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  1. Just a quick update,everything seems ok,for now at least.????!!!!???
  2. Thanks guys for your replies,I'll give a few of the suggestions a try.And yes,could be a Windows 10 problem,forgot that it's just updated.Thanks again,glad everyone else is good(?)!!
  3. Hopefully not just me,but I'm finding the Stereonet website a little slow at the moment,especially the forums.Clicking pages has become painfully slow to load,and the hover function is behaving very strangely.I'm using Chrome,have cleared my cache,am on 50 Mbps and am not finding any problems with other sites.Anyone else?
  4. Fascinating,though I can't offer any knowledge of Dr Stephen.Maybe Trove would be useful (apologies if you've already tried this!).
  5. Rustavi Folk Choir - Alilo,Ancient Georgian Chorales
  6. Think I'll keep Joseph Tawadros' virtuosity going. Joseph Tawadros - The White Shadow
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