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  1. Hello Your add states the cs3.6 is 77 kgs or 170 pounds . The cs 5 weights that . The cs 3.6 is 48.6 kgs or 107 pounds . I had the cs5 . Hope that might help you sell them .
  2. Hi Is the mc20 still for sale ? Thanks Gary
  3. No I've got a pair in my workshop I've had since new . They were my first pair of speakers I bought . Along with a Pioneer a400 and a marantz cd 52mkiise . All still working perfectly in the workshop . Gary
  4. Hi Are they Richter Wizard Speaker there sitting on top of ?
  5. I've got someone in Melboure Who can pick it up Gary
  6. Sorry I'm new to this .Thanks for the advice
  7. Hello I take the 2m spade - banana Thank you
  8. Hi Will you take $1100 for the Elektra , If so is a direct deposit OK .
  9. are they Roger studio 1 ? If so are they for sale ?
  10. Hi Everyone Better late then never ! Sorry it has taken me so long to say hello . I'm another Sydney member trying to even up the number of Melbourne Members . Regards Gary
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