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  1. Fascinating,though I can't offer any knowledge of Dr Stephen.Maybe Trove would be useful (apologies if you've already tried this!).
  2. Rustavi Folk Choir - Alilo,Ancient Georgian Chorales
  3. Think I'll keep Joseph Tawadros' virtuosity going. Joseph Tawadros - The White Shadow
  4. Joseph Tawadros - Betrayal Of A Sacred Sunflower
  5. Thanks,could be a lot worse than those,some decent stuff there. P.S. I think I should just have had a look at the Aldi site myself,my apologies!!
  6. Nice to hear the quality is ok ,have they got much of a selection?
  7. This guy is nuts,in a nice way!Incredibly prolific,seems every second day he posts something new.
  8. Some lovely synth-pop from Monsieur Letournelle Slow Steve - Adventures
  9. This is terrific,haven't heard these guys before.Definitely something for the weekend.
  10. Thanks for the reminder Martin,forgotten all about this. Think this was released around 2000 or 2001.Good fun stuff. Tipsy - Uh-Oh!
  11. Friends Of Dean Martinez - A Place In The Sun
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