for about five years and understandably things will be very different. Pennylane records used to be my main call, but I notice that they now list about four Pennylane stores in Christchurch. Can somebody tell me the best/main Pennylane shop of the four and also advise any other good record shops? Naturally I will pop into The Listening Post down there - are there any other worthy hifi shops? Going to a play at Court one night, any nice pub recommendations for the other? Thanks in anticipation, Tim
  12. A Pureaudio rig is certainly on my radar, it is difficult to find the cost online anywhere though. I suspect well in excess of 20 grand and well worth it. Re the power issue, and I stand to be corrected on this, but I believe the output was tweaked/ boosted for someone who needed a little extra to drive some Thiels?? As I say, hearsay but came from the person himself. Unfortunately I did not pay much attention at the time so I may be off the mark but I think some form of mod was mentioned. Sorry if I am throwing a curved ball here, Gary, no doubt you will correct me. I hear that the Pureaudios sounded outstanding with the Quads at Sounding.
  13. Art Pepper - Rhythm Sessions Dave Brubeck - Take Five Count Basie - The Atomic Mr Basie Joan Armatrading - Me Myself I Beatles - Sgt Pepper
  14. Many thanks to Gary who has sent me the screws. What a great forum we have when designers will go out of their way to help us like that. Just increases my gas for the Pureaudio monoblocks even more.
  15. Yep, I have wondered about that myself, Gary. The difference is subtle, and I have not bothered too much about it in my own system. I must admit that I struggle with the concept that the fuses are directional - especially when I would have thought that by definition alternating current is non directional?? Then again, I teach English not physics.
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